The Herb Centre operates with a focus on delivering products exclusively to Canadian addresses. We do not engage in shipping outside of Canada. To make a purchase of marijuana products from The Herb Centre, customers must be at least 19 years old. Please note that pricing and product availability are subject to change without prior notice.

To be eligible to buy from The Herb Centre, customers must not have any affiliation with law enforcement. Any orders that remain unpaid will be canceled after one week, and on-hold inventory will be returned to the store.

The Herb Centre cannot be held responsible for lost orders due to various factors, such as mistakes made by the postal office, incorrect addresses provided by customers, damages caused to orders during transit by the postal service (including weather effects), expired PO BOX numbers, or packages stolen after delivery.

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At times, The Herb Centre may request certain information, such as E-Transfer details, physical addresses for billing and shipping, and phone numbers, to fulfill purchases or provide requested services. Refusal to provide some of this information may result in the inability to deliver the products or services requested.

The personal information collected by The Herb Centre is used for the following purposes:

  1. Customer service: The information helps us respond efficiently to user requests, provide support, and address questions.
  2. Website improvement: Feedback and information received from customers aid in the continuous enhancement of our website.
  3. Transaction processing: Customer-provided information is used solely for order fulfillment and is not shared with any third parties except when necessary for completing the order/service.
  4. Email communication: The email address provided by users is used to send order-related information and updates. Additionally, it may be used to respond to inquiries and questions. Users who subscribe to our newsletter will receive emails containing company news, updates, and related product or service information. Instructions for unsubscribing from the newsletter can be found at the bottom of each email or by contacting us.

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