How to Smoke Weed Properly

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Smoking weed is more than just a hobby for many folks – it’s already a way of life. It offers euphoric and therapeutic effects that benefit different individuals’ personal and professional lives. But doing it right is essential to maximizing the benefits without the risk of throat and lung irritations. You have to choose the right tools and inhale weed properly. For beginners and other users, this quick user guide can save regrets in the long run. Once you get the hang of it, the process will run smoothly, and you can enjoy the incredible effects of smoking marijuana flowers. 

How To Smoke Weed Properly

You might have noticed the hype of cannabis consumption in recent years. That’s proof of the exponential growth of the marijuana market. Both young and old users are seeking satisfaction and relief from this alternative medication and recreational drug. In Canada alone, millions of people are using hemp products on a regular basis, based on the current survey. Since hemp has been made legal, the upward trend is noticeable. Local and online dispensaries are also rising, making the industry more competitive. As cannabis flowers have become widely available, you must know how to smoke them properly. Learn it here! 

Smoking Weed: Understanding the Basics 

Millions of people smoke weed in Canada, the United States, and other countries where hemp consumption has been legalized. But it’s not a new habit. Earlier cultures in Western countries and other parts of the world have marijuana as a source of their power and spiritual affairs. The plant, which can be grown in the backyard or produced commercially, contains cannabinoids which trigger therapeutic and psychoactive effects. Once you smoke a flower, the cannabinoid content (THC, CBD, or others) interacts with the endocannabinoid system, thereby altering perception, mood, and movement. 

The effects of smoking cannabis are almost instantaneous, taking only a few minutes to kick in. It’s a gratifying experience that could relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and other medical conditions. Modern culture is also taking advantage of cannabinoids as a recreational drug which heightens the feelings of excitement and boosts energy levels. As such, THC gummies have become popular among those seeking a euphoric high while joining parties or watching movies. But there’s more to smoking weed, especially when you do it correctly. 

How to Smoke Weed Properly 

You’re probably excited to inhale cannabis smoke and enjoy a delightful experience. But hey, take it easy – you have to do it properly. You should observe proper inhalation techniques as you smoke The Herb Centre Cannabis Flowers using a joint, bong, or other tools. Remember that you’re burning cannabis to the point of combustion and then inhaling the smoke to deliver cannabinoids into your bloodstream. The process may irritate your lungs, so taking it slow and measuring every draw to minimize any irritation is crucial. Start with shallow inhalations until you become comfortable and can draw more smoke deeply.  

A tested-and-proven technique to achieve maximum absorption of THC or any cannabinoid is slowly inhaling about two-thirds of your hit. Then follow up with a deep and inhaled gulp of air. The fresh air pushes the marijuana smoke into your lungs and will likely boost cannabinoid absorption. You don’t have to hold the inhale long since THC and other compounds may act as bronchodilators. They can increase airflow to speed up absorption and effects. Once you get the first toke, consider waiting 5-10 minutes to observe how the substance affects your body and decide whether you need more. 

Common Methods to Smoke Weed 

The choice of tools when you smoke cannabis is vital for your whole experience. It can either make or break your expectations. As such, you need to familiarize the available options and decide according to your desired effects. These are the popular methods for smoking weed: 

Joints and Blunts

Smoking a joint normally requires holding it between your thumb and index finger. As you do that, ensure that your lips are tightly sealed around the joint to absorb the smoke fully without wasting anything. Take a deep breath as you go, and hold it for as long as possible. Once you’ve exhaled, take another breath and repeat until you achieve the desired effects. 

Pipes and Bongs

The right way to use a pipe or a bong is by placing your lips around the mouthpiece, then taking a deep breath. You’ll notice the water filtering the smoke as you inhale weed. Hold the smoke in your lungs, as long as necessary, before exhaling. 

Bowls and Vapes 

Using these tools works similarly with joints and blunts. You also need to hold the device between your thumb and index finger. Once you’re all set, seal your lips tightly around the bowl or vape to inhale weed smoke. Take a deep breath and hold it for as long as necessary. Repeat the process until you achieve the desired outcomes. 

How to Avoid Inhaling Too Much 

There are instances where you might inhale too much smoke, which could spell a disaster. You need discipline as you consume cannabinoids while inhaling weed to enjoy a pleasant experience and avoid side effects. It’s also important to use the right tools. We highly suggest you choose joints and pipes since they are less harmful to the lungs, unlike blunts and spliffs. A bong or bubbler is also a good option since it filters smoke through water. 

As a general rule, start slow as you pull through the pipe, bong, or other tools. To fully absorb the cannabinoid content, gulp a breath of fresh air after you clear the chamber. You may take deeper hits once you become comfortable and know how much your body can handle. Take enough time between hits to assess the effects and determine whether the dosage is enough. 

Things to Avoid When Inhaling Cannabis Smoke 

Smoking cannabis might seem self-explanatory. But this can be challenging since your health and satisfaction are at stake. There are a few things that you should avoid to inhale marijuana correctly. Keep these reminders in mind as you smoke weed soon: 

  • Don’t hold your breath for too long after taking a hit. This will prevent you from feeling lightheaded and dizzy. 
  • Avoid taking massive hits. Instead, start small and work your way up. This will prevent you from feeling anxious or nauseous.
  • Be careful of how deep you inhale. Once you get too deep, you might experience a headache. 

Throughout the process, you need to relax and enjoy the effects of cannabis smoking. This is one of the most popular methods, but you must avoid the pitfalls for a pleasurable experience. 

How to Dose Cannabis When You Smoke

Proper dosing is key to enjoying the maximum benefits of cannabis smoking without necessarily getting into trouble with adverse reactions. That should be based on your tolerance level or how much THC or cannabinoid you can handle at a time. If that’s unknown, you must inhale a few smoke clouds and observe how it affects your body. Once you’ve determined your sweet spot, limit your intake to that level until your tolerance builds up. You can increase the dosage gradually or reset your tolerance by taking a break from cannabis consumption. Dosing is controlled by how long you draw from the smoking device. Stay within your limits. 

How To Smoke Weed Properly

Potential Health Benefits of Cannabis Smoking

You’ll enjoy the euphoric effects of cannabis smoking – that’s for sure. But more than that, you should look forward to the health benefits that cannabinoids could bring. As research finds and is supported by anecdotal evidence, THC, CBD, and other compounds in cannabis can be useful in treating or managing a range of medical conditions. While it also depends on the delivery method and dosage, smoking has its own pros to offer. These are some widely-known effects of cannabis smoking that could benefit your health and lifestyle: 

  • Uplifts mood and energy
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Combats depression 
  • Promotes relaxation 
  • Alleviates pain and inflammation
  • Helps manage symptoms of cancer 

Although more research is needed to explore the medical properties of marijuana, a lot of users have already experienced the amazing health benefits of cannabinoids. They can be used as an alternative treatment or a recreational drug to improve your well-being. 

Possible Side Effects of Cannabis Smoking

There’s nothing to worry about smoking weed for recreational and medical use, as long as you do it right. In some cases, though, overconsumption triggers side effects, such as dry mouth, red eyes, paranoia, and diarrhea. When this happens, you should stop inhaling further smoke and wait a few hours for the effects to subside. Seek medical attention if things get worse. Most negative reactions are associated with the improper use of cannabis flowers, and some are for biological reasons. You must consume according to your tolerance level, and proper assessment of your medical condition is important at the outset. 


You should smoke cannabis only if it’s appropriate for your needs or medical condition. This article does not promote improper or excessive use of marijuana products. It’s important to consult your doctor if you are in doubt. Checking the advisories from state health agencies and the laws in your area is also necessary. All health claims herein are not meant to diagnose or treat any illness. Consumer discretion is advised. 

Why Do Many Users Prefer Smoking? 

Smoking is one of the most common delivery methods for cannabis consumption. Many users want instantaneous effects and prefer raw flowers over processed cannabis materials. Just by using appropriate tools, you can already enjoy the effects of cannabinoids in the comfort of your own home. The risk of throat or lung irritation is eliminated with the proper use of the product. You should also consider your tolerance level to avoid any side effects. For some, smoking is the most efficient and enjoyable way of using hemp flowers for recreational or medical purposes. 

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Smoking versus Other Delivery Methods

So, why would you even choose smoking over delicious edibles or classy vapes? It’s a matter of personal choice. But smoking can offer practical advantages you can’t enjoy using other delivery methods. For one, you can use raw cannabis flowers and enjoy instantaneous effects. Growing hemp plants in your backyard means there’s no need for complex chemical processes to consume your products. Smoking can also be cheaper and allows you to choose from various items. Nevertheless, you can shift from one product to another as you please. 

Practical Tips When Buying Hemp Flowers 

Not all cannabis flowers on the market are worth your hard-earned cash. You have to look for premium items as much as possible. This is where prudence comes in since you’ll choose from a wide variety of products. To simplify the whole process, shop at a reputable marijuana dispensary. The Herb Centre is the right place to get your cannabis supplies. As you browse our online store, some factors to consider are the following: 

  • Type of cannabis strain
  • Hemp source
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Product ratings
  • Check the appearance, odour, and overall quality

How to Buy Marijuana Online and in Service Areas

Online shopping has become a norm nowadays since it’s more convenient and practical than going to local dispensaries. If you also prefer this cheaper transaction, you can browse our store, where you can find plenty of cannabis products. You need to register on our website and start your shopping once you’re fully set, as discussed here: The Herb Centre Guide: How to Buy Marijuana Online. The delivery of your items is quick and hassle-free. But you need to know the scope of our service, as stated here: The Herb Centre Mail Order Marijuana Service Areas. The Herb Centre guarantees 100% premium products and excellent customer service. 


How old do you have to be to smoke weed?

The government regulates cannabis consumption. The age limit is generally set at 18 years old and above. You have to check the laws in your area to know whether you are eligible to smoke weed. 

How to smoke weed without a pipe?

Smoking weed doesn’t always need a pipe. Other alternatives include using a gravity bong, a hot knife, and organic materials. You can learn how to use each one on the web. Feel free to explore more options at your fingertip! 

What type of weed should I try first?

There are several varieties of weed strains, and each one has unique cannabinoid content. You have to choose the product that suits your recreational or medical needs. As you shop around, don’t forget to read product reviews to make a well-informed choice. 

What is the most popular strain of weed?

Hundreds of cannabis strains are available on the market. But the most popular product varies according to the source. When you browse our online dispensary, you’ll find best-selling flowers guaranteed 100% premium and effective. 

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