Herb Approach Alternative: Why Choose The Herb Centre

Herb Approach Alternative

Herb Approach is a big online store selling marijuana across Canada since 2017. They offer various marijuana products like flowers, edibles, concentrates, vapes, CBD, and accessories. But with many online dispensaries in Canada, it can be hard to choose the right one. In this review, we’ll compare Herb Approach with The Herb Centre to see which is better.

Herb Approach vs The Herb Centre

The Herb Centre Herb Approach
Trusted By Many Customers ✔ ✔
Wide Range Of Products ✔ ✔
Affordable Pricing ✔ ✔
High Quality Guaranteed ✔ ?
Trusted & Verified By Various Sources ✔ ✔
24/7 Site Access ✔ ✔
Excellent User Interface ✔ ✔
Low Price Guarantee ✔ x
Fast Shipping ✔ ?
Free Gifts ✔ ✔
Points System ✔ ✔
Minimum Order $0.01 $100
Free Express Shipping ✔ ✔


Why Choose The Herb Centre over Herb Approach?


When purchasing weed online in Canada, price considerations are paramount. Costs can accumulate, particularly for medical users, emphasizing the importance of seeking value. Struggling to afford the ideal amount of medical marijuana can lead to additional stress and concerns. Let’s examine the price structure of The Herb Centre and its cannabis offerings.

Upon visiting their site, Herb Approach’s ounces appear to range from $70-260. While this is commendable, The Herb Centre offers cheap ounces ranging from $40-$100 and craft weed from $120-$160. Prices drop even lower when you take advantage of The Herb Centre’s bulk weed selection. Both companies feature sales on their ounces, yet The Herb Centre’s prices are significantly lower than Herb Approach, and the value provided is notably higher.

Furthermore, The Herb Centre offers a price matching option, ensuring customers receive the lowest prices in Canada. If a product is found cheaper elsewhere, they will match that price, providing customers with peace of mind. Conversely, there doesn’t seem to be a price matching option available on the Herb Approach website. In terms of prices and value, The Herb Centre clearly holds the advantage.


Our top priority is ensuring that our products are of the highest quality because our customers deserve the best! When it comes to purchasing cannabis online, careful consideration is key. Both The Herb Centre and Herb Approach prioritize quality assurance to ensure safety and effectiveness in their products. However, The Herb Centre likely implements more stringent quality control measures, resulting in consistently high-quality offerings. With an extensive selection of top-quality cannabis products tailored to diverse needs, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service, The Herb Centre emerges as a prime choice. Their commitment to quality assurance guarantees safety and effectiveness, making The Herb Centre a superior option compared to Herb Approach for an unparalleled cannabis experience.


When trying out a new online dispensary for the first time, there are inherent risks involved. That’s why it’s beneficial to seek out an online cannabis store that offers free shipping for orders of a minimal dollar amount. This reduces the risk, allowing you to place a small test order to establish trust. Then, if everything goes smoothly, you can consider placing a larger order next time. It’s important to consider how low the order threshold for free shipping is; the lower it is, the better, indicating the company’s ability to cover shipping costs.

Herb Approach and The Herb Centre both offer free shipping for orders over $150 Canadian, which is very reasonable, but The Herb Centre prides itself around incomparable shipping times. From various reviews, you can find that shipping times has rarely been a problem when you order with The Herb Centre.


Exceptional customer service is a cornerstone of attracting and retaining customers. At The Herb Centre, we take pride in offering top-notch customer support that you can trust. Our dedicated team is available round the clock, and you can easily reach out to us through Discord as well! We strive to respond as quickly as possible, and you can expect a reply within a few hours to minutes most of the times.


When exploring options for purchasing cannabis online, it’s wise to consider whether dispensaries offer complimentary gifts with their purchases. Some online weed shops are renowned for their generosity, offering free gifts alongside discounts and promotions. It’s a delightful bonus to enjoy great deals on high-quality products while receiving complimentary gifts. However, free gifts can be hard to come by, and not all online dispensaries provide them.

For instance, The Herb Centre stands out by offering fantastic gifts, including a free ounce on orders over $400 and complimentary gifts starting from $175. This is a departure from the standard practice of many companies, which often only offer a gram of some type of concentrate. On the other hand, while Herb Approach does provide gifts on orders over $150, the value doesn’t compare to what you receive from The Herb Centre.

It’s worth noting that The Herb Centre regularly offers a diverse range of generous gifts. These gifts often accompany purchases above a certain amount and can include free weed edibles, hash, live resin, and more! As the gifts frequently change, it’s advisable to check regularly to see what’s on offer.



●Sign up for an account and receive 100 Points.

●Receive 1 point for every dollar that is spent.

●Write a product review and earn 20 points

●Leave a Trustindex review and earn $5

How much are my points worth

●For every 50 points, you can redeem $1 towards your purchase.

Although Herb Approach is a respected and reliable online dispensary, The Herb Centre presents numerous benefits that position it as a superior option for cannabis users. With its extensive product range, competitive pricing, outstanding customer service, and commitment to quality assurance, The Herb Centre emerges as the ideal destination for those seeking a premium cannabis experience.

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