Popular Indica Strains and Their Effects

Popular Indica Strains And Their Effects

It is easier than ever to get your favourite cannabis strains online, and there are many for you to choose from. Sativa strains are good because they can stimulate you, and hybrid strains allow you to have a versatile high. However, there is something to be said for the often soothing and relaxing effects of Indica strains. Knowing more about the effects of some popular Indica strains can help you make the right purchasing decision

Kush Berry

Kush Berry is a highly sought-after strain, mostly because it has such high levels of THC. It also boasts an exotic flavour. This pure Indica traces its roots to OG Kush and Blueberry, making it an extremely powerful and flavourful strain. When you smoke Kush Berry, you will most likely feel soothed. Many medical marijuana users like it because they believe it may help to ease pain. It may help your mind to be calmer and reduce anxiety and stress.

Godfather OG

If you are enthusiastic about cannabis, then you may have heard about Godfather OG. This popular indica strain offers potentially relaxing qualities. That makes it perfect for recreational users who want to have a blissful high. Medicinal users often use Godfather OG, as well, since the THC levels are around 22 to 25 percent. You will likely feel the pleasurable and hazy high as soon as you take a puff. It can last for a while, too. Some users claim that this strain relieves their stress and pain and helps them go to sleep. 

Mataro Blue

Mataro Blue has many good qualities, which is why it is one of the most popular indica strains. For example, it offers high THC levels of around 24 percent. It also has a good taste and gives its users an enjoyable high each time. 

Many people say they feel very relaxed after just a couple of hits of this strain. They say that it can free the physical tension in their bodies, and it will make you feel spaced out, so you do not have any worries or stress. People who want to try to manage chronic pain or to sleep better at night often choose Mataro Blue, as well. 

Mataro Blue

Sensi Star

This is a popular strain that makes users feel peaceful and very happy. The THC levels are around 20 percent and might go as high as 26 percent. However, it is not a good strain for beginners, as you can expect to have strong effects from using just a bit of it.

When you take this strain, you might feel all of your negative feelings go away and be replaced by peace. Sensi Star may help you get into a positive and joyful mood, even if you are not having a good day. It might also make you feel creative and heighten your senses. 

Black Diamond

This indica-dominant hybrid is popular among both medical and recreational users. Black Diamond can help you feel uplifted mentally and enjoy some relaxation. The aroma is interesting to many users, and the THC levels are around 18 to 24 percent. It might help you relieve tension and pain. In addition, it might stimulate your appetite and give you a mood boost, allowing you to have an enjoyable and relaxing high without falling asleep.

Violator Kush

Many medicinal users choose to use this strain because of the enjoyable high. Violator Kush makes users feel giddy and happy, but the effects are deeply relaxing. You could even use it in social situations, particularly if you feel chatty after using it. However, at a higher dose, you might notice that the body high comes on quickly. 


The THC levels of Nuken strain can vary quite a bit, and you can find them anywhere from 13 percent to 25 percent. The taste is similar to marshmallows and has hints of pine and banana. 

Many people say that the effects of this strain are the best parts of using Nuken. The high might make you feel introspective and spacey, making it better to use at home when you want to kick back and do some deep thinking. Since it may help to relieve insomnia, stress, or pain, it is a good strain for self-care.

Pink Kush

Pink Kush

This strain has strong indica genetics, and the THC levels are around 20 percent. You can recognize it based on the pink hairs, but it has more than just a pretty look to it. If you need a strain to enjoy in the evening, this is a great choice for you. You may feel euphoric and happy when you choose this potent strain because it might help relieve depression, anxiety, and stress. Pink Kush also might help soothe any inflammation and pain in your body. 

OG Kush

OG Kush is one of the most popular strains in the world, and it is a parent of many other popular strains. OG Kush’s high helps people feel euphoric and uplifted. Physically, users might feel relaxed and soothed. 

It is a powerful strain since the levels of THC are around 19 to 24 percent. While recreational users around the world enjoy using this strain, it is also a good option for medical marijuana patients. The high is uplifting and might help reduce anxiety and depression. 


This is a favourite among indica strains for many cannabis users. It has a delicious flavour, enjoyable effects, and high levels of THC. It offers a vanilla and blueberry flavour, which is where it got its name from. The taste is enjoyable, and the invigorating effects might help reduce tension, pain, and stress. Some users find that it helps them have a more refreshing night’s sleep. 

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to the indica strains of cannabis, you have many options available to you. Knowing more about the effects of these strains can help you decide which one will offer you the most enjoyable experience and meet your goals. 

Indica Strains FAQs

The best Indica strain is subjective, and highly dependant on what type of effect, taste, and strength you’re after. But the best Indica strain in 2021 for us at The Herb Centre has to be Mataro Blue, because it’s a mood-boosting and stress-relieving properties. It’s definitely one of our staff’s #1 favourites!

The Herb Centre is the best choice because they offer medically grown strains at affordable prices to all Canadian patients.

There are a huge number of Indica strains, so listing them all out would be near impossible, however, you can check out one of the most compiled lists on Leafly here: https://www.leafly.ca/strains/lists/category/indica.

In general, however, Indica strains are green, shorter and bushier than Sativa strains. Most Indica strains contain high levels of THC. The Herb Centre offers all-natural marijuana grown by Canadian growers to customers across Canada.

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