Grease Monkey Strain Review


Grease Monkey is a strain with an exceptionally high THC level, averaging 16 to 30 percent. It has a powerful sedative effect and is quite spicy. With notes of diesel and a sweet vanilla flavour, the Grease Monkey Indica dominant hybrid has a sweet and pungent flavour profile. The Grease Monkey strain’s ability to soothe the senses makes it ideal for discomfort, pain, and more.

This THC-heavy strain is a relative newcomer, and we’d like to explain why it should be on your shopping list the next time you visit your local dispensary. Stick with it if you like lush, dank buds that will get you through even the longest nights because this plant is one to keep an eye on! Let’s go through this monkey strain review, take a look at its medical benefits and flavour profile to make your smoking sessions more fun.


Grease Monkey Overview

Let’s face it; you can usually tell how successful a new bud will be just by looking at the breeder. So you can imagine our delight when Exotic Genetix released Grease Monkey! Exotic Genetix is the mastermind behind such popular strains as Kimbo Kush and Starfighter. And they didn’t disappoint with this cannabis strain either!

Exotic Genetix introduced the Grease Monkey strain by crossing the parent strains Gorilla Glue #4 and Cookies & Cream. It produces a potent high that will relieve your pain and anxiety. Nonetheless, this magnificent plant will inspire you. It’s an Indica dominant hybrid and has an exceptionally high THC content, up to 26 percent.

This Indica dominant hybrid offers even the most seasoned cannabis lover an entirely new sensory experience with a flavour profile as unusual as its name. It gives you a thick, languid physical boost, as well as some minor mental stimulations. The Grease Monkey strain also has the sweet and musky flavour profile that enthusiasts of the Girl Scout Cookies strains would recognize.

The Grease Monkey strain is prized for its foggy and mellow qualities, making it better suited for a lazy day than a productive one. It’s a delicious sweet treat with your morning coffee or as an appetizer in the evening.


Grease Monkey Strain Profile

Effect: Relaxation, Happiness

Side Effect: Thirst and dry mouth

Flavour: Diesel

Yield: Heavy Producer

Sex: Regular



CBD concentrations range from 0.44 to 0.82 percent.

Cannabinoid: THC Dominant


Terpene profile

0.1 percent carene

0.05 percent pinene

0.31 percent myrcene

0.1 percent humulene

0.15 percent limonene

0.06 percent linalool

0.01 percent terpinolene

0.23 percent caryophyllene

1.01 percent of total terpenes


Grease Monkey Strain Review: Appearance & Smell

Grease Monkey is famous for its intense aroma, sweet yet skunky tone. The flavour is identical to the fragrance with a sweet and robust taste, followed by fresh vanilla and gasoline notes. When combusted, Grease Monkey produces a smooth smoke with a distinct vanilla flavour and a hint of gasoline. Smokers who want to keep their weed consumption a secret should know that this flower has a strong odour. Needless to say, if you smoke this strain, it’s pretty difficult to go unnoticed.

The astringent, fuel-like top notes clearly show the influence of Chemdawg and Sour Diesel (through the parent strain Gorilla Glue). Closer inspection reveals a more subtle sweetness. Users may detect creamy vanilla scents, as well as a yeasty, bready core. The flowers have hints of spice and pepper when powdered or cracked open, indicating the presence of OG Kush in the background of the parent strain Girl Scout Cookies.

The bud is thick in both volume and colour. The green underneath is rich and forest-like, with purples interspersed throughout. Hairy trichomes are also scattered around the bud. It’s a beautiful flower whose appearance belies its high quality.


Grease Monkey Strain Properties

The Grease Monkey strain gives you a pleasant high that makes you feel relaxed and happy. The Sativa characteristics provide a high ideal for a creative afternoon. The strain is a powerful stress reliever that elevates the mood and induces euphoria in smokers.

Grease Monkey strain is excellent for winding down before bedtime: it starts with a smooth head high that travels throughout the body. Users have reported feeling euphoric, relaxed, creative, aroused, hungry, and talkative.

It can also help people suffering from:


  • Nausea
  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of appetite
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammation
  • Migraines
  • Headaches


Grease Monkey High

Grease Monkey starts with slight tension on the face, especially around the eyes and temples, to ease users into the high. It exudes a warmth penetrating the body core and limbs within minutes, smashing any lingering muscle tension. Smokers may find that their perceptual abilities are strengthened as they relax.

External stimuli, such as sights or sounds, can change the situation’s dynamics. Furthermore, users may develop a cerebral attitude, causing them to jump from one thought to the next. These psychedelic, contemplative effects are ideal for casual conversation or daydreaming.

Grease Monkey’s indica side takes control as the high progresses. It keeps users in place and encourages more passive activities like watching TV or eating; Grease Monkey increases appetite. Although higher doses of the strain can induce a deep slumber, it is suitable for morning or afternoon use because it provides a good balance of mental and physical benefits.


An Insider Tip: Mix Your Weeds!

Here’s a tip that will benefit your high in various ways. But first, let’s discuss CBG. The mother cannabinoid is cannabigerol, also known as CBG. All cannabis plants produce CBG, which is subsequently converted into other cannabinoids such as THC and CBD.

It’s a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that works similarly to CBD, calming the mind and body. CBG, on the other hand, does not make you sleepy or drowsy. Instead, it gives you psychologically stimulating effects that make you feel energized.

When CBG and THC are combined, the high becomes more balanced and improved. That is, if both strains are of high quality. A high-quality strain like Grease Monkey *Ounce Special* is guaranteed to deliver a much more enjoyable smoking session.


Grease Monkey Medical Benefits

Grease Monkey offers a variety of uses for medicinal and recreational users. It can help relieve mild to moderate stress and depression symptoms and ease patients’ hectic daily lives. Its sedative properties can help with various acute and chronic pains. Its anti-inflammatory properties could be a helpful treatment for common ailments and pains such as nausea.


Pain Relief

One of the leading medical benefits of THC is pain alleviation, and you’ll soon see why. Around the world, chronic pain affects more than 1.5 billion people. Many of these patients also suffer from neuropathic or nerve-related conditions. According to studies, the cannabis component triggers pathways in the central nervous system that prevent pain signals from reaching the brain.


Manages Vomit

Since the 1980s, there has been an FDA-approved THC drug, Marinol, for treating nausea and vomiting in cancer patients. Marinol was even advertised as a prescription cannabis substitute. Marinol does contain (THC), but it is a synthesized and isolated substance. That means it is little compared to the chemical components found in the whole cannabis plant.


Brain Cells Protection

Many people have been encouraged to believe that cannabis intake damages brain cells. The reality, however, is that this could not be further from the truth. While most drugs are neurotoxic, THC is suspected of being neuroprotective. In other words, it can protect brain cells from damage.

A 2014 study discovered that those who had THC in their systems were 80 percent less likely to die from severe traumatic brain injury than those who didn’t.


PTSD Treatment

With prevalence rates ranging from 1.3 percent to 37.4 percent, PTSD has become a global health issue. Approximately seven out of every ten people have PTSD at some point during their lives, according to the National Center for PTSD.

Agitation, extreme anxiety, despair, insomnia, nightmares, and social isolation are all symptoms of PTSD, which can be a disabling illness. There are not many effective treatments for PTSD, but scientists believe that THC is among the most effective ones. According to some doctors, THC-rich cannabis is even the only treatment for PTSD.


Growers Guide to Grease Monkey Strain

This strain is tricky to grow due to its height and the care it requires. The ongoing need for pruning and topping might be intimidating. Experience and skill are needed, so be prepared for a challenge if you’re a beginner.

The plant is very hard, but you’ll need a carbon filter to deal with the stench if you want to grow it indoors. Yes, the plants thrive in a humid and sunny environment.

But if you have limited growing space, the Grease Monkey strain is an excellent choice because no matter where you grow it, it will thrive as long as the temperature is correct. Put it in place with a temperature between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and it will produce a great harvest.

Remember that Grease Monkey weed plants can get extraordinarily tall and unmanageable. Regular pruning and trimming can help keep your bud under control and tidy. Indoor gardeners should be aware that, while Grease Monkey can thrive in a controlled environment, the smell is very intense and impossible to mask. Those wishing to grow Grease Monkey indoors should consider investing in proper odour control.


Grease Monkey Facts for Growers

Time to flower: 65-75 days

Flowering category: Photoperiod

Difficulty level: Difficult

Time to harvest: 80 days

Outdoor yield: 15 to 20 oz/plant (550 g/plant)

Indoor yield: 1–2 oz/ft2 (400 g/m2)

30-60 inches tall indoors

Outdoor height: 30-60


Final Thoughts

Grease Monkey is a strain with extremely high THC levels, ranging from 16 percent to 30 percent on average. Exotic Genetix combined the best genetics of its parents to produce an indica-dominant marijuana hybrid strain that will delight consumers who enjoy intensity, pungency, and relaxation. This bud has fluffy tapered forest green buds with orange hairs and a thin layer of tiny clear crystal trichomes. So there you have it – Grease Monkey strain is the next big thing in the indica world. 

Is it the powerful diesel with lovely undertones that piques your curiosity, or is it the fantastic relaxation? Our state-of-the-art cultivation facility, where most of our goods are grown and produced, sets us apart from other cannabis dispensaries. Check our indica list, and you will indeed find everything your heart desires!

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