Edibles Dosage Chart: How to Dose Marijuana Edibles

Edibles Dosage Chart How To Dose Marijuana Edibles

When you take marijuana edibles, such as lozenges, capsules, and food products, you can experience long-lasting effects. However, you may be more likely to overdose on these kinds of cannabis products, and the symptoms of an overdose are often very unpleasant. The dosage will help you to avoid consuming too much at once. There are several factors that will determine the right dose for you, including your weight and your age.

Why the Right Dosage Will Vary

Everyone has a unique internal environment, which means they can have different results depending on the medication. The way that you respond to a marijuana edible might vary a lot from someone else, more so than other herbs or medications. 

A lot goes into this, especially the person’s previous history with marijuana, the function of their endocannabinoid system, and gastrointestinal factors. Some people might be extremely sensitive when it comes to THC. They would do better with an extremely low dosage.

If you go any higher than around 100 milligrams or take a very high dose, like 150 milligrams, 200 milligrams, or 500 milligrams, then you might be more likely to have negative effects from consuming marijuana. You may experience side effects, such as paranoia, anxiety, or nausea. That is true even if you have a high tolerance for cannabis.

How Much Should I Eat

How Much Should I Eat?

The ideal dose for you will depend on what kind of experience you are going for, your individual body chemistry, and your tolerance. However, there are some guidelines you can use to find a good dosage for you.

  • 1–2.5 milligrams: You can take this dosage for creativity, increased focus, and potentially relieving such symptoms as anxiety, stress, or pain.
  • 2.5–15 milligrams: This dosage is good if you have stronger symptoms and want to potentially relieve such issues as anxiety or pain. It may also result in impaired perception or coordination, as well as euphoria. You can use it recreationally, and many patients find that this can help with symptoms that have not been addressed by using small doses. It might help you to sleep better, as well.
  • 30–50 milligrams: A dosage of this level will give you stronger effects of euphoria and it might impair your perception and coordination significantly. If you have a higher tolerance to THC, you should go with a larger dose. And if your gastrointestinal system does not absorb cannabinoids well, you might want to go with this dose.
  • 50–100 milligrams: The effects of this high dosage will impair your perception and coordination significantly. It may also result in less pleasant side effects, such as pain, an increased heart rate and nausea. However, if you are a more experienced THC consumer and tolerate it well, you might use it if you have serious health conditions, such as inflammatory issues or cancer.

When Edibles Take Effect

If you are new to cannabis, you might make the common mistake of taking too much by accident. Because they take longer to affect you (around 30 minutes to four hours), you may be tempted to take another edible an hour after the first. But in a couple more hours, both doses will affect you, and you will have unpleasant symptoms. 

Don’t be afraid to wait a while for the edible to take effect. It can take longer in some people than others. Staying self-aware can help you see if a particular dose is starting to affect you or not.

The Effects Of Thc And Cbd In Edibles

The Effects of THC and CBD in Edibles

When you add CBD to your THC, you might enhance the effects of your edible, particularly if you are a medical cannabis user. Some users believe that this combination potentially relieves anxiety better than THC alone while reducing the undesirable effects, such as an elevated heart rate.

This is because CBD might block THC’s intoxicating effects. So, if you want to use cannabis without becoming quite as high, you can look for strains that have both THC and CBD in them. 

You should know about the ratio of your THC to CBD. For example, if you find a product that has a ratio of 1:1, it will often not impair you as much and it can be more therapeutic than one that is highly dominant in THC. Of course, if you take too much of a product, you can still have the symptoms of overconsumption.

The more CBD that the product has, the less likely you are to experience the unwanted effects of intoxication. You may also have more medical effects, depending on your condition. If you have a ratio of 4:1 or more, it is unlikely to have adverse effects unless the dose is particularly high. 

For instance, if you are impaired after having 5 milligrams of THC, you will probably not feel any more impaired if you take 5 milligrams of THC and 20 milligrams of CBD with it.

Tips for Using Edibles with Cannabis in Them

If you have taken an edible an hour ago and did not feel any effects, you might try to have a snack to potentially increase its effects. Have a small one, like an apple, to start your digestive system and absorption working.

If you are newer to cannabis, you might need to have two or three doses before you begin to feel anything. You may want to have a low dose a few times in a period of about eight to 24 hours instead of increasing your dosage right away. 

If you do take too much, stay calm and go to a safe environment. If you have a friend who has gone through something similar, give them a call.

Closing Thoughts

It will take time to find the right dose of marijuana edibles for you, and the right dose may change over time, as well. Depending on what you are eating, the time to absorb the CBD and THC can vary greatly. Remember that if you do ever “green out,” it is extremely rare to need emergency medical care. 

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