Indica strains are apart of the Cannabaceae family. They are popularly known for their full-body, relaxing effects and to help relieve symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain. It’s also used to help sleep apnea, depression and headaches. Furthermore, these strains have a very calming effect that leads to drowsiness. These strains have higher concentration levels of CBD compared to THC. The CBD within indica strains is what gives you the feeling of relaxation, while the THC influences the “high” feeling. Most people prefer to smoke indicas before a meal because it seems to increase one’s appetite. The effects of these indica strains are extremely relaxing and typically provide a full-body high.

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Sensi Star



Astro Pink

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Black Truffle


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Purple Afghan

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Tom Ford Pink

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LSO Fritter Glitter

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Death Bubba

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