What Are Top-Shelf Buds?

What Are Top Shelf Buds

There is a wide variety of cannabis products in local and online dispensaries, but they’re not of the same quality. As a consumer, you may have a similar habit of seeking premium flowers. Getting premium-quality cannabis guarantees a pleasant experience, primarily because it provides the comfortable euphoric and therapeutic effects of THC and CBD. But as you shop around, you must remember that top-shelf buds have their own special place. You would easily find these items in the most visible areas of the cannabis store, not at the bottom. That’s why they’re called “top-shelf” since cannabis products are often arranged according to their quality.

If you’re going to a cannabis dispensary soon, don’t forget the information in this practical guide. You may also want to consider asking the budtender for tips on spotting the products you’re looking for. But essentially, it all comes down to your personal choice, which should be grounded on facts.

So, how can you be fully equipped to make a prudent decision? We got you covered! In this article, we’ll walk you through the crucial facts about top-shelf buds and how you can buy items with maximum returns.

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Top-Shelf Buds: What Are They Exactly?

Hundreds of cannabis products are sold in dispensaries, and they’re usually classified according to their variety and quality. Those items displayed on top have the highest quality – they’re aptly called top-shelf buds. Many consumers would prefer these flowers because they offer a better experience than mid-shelf and low-shelf items.

Although top-shelf cannabis products are often pricey, they are still worth the money as long as they can satisfy your expectations. You can use them for medical and recreational purposes since they contain CBD and THC that provide therapeutic and euphoric effects.

When you visit any cannabis dispensary, you already know where to find top-shelf products. They are placed on the highest shelf in the store, with more visibility. Interestingly, these products are grown by reputable companies and individuals, ensuring high potency and fantastic flavors and aromas. Top-shelf flowers are typically grown indoors, so producers have more control over the final products.

Qualities of Top-Shelf Buds

Buying cannabis products is costly, especially if you’re going for the more premium ones. So, examining the quality of your choices is very important. Even the top-shelf buds must be identified accordingly to ensure they match your expectations.

Some consumers are passively shopping in dispensaries, though. If you want to make the right decision, you must educate yourself about the distinguishing qualities of top-shelf flowers. Below are the characteristics you should remember while choosing the best products.


The first thing you’ll notice about cannabis flowers is their appearance; it also speaks about their quality. Usually, top-shelf buds’ base color is a vibrant green shade: light olive green, jade hues, sage, and emerald. It’s significantly different compared with lower-quality cannabis with an army green color and brownish-green color. If the cannabis has brown tones, that’s a sign that the flower was improperly cured and at the stage of decomposition.

High-quality cannabis is also characterized by its unique exterior, typically coated in silvery-white crystals called trichomes. These plant materials are visible to the naked eye and sometimes appear like sugar or a layer of frost. In some plants, trichomes come with a slightly golden hue. It naturally occurs when cannabis growers allow Indica strains to mature for a longer time, thus enhancing their sedative and relaxing effects. In contrast, lower-quality buds have patchy or hardly visible trichomes.

If you’re storing cannabis flowers for some time, ensure that you handle and keep them at a controlled temperature. Rough handling and inappropriate temperature can cause the trichomes to become brittle, which may render the product less potent.

Certain strains, especially those with “purple” identities, feature purple or indigo tendrils throughout the buds. Most weed flowers have orange pistils, which also indicate their quality—they’re of the highest grade if they have deep and vibrant orange pistils.

Interestingly, how the cannabis flower is presented also indicates its quality. Top-shelf buds are often sold with a neat and well-trimmed appearance, as the growers are committed to providing premium products. The buds are held closely together and have a relatively uniform shape. You won’t spot big seeds or large pieces of stem anywhere on the product. 


Each cannabis product has its own unique smell. But if you’re checking the quality of the buds, there are clear indicators to focus on. First, the flower should not smell damp or musty because that’s a predictor of improper curing or old and stale strains. It should have a strong smell when the container is opened, and the aroma should be sharp and pungent—only then can a product be considered top-shelf.

To examine the quality of cannabis flowers, you must read the list of terpenes and understand how to identify each one. For example, limonene is known to produce a potent citrus scent. Myrcene has a sour and earthy smell, like lemongrass or mango. In comparison, pinene smells like pine trees, and so on.

The fragrance of each strain also has something to do with their names – Sour Diesel, Strawberry Banana, etc. Once you have these facts in mind, you will know what the buds would smell and taste like.


Top-shelf buds are known for their highly potent effects, even if a particular strain has a lower THC content. By reading consumer reviews, you’ll be able to discover how most people describe its effects. However, cannabis works differently for everyone. So, your experience with a chosen strain would be different. Still, it’s worth considering the experience of others to set your expectations straight.

As a consumer, it’s essential to match a strain’s effects to its proper use to determine whether the product works well for its intended purpose. This will likewise help indicate the quality of the buds. Suppose you don’t experience any positive effects or don’t get the impression that the flower satisfies your expectations. In that case, that could either mean that it is of lower quality or not suitable for your needs.

The Cost of Investing in Top-Shelf Buds

While top-shelf buds are usually more expensive than other products, the investment is worth your money if you enjoy the optimum experience. The underlying reason for its cost is the enormous labor needed to produce these flowers. But essentially, you get what you pay for. If you want to save money from this purchase, you should look for reputable stores that offer discounts, or you can buy in bulk. Usually, cannabis growers can’t afford to sell premium strains at lower prices, but bulk retailers can.

Top-shelf cannabis may be $5 to $15 more expensive per gram than average quality buds. It might seem a huge difference, but the cost is justified when focusing on potency and effects. You only need a few amounts of premium strains to get high or experience some relief, unlike the lower-grade products that might require a higher dosage. So basically, it almost works out to be the same price.

Some consumers claim it’s not worth investing too much in high-quality cannabis, but that perspective doesn’t apply in all cases. Viewing the whole experience the same way you shop for other products is essential. For example, if you’re willing to pay for premium wine, the expenses are justified by the ideal experience you get. If you want to shop economically, a workaround is to buy premium cannabis in bulk to save on the cost.

If you are more inclined to a particular strain, you can purchase up to an ounce of cannabis as long as you abide by the law in your area. That amount might be enough for over 50 joints, which can also be stored in a Stori case. You may consider using Stori pods with humidity packs to keep the flowers fresh while you’re using them. This strategy would prevent waste, making it easier to justify the bulk of cannabis you purchase.

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Potential Health Benefits of Top-Shelf Buds

Investing in premium buds is not only motivated by the highly potent top-shelf cannabinoids. Most users would prefer these products because of their potential health benefits. There’s a growing body of research validating the efficacy of CBD and THC in preventing and treating various medical conditions—stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, and more. Buy Craft Collection – Top-Shelf Buds to discover how it works for you!

Cannabis now serves as an alternative treatment for individuals seeking therapy or cure outside the traditional healthcare system. If you also want to get the most of it, consume these products at the correct dosage and consult your doctor for proper advice. 

Practical Tips When Buying Top-Shelf Buds

If you’re serious about using top-shelf buds, like our Black Truffle LSO by Empire Craft Cannabis, for your recreational or medical needs, there are a few things to consider as you visit a local or online dispensary. Knowing where to find these products in the store is just one thing. You should read enough information about cannabis strains to make the right purchase. Many articles and published studies deal with this subject, giving you baseline knowledge that would help you buy the best items. Consumer reviews are helpful since you would know the experience of other users.

Here’s a rundown of crucial tips for smart cannabis shopping:

  • Shop at a reputable cannabis dispensary
  • Ask the budtender or customer service for guidance
  • Examine the quality of the cannabis strain
  • Read the labels and follow the instructions
  • Compare the prices of cannabis flowers
  • Access consumer or product reviews 
  • Learn from the published studies on cannabis

How to Buy Marijuana Online and in Service Areas

Buying marijuana products online can be tricky, especially for new consumers. Many stores sell over 100 varieties of cannabis, and that can be a tad overwhelming. Nevertheless, it should not stop you from investing in recreational or medical cannabis and enjoying its potential health benefits.

Here at our store, you can start online shopping in three easy steps. First, you have to create an account on our website. Once you’re done with that, you can browse our product listings and select the strains of your choice. Your orders will be shipped out as soon as we have confirmed your payment. For a comprehensive guide, click The Herb Centre Guide: How to Buy Marijuana Online.

The Herb Centre serves numerous clients across Canada, covering multiple areas to reach as many cannabis enthusiasts as possible. Access The Herb Centre Mail Order Marijuana Service Areas to know whether your location is covered.


What does top-shelf bud mean?

Top-shelf bud means that the cannabis product is of the highest quality compared with other items sold in the dispensary. It’s often displayed on the top shelf, hence deriving its name. Likewise, it has something to do with the potency of cannabis and how it was grown. Premium flower is produced in a temperature-controlled environment and can produce strong psychoactive effects despite the minimal THC content.

How much do top-shelf buds cost in Canada?

Although it’s generally expensive compared with average cannabis products, top-shelf buds are worth the investment due to their promising qualities and effects. You can have these items for as low as $30 in Canada. But prices vary in different stores. If you want to save from this purchase, grab the discounted offers or buy in bulk orders.

What are the top-shelf strains?

There are hundreds of cannabis strains sold in the market today, but not all are on the top shelf. Based on the current surveys, the widely preferred strains include White Runtz, Biscotti, Pink Runtz, Gelato, and Gary Payton, among others. But you can also try other cannabis strains, like our LSO Hidden Pastry by BC Bulk Farms, depending on your preference and needs.

Grab Our Premium Cannabis Products Today!

Top-shelf buds are ideal for recreational and medical use since they contain THC and CBD, which are therapeutic and psychoactive compounds. But the question is, are you getting these products from the right store? If you want the maximum value for your purchase, shop for your cannabis supplies at The Herb Centre.

Our company is a trusted weed dispensary that has been serving thousands of clients for years. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with all cannabis items, like the popular LSO Miracle Alien Cookies by Empire Craft Cannabis, sold in our store. Just browse our online shop and choose your favorite flowers to get started. You may also contact us anytime for any inquiries!

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