Discover our exclusive Top Shelf Collection, thoughtfully curated by our seasoned cannabis specialists at The Herb Centre. With years of industry expertise, we meticulously select a wide range of the most potent weed strains, including Sativas, Indicas, and Hybrids, tailored to meet your specific needs. Each strain in our collection undergoes rigorous evaluation, meeting stringent requirements to attain our prestigious AAAA+ grade or quad rating. Experience the pinnacle of quality and elevate your cannabis experience with our meticulously chosen, top-grade strains. Pay affordable pricing on some of the best craft cannabis in the industry.

Top Shelf Bud FAQs

Top shelf bud is weed that has been hand-chosen by the head buyer of any given online dispensary. Our employees are well-trained in their various strains, and they know what to look for when deciding which cannabis should be considered top shelf. Of course, there is no set definition as to what “top shelf” actually means, so dispensaries can differ in their opinions of this term. It does not mean only the most expensive buds on the market – a cheaper strain with a high THC percentage could still be considered top shelf if it was selected by one of the buyers at your local dispensary. However, it will more often than not mean above average quality weed – usually with a THC percentage of 18% or higher – that you would pay a premium for. Some dispensaries may even consider their “top shelf” to be the product in which they sell the most of (such as OG Kush), regardless of THC percentage or bud quality, simply because it is what customers keep buying.

What are the different types of top shelf weed? There are three basic categories into which “top shelf” can fall: Indica dominant strains Sativa dominant strains Hybrid strains Each type comes with its own pros and cons, but ultimately finding any strain you enjoy is the most important thing.

British Columbia has a climate that makes growing cannabis extremely easy. This, paired with the fact that it is also one of the most densely populated regions in Canada, means many growers have chosen this area as their home. British Columbia produces so much weed that it has even become well-known for exporting its product to other provinces, namely Ontario and Quebec . The best quality bud will often come from Northern BC, which boasts some of the largest marijuana farms in North America. The Herb Centre sources a lot of its products from BC growers. Their connection is what allows them to offer some of the most potent strains in Canada at the best prices.

Mix & Match Ounce Craft Collection

Craft Collection

LSO Godfather OG

(2) $28.00$140.00

Craft Collection

Purple Ice Water

(5) $26.00$135.00

Cheap Ounces

Candy Latte Popcorn

(4) $75.00

Craft Collection

94 Octane Popcorn

(2) $80.00

Craft Collection

Strawberry Gary

(4) $25.00$130.00

Craft Collection

Gas Daddy

(10) $28.00$140.00

Craft Collection

Purple Afghan

(4) $25.00$135.00

Craft Collection

Tangerine Dream

(7) $25.00$125.00

Craft Collection

LSO Apples & Bananas

(1) $30.00$140.00


Pink Rockstar

(1) $22.00$115.00


LA Kush Cake

(1) $26.00$120.00
(1) $25.00$125.00

420 Blowout Sale

Punch Breath

(2) $22.00$110.00

Craft Collection

Candy Latte

(5) $25.00$125.00
(1) Original price was: $94.99.Current price is: $75.00.
(6) Original price was: $160.00.Current price is: $140.00.