Very simply, a hybrid strain is a strain of cannabis flower bred by combining Sativa and Indica plants. Growers will also implement techniques like selective breeding which allows them to craft unique cannabis strains. Marijuana hybrid effects vary. Each hybrid falls within a spectrum of Indica or Sativa dominance. For example, a hybrid strain that is Sativa dominant will deliver more effects related to its dominant phenotype. Likewise, an Indica dominant hybrid will deliver the sedating and pain-relieving qualities of the dominant strain.

Hybrid Weed FAQs

Hybrid cannabis is created by crossing Sativa strain cannabis plants with Indica strain cannabis plants, in turn producing a strain that provides a “best of both” experience. As such, hybrid cannabis flowers often produce both energizing and relaxing effects, and this makes them popular choices. If you’re looking to buy hybrid flowers online in Canada, cannabis dispensaries such as our team here at The Herb Centre can help!

Have you been wondering if hybrid weed is any good? Hybrid cannabis is derived from cannabis plants that have both Sativa and Indica genetics, and usually provide both energizing and relaxing effects thanks to their unique mixture of genetics. The unique effects of the individual hybrid will vary depending on the genetics and the level of Indica and Sativa genetics in the strain.


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