Where to Buy CBD Oil Capsules in Canada


CBD capsules are a natural way to help with your anxiety, chronic pain, and other symptoms. But one common question arises: where do you buy CBD oil in Canada?

These capsules come in various strengths, and many people find it hard to know which product is best for them. This blog will explore the different types of CBD capsules on the market and how they function so that you can make an informed decision about what CBD products work best for you.

What are CBD Oil Capsules?

CBD oil capsules are a natural, daily supplement that provides you with the benefits of CBD without having to vape or smoke. Whether you want CBD for pain relief or anxiety, these capsules are available in different strengths so that you can achieve greater control over your symptom management.

CBD pills are the go-to of many people across the world. They are easy to find, easy to use and provide fast symptom relief for many people. They come in different strengths, so you can easily find one that suits your needs!

CBD pills are also known for their versatility. They come with a wide variety of CBD-infused oils like organic hemp seed oil, olive oil, or coconut oil, so you can easily find the one that works best for your needs!

You can consume CBD pills with or without food, on their own or by mixing them into a beverage like a smoothie or juice, on an empty stomach, or after a meal—the choice is yours!

Types of CBD Oils

Before we dive further into capsules, it helps to know your other options. There are four common types of CBD oils found on the market: tinctures, topicals, edibles, and capsules.


Tinctures are the most popular type of CBD oil because they’re easy to use. They can be taken orally or added to foods and drinks. When you apply a tincture under your tongue, it’s absorbed into your bloodstream faster than any other edible. You can also use drops of tincture on your food or in your drink to get the same benefits as smoking or vaping.


Topicals are lotions and creams infused with CBD. This type is ideal for those who want localized relief for stiff joints and other pain points. They’re available in various strengths and scents, so you can choose the one that works best for your needs.


CBD edibles are food infused with CBD oil or butter. They’re often used to substitute high-calorie snacks like cookies, cakes, and ice cream—but without all of the sugar and guilt!

CBD capsules

These are CBD pills that provide the benefits of hemp without having to taste it. They’re available in a wide variety of flavours and strengths, so you can easily find one that works for your needs!

How are they made?

These capsules are often filled with CBD-infused coconut oil to produce an easy, oil-based serving of CBD.

CBD pills are typically made by combining cannabidiol (CBD) with other types of edible carriers like olive or hemp seed oil, shea butter, or coconut-derived MCT oil. The ingredients sometimes include different nutrients and plant extracts to create the best product for your needs.

CBD capsules may also contain other vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and proteins that have beneficial properties on their own.

Types of CBD Capsule Based on Potency

CBD capsules come in various strengths so that you can choose the one that benefits you most. Here is a list of types available:

  1. Maximum strength: 50mg-100mg CBD per capsule.
  2. High strength: 30mg-50mg CBD per capsule.
  3. Medium strength: 25mg-30mg CBD per capsule.
  4. Low strength: up to 25mg CBD per capsule.

Maximum Strength

This type provides maximum strength relief to those who have chronic pain or anxiety. These capsules are available in a variety of flavours.

High Strength

They are ideal for those who have experienced chronic pain or anxiety but still want to control CBD consumption.

Medium Strength

These capsules are recommended for people with mild anxiety or occasional pain relief. They’re intended for more moderate symptoms and can be used as a daily supplement to promote general wellness or taken on an as-needed basis.

Low Strength

These are the most popular capsules because they provide symptom relief without psychoactive effects or side effects that can occur with higher strengths. They also make an excellent alternative for people who prefer not to take medications but still want some degree of assistance in managing their symptoms.

Types of Extracts in CBD Products

Every CBD product is infused with some type of extract taken from the Cannabis sativa plant. While on paper it sounds simple, the kind of extract used can drastically alter the experience and potency you’ll get.

There are three main types of extracts:

  • isolate (or “pure”)
  • broad-spectrum (Mixed)
  • full-spectrum hemp extract

CBD Isolate

This is the most potent type because it contains pure CBD and no other cannabinoids or terpenes—the compounds responsible for cannabis’ effects. They’re typically cheaper and easier to manufacture.

The downside of isolated extracts is that they don’t take advantage of the many terpenes and cannabinoids of marijuana plants. You’re essentially losing a lot of value from hemp.

Broad-spectrum CBD Oil

These are the next most potent type of extract because they contain a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. Combining all these compounds is beneficial for people who want to experience more than just CBD alone.

Full-spectrum CBD Oil

Full-spectrum CBD is a product that contains oil from the entire hemp plant. It has CBD and all other major and minor cannabinoids (e.g., CBG, CBN, CBC) — THC included.

Because full-spectrum CBD extract contains many different compounds, this extract is the most expensive and provides the broadest range of health benefits. It is ideal for those who want to experience getting ever so slightly high, thanks to its THC content.

The Entourage Effect

CBD is a compound found naturally in hemp plants. It also contains terpenes such as myrcene, limonene, alpha-pinene, linalool, and beta-caryophyllene, all of which have beneficial effects properties on their own. Some of these cannabinoids present interact synergistically with terpenes to enhance the effect of weed. This is known as the entourage effect, i.e., the way all ingredients in a product work together to produce more significant benefits than each compound alone.

Benefits of CBD (Cannabidiol)

CBD can have tremendous benefits for you. From treating depression symptoms to treating severe skin conditions, the possibilities with CBD are endless.

Reduces anxiety, depression, and stress

Reducing anxiety and stress are the most common benefits of CBD oil. CBD reduces anxiety by acting as an anti-inflammatory, and it can help manage stress levels. Studies even show that it’s capable of decreasing symptoms of separation anxiety among animals.

Increases focus and attention.

CBD naturally stimulates the nervous system. If you’re looking for increased memory or increased focus, then CBD may be just what you need.

Treats diabetes

A study from 2016 found that CBD can help regulate blood sugar levels for those who have diabetes. It’s also possible to use CBD oil for low back pain or joint conditions like arthritis or osteoporosis.

Combats acne and other skin conditions

CBD is an active ingredient in treating several skin issues such as psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema. CBD oils can be found in topical products like medicated creams and lotions.

Reduces nausea due to chemotherapy treatment

Consuming CBD reduces nausea in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment. The CBD capsules are non-psychoactive, and they’re offered to reduce the feelings of nausea accompanying the chemotherapy treatment.

Reduces pain

CBD oil may reduce the severity of chronic pain. The human endocannabinoid system is a critical player in this process. Research shows that CBD can help to relieve pain by inhibiting enzyme activity in the endocannabinoid system.

Stops seizures in intractable epilepsy

In a study from 2013, CBD was found to reduce the severity of seizures among those afflicted by Dravet syndrome and other intractable epilepsies.

Lowers inflammation levels

CBD has been studied for its potential to reduce inflammation in individuals with autoimmune diseases. These diseases include but are not limited to rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and multiple sclerosis.

How does it work?

The endocannabinoids in hemp interact with specific receptors found throughout the body that regulate things like sleep, appetite, digestion, pain-sensation, mood, and more!

So by boosting your cannabinoid receptors with hemp, you can help your body fight off symptoms of chronic illness and feel better.

Advantages of CBD Oil Capsules

CBD capsules are one of the most popular types of hemp-derived CBD products in the market today. They offer convenience and safety without sacrificing the authentic CBD experience.

Discreet and easy-to-use

CBD pills are one of the most discreet and convenient ways of consuming CBD oil. They’re convenient because they can be taken anywhere without carrying around a vape or a joint.

Precise doses

It’s easier to administer doses when you know how many mg of CBD is in each capsule. The precise doses allow for better control over how much CBD is being absorbed by your body, which helps keep the rate of side effects down.

High bioavailability rates

Bioavailability is how much of a substance gets into your bloodstream after ingesting it orally. CBD oil capsules can be broken down quickly and absorbed into the bloodstream, which means that more of it is available to your body than if you were to smoke or vaporize.

CBD pills have been specifically created as a means by which one can ingest cannabinoids so that they’re directly absorbed into your bloodstream without passing through your digestive system. This allows for much better and more efficient absorption.

Alternative to smoking

CBD capsules allow you to avoid the risks and potential health hazards that come with inhaling smoke. With CBD oil, there’s no need for lighter or rolling papers either!

It’s a safe alternative for those who cannot inhale smoke or vapour due to lung or heart conditions. There are no toxic substances found in CBD oil capsules, so there is no risk from secondhand smoke.

Lower risk of contamination

CBD oil capsules are more likely to be free from contaminants than other forms. Taking CBD through pills means you get the benefits of CBD without worrying about ingesting harmful toxins or chemicals.

Eliminates the need to ingest CBD

CBD oil capsules offer a different way to take CBD. They eliminate the need for vapes, joints, and edibles. Those who don’t enjoy the earthy taste of oils and edibles will find pills the best option.

Easy on beginners

CBD oil is excellent for beginners because it starts low. CBD has a perfect safety profile, so you don’t need to worry about overdosing on it. It’s also easy to administer precise doses, so you know how much your body absorbs CBD.

Where can I buy quality CBD Oil Canada?

There are many online retailers where you can buy quality CBD capsules or oils, including:

  • CBD Life – This brand offers a variety of products at competitive prices. It provides affordable shipping within Canada so that customers don’t have to pay a lot for their CBD capsules.
  • CBDNorth – CBD North is a Canadian e-commerce site that specializes in offering CBD products. The premium-grade CBD goods offered by this business are made with all-natural ingredients and produced in British Columbia. You can be confident that every item available on the website is of the highest industrial-grade hemp extract quality.
  • CBD Canada – This company offers high-quality products and provides Canada free shipping on orders over $100 so that you can get your relief without spending more than necessary.

It is essential to research the companies offering CBD oil in capsules before ordering any products. Some companies may try to sell low-quality or even fake CBD oil capsules that do not provide the benefits they claim on their website.

When looking for specific CBD products, check if third-party laboratories have tested their selection. This is your best bet to make sure that all potency and safety claims are indeed valid.

Buy CBD Oil Capsules Online in Canada

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Our Top Picks: 5 Best CBD Capsules in Canada (2021)

  • Bluebird Botanicals: Overall Best CBD Oil Capsules
  • Buy Mellow: Editor’s Pick for Broad-Spectrum
  • Island Therapeutics: Top Full-Spectrum Pills
  • Phoenix Tears: Highest Quality MCT Oil
  • Honest Botanicals: Popular CBD Isolate Capsules

The CBD world can be daunting with so many options. We’ve narrowed the choices for you. Here are our top picks for the best CBD capsules you can get in Canada.

Bluebird Botanicals: Overall Best CBD Oil Capsules

Dosage: 15mg full-spectrum CBD per soft gel

This classic CBD oil is an excellent option for people who want something simple and portable. Each soft gel offers 15mg of CBD, with a delicious blast of cold-pressed organic virgin hemp seed oils that have been carefully extracted from hemp! 

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity, though, and this stuff packs a big punch when it comes to soothing pain and anxiety without any psychoactive effects. So what are you waiting for? Flick some today!

Buy Mellow: Editor’s Pick for Broad-Spectrum

Dosage: 30mg broad-spectrum CBD per soft gel

Mellow Broad Spec CBD Capsules are an innovative cannabidiol product. They contain 30mg of broad-spectrum, highly bioavailable CBD per capsule for easy dosage once or twice daily. Although not psychoactive, these capsules have been clinically proven to relieve symptoms due to anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, and insomnia with no side effects.

A natural remedy from a company you can trust? Let Buy Mellow Broad Spec CBD Capsules get to work on your mind and body so you can focus on more productive things.

Island Therapeutics: Top Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Pills

Dosage: 25mg full-spectrum CBD per soft gel

Take a look at Island Therapeutics Full Spectrum CBD caps and see for yourself why these tiny capsules are the answer to your CBD health goals. With a simplistic ingredient list made from plants grown in Canada and manufactured by a brand involved with cruelty-free practices through production, it’s easy to understand why you’d want to try one of these out today!

Packed with everything good about CBD oils, Island Therapeutics Full Spectrum CBD caps will decrease inflammation and produce a sense of general wellness. You can’t get this kind of custom care anywhere else!

Phoenix Tears: Highest Quality MCT Oil

Dosage: 25mg full-spectrum CBD per soft gel

If you’re looking for a great way to soothe your mind and body, Goo Goodness CBD Phoenix Tears is the answer. They come in easy-to-swallow gel capsules that won’t leave you feeling held back through every part of the day. Individually packaged and mixed with Organic MCT Oil, these will help your body absorb more than any other traditional capsules without all the hassle.

Honest Botanicals: Popular CBD Isolate Capsules

Dosage: 25mg CBD isolate per soft gel

Designed for effective relief, Honest Botanicals CBD Gel Capsules are the perfect way to keep your moods stable. Surrounded by an outside layer of coconut-derived MCT oil and filled with Canadian-made CBD Isolate, it’s the ideal carry-on companion when you need pain relief without leaving home.

Got a busy day ahead? Maybe one filled with anxiety or chronic pain? These vegan-friendly capsules might be precisely what you’re looking for! With 25 mg of CBD per capsule, they’ll get to work on relieving your symptoms!

CBD Oil Pills Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is CBD legal in Canada?

Yes. CBD and CBD oil pills are legal to buy and purchase for anyone of legal age. It is, however, illegal for a person who does not have a license from Health Canada to produce or distribute any cannabis product.

Are CBD pills safe?

Yes, CBD pills are safe. CBD oils are safe to use, but it never hurts to take extra precautions.

Be careful if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or take prescription medication. Consult your doctor before taking CBD oil pills if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a history of mental illness.

What is the correct dose for CBD capsules?

A typical dose is 0.15mg of CBD per pound of body weight, as required, should net you results. You can, however, clock it up to 0.20mg or more if you’re used to the cannabinoid or if you have a specific condition to address. 

Can I overdose on CBD oils?

No. You can’t overdose on CBD oils. However, high dosages may result in adverse effects. Some people have reported feeling sick after taking too many doses in a single day, so stick to the suggested quantities.

What are the side effects associated with CBD use?

Some people who take CBD pills experience light-headedness, nausea, and diarrhea. Other side effects include dizziness, dry mouth, and low blood pressure.

Can CBD pills make me high?

CBD does not seem to produce any noticeable high. However, some people experience changes in mood or increased alertness. This is because CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in your brain. Your ECS regulates mood, appetite, cognitive function, sleep, and more. When CBD enters the body, it binds to receptors in your brain that regulate these processes.

When you eat CBD edibles infused with full-spectrum CBD oil, you may get THC-like effects. The THC content in full-spectrum concentrates is rather substantial.

How do I choose the right CBD pill for me?

You should consult your doctor before taking CBD capsules to determine the proper dosage as with any medication.

Once that is established, it can be helpful to experiment with different brands of capsules or oils until you find one that works best for you. This may require trying out a couple of types, but you will manage your symptoms more effectively once you find the right one.

Do I have to eat before consuming CBD?

You can also take CBD oil capsules on an empty stomach, which can be difficult for some folks with certain conditions. Some patients like that they can take them with or without food and experience noticeable relief within minutes!

Can CBD oils replace my prescription medications?

CBD oils are not recommended as a substitute for prescription medications. However, they may be used in conjunction with prescription medications to reduce specific side effects or counteract the medication’s adverse effects.

Is CBD safe to use on pets and children?

Yes, CBD is safe to use on pets and children. You need to be careful if you have a medical condition or take prescription medication.

However, the amount of CBD required by dogs and children differs significantly. When giving CBD to your pets or youngsters, seek expert assistance.

Is CBD oil safe for pregnant or nursing mothers?

CBD is safe both for pregnant and nursing mothers. Before using cannabinoids in their daily routines, mothers should get medical guidance.

Conclusion: Where to Buy CBD Oil Capsules in Canada

If you want to buy CBD Oil Capsules in Canada, we recommend buying them online. You can also visit a dispensary and purchase the product there if it is available in your area.

The advantage of purchasing CBD oil capsules online is that you don’t have to worry about driving around looking for a store or asking someone who works at one where they are located. Furthermore, when you order them from an authorized seller like us, you know exactly what’s inside the bottle because every batch is lab-tested before being shipped out!

Ready to buy your CBD products? We offer different types and concentrations of CBD oil capsules and other hemp-derived cannabidiol supplements available in Canada. Don’t forget to check other products on our site!

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