Buy weed online with The Herb Centre and view our selection of concentrates which include shatter, distillate, hash, and extracts. At The Herb Centre, we want to provide our customers with the best experience possible when it comes to concentrates. We follow strict safety procedures when dealing with the extraction of THC from our flowers. Our specialists aim for quality and potency during the extraction of THC.

Concentrates FAQs

Where can I buy concentrates?

Have you been looking to buy high quality cannabis concentrates online in Canada, then it’s crucial you check where you can source this from. When buying cannabis or CBD supplements, you should only ever shop with a licensed and experienced brand. We here at The Herb Centre sell numerous types of concentrates, giving our customers plenty of options to consider.

Can you buy concentrates in Canada?

If you’ve been looking to buy cannabis or CBD concentrates in Canada, then it’s crucial you know the legalities of doing so. Before buying any concentrates in Canada, you should always check the legal age for buying cannabis in your province, which is usually 19 years of age for most provinces. Customers should only buy from licensed cannabis brands to ensure they’re buying high-quality concentrates.

Is shatter legal in Canada

Shatter is an increasingly popular form of cannabis, and as such, you might have been wondering whether shatter is legal in Canada. So long as you are of the required minimum age for consuming cannabis in your province – this is usually 19 years of age, although not always – and you have purchased the shatter from a fully licensed cannabis dispensary.

How much is a gram of shatter in Canada?

The price of shatter from Canadian cannabis dispensaries will vary depending on the type of shatter you have chosen and the prices your chosen cannabis dispensary charges. Prices usually cost around $20 to $40 per gram from online cannabis dispensaries, meanwhile physical cannabis dispensaries will usually ask a slightly higher price of around $40 to $70 to cover the additional costs of running a retail store.