Why You Should Try Cannabis Resin

Why You Should Try Cannabis Resin

The cannabis resin is the sticky substance you see on a cannabis plant and is considered the plant’s crown jewel. It is produced in the plant’s glandular trichomes. The resin contains most of the intoxicating compounds that people look for in marijuana and has various uses.

The resin’s colour depends on the strain of cannabis used, and it can range from golden to black. Other factors that can affect the cannabis resin’s colour are the method of production and storage conditions. You can smoke the resin by itself, but it’s best used as a supplement to other substances, such as your regular cannabis and tobacco.

Cannabis plants secrete natural resin. The resin can be extracted directly from the plant or the accessories used to smoke the plant. You can use different methods to make the type of resin you want. A simple process involves applying pressure, which enables you to make your resin at home. 

Types of Cannabis Resin

First, you must know whether you have just resin or live resin. It does help if you see the distinction between the different types of resin and how they are used. Plain resin, also called leftover resin or reclaim, is the substance left in the pipe or bong after marijuana use. 

It contains minor cannabinoids and THC- one wouldn’t usually smoke leftover resin unless it’s out of desperation or if you don’t want to waste even the smallest amount of cannabis left in the smoking tool. 

Here are the other types of cannabis resin:

Live Resin

When cannabis resin is processed, many beneficial and aromatic properties are often killed off. In the case of live resin, it skips the standard drying and curing process that regular resin goes through. 

In making live resin, the flower is immediately harvested and flash-frozen – the plant matter and solvent are maintained at extremely low temperatures during the whole process. It ensures that aromatic and medicinal properties are retained. The process may involve using solvents, although not as much as when producing butane hash oil.

You can go online and choose from the wide variety of high voltage extracts of live resin for your everyday cannabis supply. As the process requires trained technicians and expensive industrial equipment, it makes it practically impossible to make live resin in your home. 

Butane Hash Oil

Also known as BHO or honey oil, butane hash oil looks like honey, with its lovely golden or amber colour. It hits strong and fast and is commonly dispensed in dabs. Butane is used to create resin oil. This flammable hydrocarbon gas extracts the trichome resin glands from the plant itself; this produces pure and golden resin, although many of the beneficial terpenes are killed off during the process. 


Hashish, or simply hash, is the result of compressing the trichomes of the cannabis resin into a brick or ball. You can smoke hash using joints, pipes, and hookahs. It can be combined with other herbs. Some people even eat hash straight up. 

Its euphoria-inducing qualities have made it popular among users- it can help you relax and ease pain, insomnia, and nausea symptoms. It’s also known to boost creativity. It kicks in relatively quickly, too, since you can absorb the THC via smoking within seconds.


Rosin is similar to butane hash oil, except that solvents are not used during processing, preserving many terpenes. You get rosin by extracting all the oil from the plant using heat and pressure. 

The simplest way to do this is to put some nugs between a piece of parchment paper and then flatten it with a hair straightener. But if you want to maximize the buds, it’s better to use a hydraulic press to squeeze out all the drops. 

Of course, the machine will cost you plenty, but if you are a regular cannabis resin user and want high-quality stuff, a hydraulic press is an excellent investment.

CO2 Oil

This form of resin, also known as CO2 cannabis oil or CO2 hash oil, uses carbon dioxide to extract compounds from the marijuana plant. The process requires a lot of expertise as well as costly equipment. 

Why Live Resin Can Be The Best Choice 

Since the resin is “live”, it comes from uncured, freshly harvested plants. It makes the retention of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpene more effective than normal resin.

To emphasize the advantages of live resin more clearly, it’s essential to discuss the distinction between resin and rosin. Resin and rosin are similar in that they can be sourced from cured plants or fresh cannabis. The two are also made from the same sticky, trichome-filled liquid secretion. But they differ in some ways.

Producing rosin doesn’t involve using solvents, which means there is no need for butane and other chemicals. However, what makes rosin different is its extraction process. Heat and pressure are the main components in producing rosin, which is used to squeeze the liquid from the flower, hash, or kief.

Effects of Consuming Cannabis Resin

The effects of resin will depend on the type that you are taking. If you’re using hash and rosin, you will get a much stronger high given the greater amounts of THC after extraction and processing.

If you are smoking leftover resin, you can expect a weaker high than the ones you can get from pure smoking cannabis or concentrated products such as rosin or hash. Excess cannabis doesn’t have as much THC, and it may contain other harmful smoking byproducts, which affect its purity.

Methods of Taking Cannabis Resin

Smoking is a popular method of consuming cannabis resin, but you have to consider your product. For liquid versions, you need to use a vaping device. You can easily find pre-measured oil cartridges of hash oil concentrates in most online stores.

If you want to use rosin, a concentrate, it’s best to do so using a dab rig, bong, or pipe. You have to heat the device’s exterior surface to make the resin evaporate, which will produce vapour that you can inhale.

Some use DIY equipment, such as a pair of hot knives in place of a proper dab rig, but this is not recommended since it can be potentially dangerous. Inhaling smoke from resin off of hot knives can lead to burns.

Eating resin is also possible, but know that you won’t get high when you consume it this way since resin is decarboxylated. You will consume natural THC, which doesn’t have intoxicating effects.

It’s important to remind you that you should not eat the leftover resin at the bottom of your pipe or bong. This residue contains carbonized plant matter such as charcoal, traces of solvent, live bacteria, and concentrated pesticides. Eating leftover resin will most likely make you feel sick and vomit immediately. 

Side Effects of Taking Cannabis Resin

Smoking resin comes with a few side effects, just like smoking a regular cannabis plant. The most common effects include dry mouth, panic or anxiety attacks, elevated heart rate, and even short-term memory loss for some. These effects can be avoided if you use cannabis resin properly and responsibly.

Cannabis resin contains lots of THC since it’s a highly concentrated form of cannabis. If you are sensitive to cannabis THC, you must check the resin content to ensure that you consume just the right amount of THC for your body and sensitivity levels. It’s all too easy to overconsume cannabis resin, so remember that a little of it goes a long way, and you should not take so much on the first go.

If you are prone to panic or anxiety attacks, think carefully first before consuming THC, which is known to induce panic attacks potentially. Exercise caution and test just a small amount- it’s easy to increase if the effects are too weak for your liking as opposed to taking too much and feeling overwhelmed.

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How to Store Cannabis Resin

Different factors determine the shelf life of cannabis resin, such as how it is packaged and stored and the overall quality of the source plant itself. 

Storing your cannabis resin in a plastic jar and then placing it in the refrigerator will make its shelf life longer. Keeping it in parchment paper will surely make it lose its quality much faster.

Common Mistakes Beginners Make When Consuming Cannabis Resin

If this is your first time using cannabis resin, you will want to make your initial experience as pleasant as it could be. To make this possible, try to avoid these common mistakes that newbies commit with cannabis resin.

Ignoring the Directions

We understand you would rather skip the boring stuff and go straight to the fun part. Maybe you are already confident with the directions you watched on YouTube and think that the tips that come with the package are overzealous and unnecessary.

Whatever you do, make it a point to read and follow the directions that come with your cannabis resin kit. It will solve the essential questions you might have about mixing and the amount of time it takes for the resin to cure. 

Remember that the instructions in your hand are tailor-made for the kind of resin you have. If things go wrong despite following the instructions to the detail, at least you don’t have to worry about knowing it’s your fault that the resin didn’t end up like it was supposed to be.

Not Measuring Accurately

It’s just too easy to ignore the difference between a capful or a spoonful, but this is something you shouldn’t do if you want your resin to cure every time. However, missing half a teaspoon isn’t such a big deal if you’re mixing large volumes of resin.

But if you’re mixing just a little amount, then that teaspoon will have a significant effect. Using measuring spoons and cups will quickly solve this problem.  

Not Mixing Properly

Casually mixing parts of the resin is not enough. You must ensure that the resin along the side of the cup and your mixing utensil is mixed thoroughly. This involves scraping the bottom and sides of the cup at least three times during the mixing process. 

Choosing the Wrong Kind of Resin

It helps to research before you put a resin kit into your shopping cart. You need to know precisely the kind of resin you need, considering factors such as the hardness of the curing and food safety quality. 

The last thing you want is to purchase resin that is not meant to do what you need it for. Taking the time to consult a resin buying guide is just a little effort to ensure that you choose the suitable resin for your project.  

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