Your Beginner Guide to Marijuana Strains

Your Beginner Guide To Marijuana Strains

Are you going to purchase cannabis for the first time? If so, you might be learning that there are hundreds of different strains out there, and this might be both confusing and overwhelming for you. To make more informed decisions, you should learn a bit more about cannabis. There are many differences among the various strains. There are unique combinations of cannabinoids in each strain, and these can offer you specific effects. 

Cannabis Strains Over the Years

It is believed that cannabis originated near Asia thousands of years ago. It was found in the Hindu Kush mountainous region on Pakistan. There have also been cannabis species near the equator in tropical countries. And over the years, the plants from these two areas have developed into indica and sativas, which have adapted to the extremely different environmental conditions. Because these regions are so different, there are now many varieties of cannabis. Many aspects  have played a role in the development of new strains, including:

  • Kind of Soil
  • Effects of Hybridization
  • Harvesting Time
  • Photoperiod Duration
  • Distance from Light Source to Plant (Indoor Growing Only)

Kinds of Marijuana Strains

You can have hybrid and pure strains. With pure strains, you can have sativa, indica, and ruderalis. Plus, many researchers are still looking at different hybrids which can give the user certain effects.

Cannabis Indica

Cannabis Indica

This strain comes from Pakistan and Afghanistan, and you can also find it in Morocco and other territories in the subcontinent. These plants have wide leaves, and they only grow to be 1.8 metres tall or shorter. The levels of THC in indica plants are lower than in sativa varieties, but the high often lasts longer. 

Many people who grow cannabis prefer to grow these strains since they are shorter, and they offer calming effects. Once the seeds have been planted, these strains will often flower in about eight to 12 weeks, which is considered fairly quickly. Depending on the kind of indica, the strain might have flavours or aromas like pine, earth, sugar, hash, skunk, or sweet.

Many indica plants have higher levels of CBD, which means you will likely have a body high from them. No other cannabis strain can come close to giving you the kind of body buzz that indica strains can. 

Of course, you can use an indica strain for recreational use, but many medical marijuana patients will use it. They believe that it might help with body or muscle pain. Others use it when trying to induce their appetite, reduce nausea, manage fibromyalgia, alleviate anxiety, or even help with sleep apnea. Both medicinal and recreational cannabis users often choose the Kush Indica and Northern Lights strains. Within the past 30 years, many growers have reduced the levels of CBD to 1 percent for some indica strains. But for medicinal users, other growers have increased the levels of CBD in some indica strains.

Cannabis Sativa

These strains are popular since they can produce exhilarating effects in your brain, which makes you feel highly energized. Many users will enjoy feeling more creative when they use a sativa strain, and they will be better able to analyze people. Since it was discovered, many artists, writers, and musicians have used a sativa strain to become inspired.

When the plants are fully grown, they might be as high as 7 metres. Their leaves are both narrow and long, and they are distributed to allow for aeration. The growing and flowering period is around six months. Because of how long the growing period is, you can expect to get high yields, especially when you compare them to indica plants. Sativa plants have a unique growth pattern, which means you can grow the plants outside better than indoors. But by crossing a sativa plant with an indica plant to create a hybrid, you can reduce both the height and the flowering time.

Effects of Sativa

These strains are both energizing and stimulating, and the effects might cause uncontrollable laughter. You will often enjoy the simple moments that life has to offer, and you may see yourself from a new perspective. Often, both music and movies seem very different and exciting, offering you an immersive moment. Some users who have anxiety like the vibrancy that these strains offer.

Many companies use sativa strains to create a variety of different CBD oils. Each seed has hemp oil in it, which the company can extract and use for ointments and cooking. The stalk itself is also useful since it has a strong fibre and it can be used for construction materials, clothing, and paper.

People who have such health conditions as seizures, glaucoma, or epilepsy have used sativa strains since at least the 1970s. More research is being done on how these strains can potentially help with a wide variety of health problems. Many people who have acute or chronic conditions enjoy using the oil from these plants.

Differences Between Indica And Sativa Strains

Differences Between Indica and Sativa Strains 

Whether you are using cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes, knowing the differences between indica and sativa is vital when it comes to getting the effects you want. For instance, you can use an indica strain during the night when you want to feel calmer. Your body might experience a new level of calmness, which might help you to sleep better. It is not recommended to use an indica strain during the day when you need to stay alert.

A sativa strain is better for daytime use since it will help you stay motivated and extremely energized. A sativa strain generally has a high level of THC while offering lower amounts of CBD. While indica increases the levels of dopamine in your body, sativa will lead to more production of serotonin. This neurotransmitter will regulate your sleep, appetite, anxiety, mood, and learning.

Cannabis Ruderalis

This type is not nearly as well-known as sativa and indica. It is unknown if this is truly a species or a subspecies. However, many people believe ruderalis is a descendent of indica since it can do well in harsh conditions. 

In the past, it was considered a wild breed. But now people can grow it inside, and many medical marijuana users choose it. The plant is short and stalky, and it only grows about half of a metre tall. However, you can start to harvest it at 0.3 metres. It has wide leaves which are a light green colour, and the buds are very small but chunky.

Ruderalis has weedy, wild traits, which make this a great choice when it comes to cannabis hybrids. Even if you grow it outdoors, it can still resist pests well and stay hardy. It has more CBD than THC, so it is easier to use with indica varieties to create crossbreeds for medical users. If you breed it with sativa, it can lower the maturation period but offer the same yield.

Since it flowers early, you do not have to worry about it being damaged by frost if you grow it outside. Think of it as something between indica and sativa.

Uses of Ruderalis

Many breeders and growers find that ruderalis is vital when it comes to being successful. They can crossbreed it with many other strains and come up with the effects that both patients and users require. This type of cannabis does not require a certain light cycle, which means you can easily grow it in many different regions. Some users with medical conditions that doctors have not been able to treat successfully like to take this type of cannabis.

Hybrid Cannabis Strains 1

Hybrid Cannabis Strains

If you want to have the best cannabis experience, you should look for a hybrid. Each one can target certain outcomes. You can find over a thousand hybrids out there today, and growers are creating more all the time. When it comes to treatment, many patients with such issues as insomnia, depression, or inflammation choose to use a hybrid

Popular Strains

Purple Arrow

This strain is about 85 percent indica. The CBD levels here are higher than average at around 13 to 20 percent. You will still experience the euphoria from the sativa, but there is a balance that complements itself.

Once you consume it, you may have almost instant relief from your pain and start to feel uplifted. You will feel happier than usual and you will feel more relaxed. Having a mellow feeling can be good for medical patients who have terminal illnesses. It might also help with extreme nausea, inflammation, chronic pain, fatigue, or other conditions.


This strain is around 75 percent indica, and there is a concentration of about 18 percent CBD. There is only around 1 percent THC. People who suffer from anxiety often choose Remedy. The growers focused on getting higher CBD while avoiding any psychoactive or sedative effects.

You will have a very mild high with this strain, and it will last for a long time while giving you the best effects. Those who have tinnitus, chronic pain, or ADHD often choose this variety. At the same time, you will not be left lacking energy or feeling tired after taking this strain. It has no side effects, unlike with painkillers. 


This is a mix of G-13 Haze and MK Ultra. This is still one of the most popular marijuana strains around the world since it offers long-lasting, relaxing effects. The concentrations of indica and sativa are evenly split, which balances both the mellow and the psychoactive effects.

While this might not be the best strain when it comes to getting high, your body will feel both relaxed and calm. That is why so many patients use it for potentially reducing anxiety. It has uplifting effects that can help you feel more creative and see life differently. You should use it late at night or early in the morning.


Strawberry Banana

This strain has been around since 2017, and it is about 70 percent indica. The aroma is sweet and fruity, and the THC levels are as high as 28 percent. It has a delicious smell and offers a sweet strawberry taste. It can give you a euphoric buzz in your body.

This high level of potency means that you can expect the effects to last for several hours, making it worthwhile to take. You will have consistent feelings of euphoria and energy throughout. While you are high on this strain, you will likely not feel like venturing out of your comfort zone or doing anything strenuous. Patients with arthritis and pain often use this strain. This is also a go-to strain for many people who want to have some creative inspiration.

Purple Kush

This strain is 100 percent pure indica, and it is extremely powerful, offering you effects that will last for a long time. The levels of THC are around 22 percent and up, often giving you more than a popular hybrid might. Once you use this strain, you will likely notice the feeling of euphoria immediately. You might feel introspective while not having any pain. You will often have a numbing, warm feeling in your body and feel more sedated. 

Because of the potent effects, people who have severe pain often chose to use it. For instance, those who have chronic illnesses, nerve damage, or muscle spasms often enjoy it. It can increase your appetite while helping you feel more relaxed overall.

Closing Thoughts 

Hopefully, by this point, you know a little bit more about the different cannabis strains out there and how to pick out the best ones for you. Whether you want to listen to music or watch a movie for stoners, you have many great options. 

If you are just getting started, you will want to pick a pure strain before going with a hybrid. Look for one that is not as high in THC, so you are less likely to take too much. Starting out slowly and gradually working your way up is the best way to go. 

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