How to Make Cannabis Gummies

How To Make Cannabis Gummies

If you have made hash oil or cannabis tinctures before, you know how easy it is to turn nearly anything into an edible. For many users, gummies are their favourite way of enjoying cannabis. They are small and easy to eat, so they do not make a mess. You can also make them in many different flavours. Since you use hash oil to make them, you can make them potent if you like, or you can make them subtle and delicate. 

Why Make Cannabis Gummies?

Gummies are popular because they can stay at room temperature without melting since they are not gelatin. That makes them easy to pack up and take with you since they do not need to go in the fridge. They also look fun. When you make them yourself, you can change their flavour a lot without much effort. They are fun to share with your friends if you are having a cannabis get-together. 

Safety with Cannabis Gummies

You should avoid letting your pets or your kids get to your gummies. If a young child finds them, they may want to eat them quickly since they look like candy. Consider making a second batch for your kids to enjoy, so they will be less tempted to try to eat your cannabis gummies. Plus, that will remove the temptation to eat too many weed gummies at once yourself since you will know you can still have more sweet treats once you are high enough.

Safety With Cannabis Gummies

Choosing an Extract

You will use hash oil to make your gummies. That way, you can get a high level of potency but not have a cannabis flavour in them. Of course, the extract you choose to begin with will determine if you get any of that undesirable taste in your edibles

You can start with a tincture, which is easier to create than hash oil. However, you might get more of a cannabis taste with this method. You will at some point also have to make your tincture into hash oil. You can use a blender, which can simplify the process. 

You can also start with a hash oil, which does not have much plant material left in it. That makes the taste more enjoyable for some people. If you have the patience, time, and cannabis to do it, you should try to use pure hash oil. You can make your own or get some from a supplier. 

What You Need

These supplies will allow you to make a small number of gummies, which is best when you are starting off. Once you have the flavour and potency you like, then you can make a bigger batch. Just multiply your ingredients by two or more.

  • 1 package flavoured gelatin
  • 2½ envelopes of unflavoured gelatin
  • 60 millilitres of fruit juice, but stay away from citrus ones
  • 15 millilitres of honey
  • 2½ millilitres of a flavour extract
  • Gummy moulds
  • A small container or bowl
  • A larger bowl
  • A non-stick pan
  • Your cannabis extracts

You can go for around 60 to 120 millilitres of cannabis tincture or several drops of hash oil and adding more as needed.

Making Your Gummies

Empty your package of flavoured gelatin to the larger bowl. Then, add the unflavoured gelatin to the same bowl and whisk them together until they are blended well. Now, combine your honey and fruit juice in a bowl and mix them well. You can heat this mixture a bit if it is not mixing well. 

Add this mixture to the larger bowl with the gelatin mixture and whisk well. 

If you are working with a tincture, place the non-stick pan on your stove and add the tincture. Cook it until it has a consistency of glue or molasses. That will evaporate any of the alcohol and allow you to have hash oil. Now, add the flavour extract to your pan and cook it until it has a consistency like glue.

If you had hash oil, the place the non-stick pan on your stove and add the hash oil to it. You can add the flavour extract right away. Add the gelatin mixture to the pan with the flavour extract and hash oil and mix it up. 

Cook this over medium heat until your gelatin is completely dissolved. This will take around seven to 10 minutes. It will be done once you can’t see any more granules in the mix. You can then add it to a cup that has a pour spout on it. Carefully pour it into each of the moulds and place them in the refrigerator for an hour. You can take them out of the moulds easily once they have set. 

Eating Your Gummies

Eating Your Gummies 

While it is extra work, you can add layers to your gummies. Make sure that the colours are significantly different, such as yellow and red. You will fill each gummy mould halfway and then finish filling it with another colour. You can even add several colours. It is also possible to separate the gelatin and add food colouring to make each one look different. While you will not have multiple flavours, you can reduce the amount of work by doing it this way. 

You can keep your gummies for two months in the fridge or for a year in the freezer. 

You should stick with eating only one or a half of a gummy and then wait a couple of hours. That way, you can digest it and feel the effects. It is easy to cut the gummies in half to reduce the dosage.

Closing Thoughts

Once you have mastered this recipe, it is easy to experiment and determine what flavours you like the most. You might want to try strawberry, lime, lemon, or watermelon. You can combine the flavours, such as using strawberry gelatin with lime flavour extract to make a mixed gummy. If you are having a party, you could make them in colours to match your theme. 

Cannabis Gummies FAQs

Yes! There are many ways to create cannabis gummies. However, the most effective and simple method is using gelatin.

If you want your experience to be even more enjoyable, consider mixing cannabis edibles with other types of foods such as brownies, candy bars, eggnog cookies or various kinds of tea cakes.

As I mentioned in the previous answer, you can make gummies with Levo 2. The process should be similar to what you do for regular candy making – mix together melted sugar and water, add flavourings and gelatine, then pour into moulds.

The gummies that Canadians love are available at “the herb center” online dispensary which carries a full line of cannabis edibles including chocolates, gummies, hard-candy, drinks and other edible products.

Most gummies are going to be made out of gelatin, which is a protein. Gelatin needs a high temperature in order to melt and become liquid in the same way that sugar does when it’s being used in candy making.

Gelatin melts at around 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit.

The best way to make cannabis gummies that don’t melt or get runny is to use substances or ingredients that are similar to gelatin, but do not melt at the same high temperatures. For example, agar agar is a vegetarian substitute for gelatin.

The Herb Centre offers non-melting cannabis gummies, try some out today!

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