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Here at The Herb Centre, we are a team of highly experienced growers located in British Columbia with countless years in the industry. We strive to deliver high quality marijuana products at the most affordable prices in order to provide our customers with the best experience possible. Our top priority is to get your products to you quickly, safely and discreetly. To provide top quality service, our experts are also very concerned with storage, packaging and handling to ensure your products are as fresh as possible. Buy weed online with confidence! We care about all our customers and want to make this about you, not about us. We prioritize 100% customer satisfaction, ensuring that every interaction leaves our clients delighted and fulfilled. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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  Indica strains are apart of the Cannabaceae family. They are popularly known for their full-body, relaxing effects and to help relieve symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain. It’s also used to help sleep apnea, depression and headaches. Furthermore, these strains have a very calming effect that leads to drowsiness. These strains have higher concentration levels of CBD compared to THC. The CBD within indica strains is what gives you the feeling of relaxation, while the THC influences the “high” feeling. Most people prefer to smoke indicas before a meal because it seems to increase one’s appetite. The effects of these indica strains are extremely relaxing and typically provide a full-body high. Sativa cannabis strains are apart of the Cannabaceae family. They are popularly known to provide cerebral, creative, invigorating, and uplifting effects. The uplifting high that this strain provides, is more cerebral than the Indica high. It’s perfect for starting off your day, as it provides a very energetic high with more hallucinogenic effects compared to its counterpart (Indica). Furthermore, they tend to increase awareness and are frequently compared to caffeine. These cannabis strains tend to contain higher amounts of THC compared to Indicas. Many find sativa strains to provide a more energizing experience because of their potential to enhance lighting and sounds, making everything more vibrant. Very simply, a hybrid strain is a strain of cannabis flower bred by combining sativa and indica plants. Growers will also implement techniques like selective breeding which allows them to craft unique cannabis strains. Marijuana hybrid effects vary. Each hybrid falls within a spectrum of indica or sativa dominance. For example, a hybrid strain that is sativa dominant will deliver more effects related to its dominant phenotype. Likewise, an indica dominant hybrid will deliver the sedating and pain relieving qualities of the dominant strain.