Buy weed online with The Herb Centre and view our growing selection of vapes which include cartridges and disposable vape pens. At The Herb Centre, our signature THC cartridges are produced from our employees specializing in vapes. Our specialists add dosages of high-quality distillate mixed with terpenes to produce discreet and potent vapes. Refer to our signature THC cartridge descriptions for more information about the dosages.

Cannabis Vapes FAQs

If you have been looking to buy vapes online in Canada, then you’ll be pleased to learn that cannabis vaping products have been legalized since October 17th, 2019! However, Canadian cannabis dispensaries are not able to ship their cannabis products and cannabis vapes outside of Canada, so these products are only available for Canadian customers. Get in touch with our team here at the Herb Centre to find out more.

If you have been looking to buy cannabis vapes online in Canada, then it’s worth considering the different types available to you. Cannabis vapes and cartridges are both highly effective solutions. The ideal cannabis vape for your needs will depend on your personal preferences. Fortunately, we here at the Herb Centre have a selection of cannabis Vaping products, so check out our product selection to find out more about the best cannabis vapes.

Cannabis vapes are legal in Canada, and as such, Canadian customers shouldn’t need to worry about getting in trouble for their cannabis order so long as they are adhering to all legal requirements. Cannabis vape buyers must meet the minimum legal age in their province; usually, this is 19 years of age, although a small number of provinces have different age requirements for Canadian cannabis customers.

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