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Bulk Weed FAQs

“Bulk weed” is a term used to describe cannabis that’s grown and sold in bulk quantities. Part of the appeal of buying bulk weed is that you can buy as much as you want, at a discounted price per gram compared with pre-bagged marijuana. The other major appeal for some people is that they like the idea of buying their weed in larger quantities to keep it “stored away for a rainy day.” “Bulk weed” is also sometimes called “wholesale marijuana,” although this term does not necessarily mean that the cannabis was grown and sold wholesale, but can actually refer to any amount of pre-bagged marijuana. As such, retailers should always clarify with their customers what the term means. “Bulk weed” or “wholesale marijuana” can be purchased from a variety of types of cannabis retailers, including dispensaries, head shops and online storefronts. In some areas, companies that specialize in large quantities of cannabis are licensed to grow and sell wholesale prices directly to consumers who have the relevant licenses to do so.

The bulk purchase discount is often available on larger orders of marijuana (often in quantities above one ounce). If you want to buy weed online, make sure you ask your dispensary if they offer a bulk purchase discount. The Herb Centre offers a bulk purchase discount on all orders over 50 dollars. Our experienced growers work hard to ensure the highest quality cannabis at affordable prices, plus our customer service team is available to answer any questions you might have about ordering weed online. If you are looking for high-grade marijuana, grown by expert horticulturalists, The Herb Centre offers a wide variety of strains available at bulk purchase discounts. The Herb Centre also offers mail order weed delivery to any location in Canada, including British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. We are the top medical marijuana dispensary online in Canada offering 100% safe ordering process, fast & discreet shipping!

Yes! The Herb Centre is 100% legal in Canada. We have one of the largest selections of bulk cannabis, edibles and concentrates online. At The Herb Centre we pride ourselves on offering our customers high quality products and excellent personal service at affordable prices. If you’re looking for a trusted supplier of recreational marijuana or medical marijuana, we’re the dispensary for you!

There are several benefits to purchasing weed in bulk quantities, especially if you like buying marijuana by the pound. These include: Large quantities of cannabis tend to be cheaper per gram than smaller amounts (although the actual price will depend on the strain and quality). Buying larger quantities of weed can save you money that you would otherwise spend buying pre-weighed bags. This is especially useful if it’s something you buy regularly. Convenience – no more weighing out 20 g at a time! If you’re trying to limit how often you use marijuana, or want to cut down your usage, this could help because it limits how much access you have to the product. It also makes it easier for, for example if you pack your own joints; you can try making them smaller if you’re trying to reduce your usage. Storing – if you want to keep your cannabis “stored away for a rainy day,” then having larger quantities available can make that easier, because you don’t need to worry about the product going bad (provided it’s stored properly). If you do decide to store weed in this way, though, be aware that there are some strict protocols for doing so safely and legally. Some people simply like the sense of security that comes from knowing they have large amounts of marijuana on hand. It can feel comforting to purchase enough cannabis for two years’ worth of evenings! At The Herb Centre we understand why our customers bulk buy, and offer a variety of high-grade cannabis products at bulk discount rates. Whether you are interested in recreational marijuana, or want to experience the medical benefits of weed, our knowledgeable staff can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.


Bulk Cannabis

Jealousy *BULK*


Bulk Cannabis

Cherry Pie *BULK*


Bulk Cannabis

LSO Tuna Breath *BULK*


Bulk Cannabis

Blue Cheese *BULK*


Bulk Cannabis

Purple BC Kush *BULK*


Bulk Cannabis

Pink Champagne *BULK*


Bulk Cannabis

Death Bubba *BULK*


Bulk Cannabis

Blue Truffle *BULK*

(6) $300.00$1,800.00