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Shatter FAQs

If you’ve been looking to buy high quality cannabis products online, then it’s worth considering whether buying shatter online is legal in Canada. Fortunately, buying shatter online in Canada is legal for all those over the minimum legal age for cannabis consumption. The minimum age for cannabis consumption is usually 19 years of age, although this depends on your province as certain provinces have higher age limits.

Have you ever wondered whether shatter is legal in Canada? Laws relating to cannabis consumption are changing regularly, and this can make it hard to be sure whether or not certain products are legal. Fortunately, shatter is legal for Canadian customers. You can buy shatter online in Canada, and it is widely available from licensed cannabis dispensaries such as ours here at The Herb Centre.

Finding the highest quality shatter in Canada, can seem like a challenge, but there are actually numerous strains of cannabis that are widely regarded as being among the best shatter strains. Some of the most loved shatter strains in Canada from online cannabis dispensaries include LA Kush, Death Bubba, Sunset Sherbert, Van Canna, Alien OG, and more, just to name a few.

There are numerous brands that specialize in producing cannabis shatter products, and the best shatter for your needs will depend on your unique preferences. If its the best possible cannabis you’re after, AAAA+ strains will produce the highest quality shatter. Moreover, you should always choose a reputable licensed cannabis dispensary – such as our team here at The Herb Centre – to buy shatter online from.


White Widow Shatter

(1) $15.00$750.00


Galactic Gas Shatter

(3) $15.00$1,350.00
(4) $15.00$220.00
(1) $15.00$240.00


Death Bubba Shatter

(3) $15.00$220.00
(4) $220.00