High Temp Full Spectrum Extracts FAQs

What is a high terpene extract?

If you’ve been looking to buy high terpene full extracts (HTFSE) online in Canada, then it’s crucial you check that this is the right type of solution for your needs. High terpene extracts are generally quite straight forwards and, as the name would suggest, are primarily characterized by their high terpene content. They typically provide therapeutic effects as opposed to psychedelic effects.

Does Htfse get you high?

Have you been looking to buy high terpene full extracts (HTFSE) online in Canada? If so, then it’s crucial you consider whether these could result in unwanted side effects. Assuming you are buying pure high terpene full spectrum extracts, you shouldn’t experience the psychedelic effects associated with being high; instead, most people usually take Canadian HTFSEs for their therapeutic benefits.

What is full spectrum terpenes?

Terpenes are compounds that are derived from cannabis plants, and provide therapeutic effects as opposed to the characterized psychedelic effects commonly associated with cannabis consumption. The level of terpene concentration in most cannabis flowers is around 2-5% however full-spectrum terpene extracts contain around 5-10% of terpene content, and contain the full range of terpenes. As such, if you’ve been looking to increase your terpene intake, full-spectrum terpene extracts could be a good option.