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The Dangers of Synthetic Weed

The Dangers Of Synthetic Weed

Safe cannabis consumption is a priority for consumers, no matter which product is in question. But that’s not always guaranteed since synthetic weed is now being sold like ice cream, increasing the risk of unwise purchase and causing unwanted consequences. Hence, always exercise prudence when you shop in local and online dispensaries.  You should always […]

Grease Monkey Strain Review


Grease Monkey is a strain with an exceptionally high THC level, averaging 16 to 30 percent. It has a powerful sedative effect and is quite spicy. With notes of diesel and a sweet vanilla flavour, the Grease Monkey Indica dominant hybrid has a sweet and pungent flavour profile. The Grease Monkey strain’s ability to soothe the senses makes it ideal for discomfort, pain, and more.

What Is Best Rolling Paper For Joints


Smoking marijuana is one of the quickest ways to get high. It’s been around since the early periods when people smoked weed as part of their ritual and for medicinal purposes. Today, you can notice the younger generations drawn to this habit, beginning from when marijuana consumption was made legal under certain conditions. This industry has grown exponentially, hitting billions of dollars in market cap. And interestingly, smoking is still one of the popular methods to enjoy the therapeutic and medical benefits of the substance.