What Novice Users Should Know About Sativa Strains

What Novice Users Should Know About Sativa Strains

If you are new to the world of cannabis, we recommend that you explore all the different strains. You can experience various psychoactive effects depending on a strain’s specific chemical profile.

Marijuana’s active compounds work together rather than individually, giving it a wide range of physical, psychological, emotional, and behavioural effects. This article will discuss Sativa strains, in particular their origins, results, benefits, and dosage.

A Quick Look at What Makes Sativa Strains Different

  • Sativa strains generate uplifting and energizing results.
  • Indicas are associated with relaxing hypnagogic effects.
  • Hybrids create a balanced high.

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Where Do Sativa Strains Come From?

Whether pure Sativa or pure Indica, the strain will originate from a specific geographical region, namely:

  • Southeast Asian countries of Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam
  • Jamaica
  • South Africa
  • Equatorial South America (Colombia and Brazil)

Many believe Indicas first evolved in central Asia and the Himalayan regions, whereas pure Sativa strains are endemic to tropical equatorial climates. 

Like Indica varieties, landrace Sativas grow to be tall and thin and have narrow skeletal water leaves growing amidst a profusion of pistil-covered flowers. Traditionally, Indica strains have higher CBD content.

Pure Sativas, on the other hand, have higher THC levels- one of the main reasons Sativa strains generate a cerebrally-centred effect.

The Health-Giving Properties of Sativa Explained

Sativa strains generate psychoactive properties because of their steep THC levels. Sativa is known not only for its THC content. There are numerous other chemical properties in Sativa strains and hybrids that have a wide range of effects on the body.

THC and CBD are the most well-known properties of cannabis. But these other critical chemicals in marijuana also affect the overall experience:

  • Phytocannabinoids
  • Terpenes
  • Flavonoids
  • Omega-3 and six acids
  • Many other active chemicals or nutrients

Phytocannabinoids, in particular, help with the following, according to Farma Health: inflammation, pain, mood and brain disorders, autoimmune disorders, and many other health ailments. Terpenes combined with flavonoids or cannaflavins (flavonoids found only in marijuana) provide the strain with a synergistic effect, flavour, and colour. This combination of the two chemical properties can be a game-changer in your cannabis experience: you may experience focus and acuity with one combination and sedative effects with the other.

5 Medical Results of Sativa Strains 

Elevates Your Mood

Not every Sativa consumer will experience an elevated mood. The effects of cannabis are affected by individual differences. Some people experience increased anxiety (the opposite of an enhanced mood) with pure Sativa. But generally, an elevated mood is often associated with using Sativa strains.

Increases Your Energy

Another medical benefit of Sativa strains is increasing energy levels and promoting productivity. We recommend using the Sativa strain during the daytime because it may help improve energy and encourage productivity. The following is how this strain can improve your day-to-day activities:

  • Sparks activity
  • Decreases apathy
  • Promotes the desire for social engagement

Sativa’s medical effects are more or less the opposite of Indica strains. Sativa makes you want to chill on the couch, listen to tunes, and doze off.

Improves Your Appetite

Both Sativa and Indica may help increase appetite with Sativas as the choice for a majority of cannabis enthusiasts. Scientific research suggests that the medical effects of Sativa strains includes boosting appetite.

In a relevant research paper, the authors noted that the ability of cannabis Sativa to improve appetite has been documented for centuries. Many users report cravings, and an intensification of food’s sensory and pleasurable properties, sparking one’s appetite in a significant way.

Helps Alleviate Depression

Because of Sativa marijuana’s ability to increase energy levels, lower apathy, and elevate mood- it follows that it could ease symptoms of depression. A potent Sativa strain could work wonders in mitigating feelings of apathy and depression.

Most patients with depression find it challenging to find meaning in their everyday life and situation. It is difficult for them to overcome the hurdle of ennui and find meaning in life. But for many cannabis enthusiasts worldwide, Sativa works wonders in helping to minimize these feelings.

Promotes Creativity and Focus

A lack of creativity is not exactly a medical condition. But an absence of focus can hinder creative activity, especially for those dealing with adult-onset ADHD.

In this case, Sativa strains’ medicinal effects: promoting focus and creativity, would be largely contingent on the chemical makeup of the consumer in question. An improved focus is more expected from a Sativa strain than an Indica strain.

How Can Sativa Strains Help with Daily Coping?

It May Be the Pick-Me-Up You Need to Finish Tasks

Because of Sativa’s euphoric and uplifting effect, smoking or vaping Sativa can make you super-motivated to do things. Enthusiasts of Sativa strains report that it keeps them motivated because of the paranoid side effects it comes with. Ironically these feelings of paranoia help to drive some people.

Sativa May Cure Your Social Awkwardness

Chronic anxiety sufferers know that this will poison one’s mind and relationships. Anxiety can be a fleeting mood, or it could impact other significant parts of your life and, ultimately, affect your self-confidence. When there are cracks in your level of comfort, you feel socially awkward.

A healthy dose of Sativa flowers could boost your creativity and make it easier for you to navigate conversations better. As a result, social interactions become happier and more satisfactory. Additionally, depending on the strain you take, you could be more prone to a case of ‘the giggles’- which generates a lighthearted feeling when interacting with others at social events.

Calms Your Fears

Because of Sativa’s uplifting and euphoria-inducing properties, this strain can have powerful anti-anxiety properties. Although Indicas do help with anxiety management, it also generates a body-numbing effect which is relaxing when you feel like calling it a day. But if you want to maximize your day- such as go hiking, jogging, or performing any activity- Sativa is your best bet.

A Guide to Proper Dosing

Consuming the correct dose can be tricky, but it is a crucial aspect of using cannabis. Hence, we recommend you consult with your doctor and a cannabis expert. The following are points to consider for dosing, regardless of whether you use an Indica, Sativa, ruderalis, or a hybrid strain.

  • Cannabis products high in THC, CBN, and CBD, combined with the following terpenes: linalool, myrcene and humulene- promote sleep.
  • A higher dose of CBD has more sedative effects, whereas lower or moderate CBD doses are more energizing.
  • THC’s psychoactive properties are dramatically reduced when CBD is used in equal ratios to THC- one is to one. When the amount of CBD is higher than THC, the psychoactive effects of THC become negligible.
  • THC combined with a high dose of THCV, and the terpenes limonene, beta-caryophyllene, and pinene veer towards more psychoactive effects- and may be a helpful mood enhancer in smaller doses. But be cautious of higher doses the effects can be overwhelming.
  • A low dose of THC decreases the time that THC wields its effects.
  • A low dose of THCV is a CB1 receptor antagonist- producing an anti-psychoactive and appetite-curbing effect.
  • A high dose of THCV has a psychoactive effect and can add to THC’s psychoactivity.
  • A combination of the following: CBD, CBG, low THCV doses, pinene, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene could have a more stimulating effect.
  • Terpenes may also affect the activity of cannabinoids as well as other terpenes. For example, terpinolene is a fruity-smelling terpene that can have soothing effects on its own. But when mixed with limonene, pinene, and beta-caryophyllene- the entourage effect is more intense.
  • CBD behaves likewise- and produces different effects when combined with cannabinoids and terpenes. CBD could be more relaxing when mixed with myrcene but more stimulating when combined with limonene, pinene, and beta-caryophyllene.
  • Beta-caryophyllene, a terpene, has sedative impacts- but may be more awakening depending on the other cannabinoids it is combined with.

Hence, we recommend that you know your goals for using cannabis and create a dosing plan to help you get there.

You will likely need to adjust your op-ed intakes, op-ed-based medications, benzodiazepines (antiepileptic and some anti-anxiety drugs) and sedatives if you are using any of these.

The classic Sativa and Indica categories may be inaccurate and not the best guide about a specific product’s effects. Check the test results, and if these are unavailable, research the genetic lineage and environment the cannabis was grown in for clues regarding its effects.

We recommend you purchase vaping pens and other cannabis accessories from a reputable store or dispensary to mitigate potential health problems. Obtain a medical marijuana card and a doctor’s recommendation for the best dosing results.

A Few Caveats Before Taking Sativa Strains

Before diving into any specific strain, you must know the effects associated with Sativas. Every person will have a different experience with a strain as determined by their physiology, the endocannabinoid system, and tolerance to the varied cannabinoids.

Your current situation and the setting may also impact your experience. Critical questions to ask are the following:

  • Are you surrounded by friends or strangers while consuming cannabis?
  • Did something traumatic or difficult occur before your consumption?
  • Is there an anxiety-provoking experience you must face in the next few days?

These factors will likely affect your episode with specific strains.

Sativas with high THC levels, for example, may generate uplifting anti-depressive effects if a person has long been a cannabis consumer with a high tolerance for THC. But the experience can vary, especially for a consumer with a lower THC tolerance or who responds differently to the terpene profiles.

Bear in mind that the effects of a strain are not an exact science, and your experience could differ from one brand to another. Hence, if you enjoy a strain from one brand, you might find that the version in another brand of that same strain feels very different.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sativa Strains

What Is The Difference Between Sativa and Indica?

Generally, Sativa produces a more energizing heady high, whereas Indica brings you to a heavy-bodied couch lock effect.

Is Sativa an Upper or a Downer?

Sativa is more of an upper, whereas Indica has more of a downer effect. Hybrids can either be an upper or a downer, depending on the Indica-Sativa concentration. Bear in mind these are not accurate categories, and you should take them with a grain of salt.

Are Sativa Highs Different From Indica Highs?

Sativa generates a more active high making you more cerebral- infusing you with a burst of fresh ideas and energy. In contrast, Indicas have a relaxed high and tend to be mellower, allowing users to unwind in a quiet headspace.

These distinctions are not accurate. Sativa’s effects may differ depending on a plant’s chemical composition. Whether using a Sativa or Indica dominant strain, your experience using cannabis will be unique.

More About Terpenes and Their Effects

Terpenes offer the most straightforward explanation for the differences in cannabis categories; each strain has a distinct set of smells, flavours, and characteristics. Terpenes are aromatic essential oils produced by all marijuana plants. The distinctive aroma of cannabis can be traced to its terpene profile.

Pinene, for example, a terpene with the aroma of evergreen trees, has reported effects that include alertness, memory retention, and euphoria.

A popular Sativa strain, Jack Herer, is known to have a rich concentration of pinene. Most Jack Herer consumers agree that the strain makes them feel creative, uplifted, and energetic.

How Do Terpenes Impact Your Experience with a Given Strain Type?

Although plenty of research has yet to be done on this topic, scientists have determined the following so far:

  • The human brain has a wide network of receptors that are affected by THC. Hence, when you smoke, vape, or dab, these receptors are activated and generate feelings of euphoria.
  • Once terpenes are present in a product, it can change the way the THC interacts with the brain’s receptors.
  • The type of terpenes and their amounts can help determine the kind of high and intensity of the experience.
  • Sativa has a broader concentration of terpenes like pinene and limonene, generating an uplifting and euphoric high.
  • Sativas also have a lower concentration of the terpene, myrcene, which is prevalent in Indica strains. Myrcene is associated with a sedative effect, thus explaining why Indica strains are primarily associated with a couch-lock feeling.

Although there are exceptions to this rule, and the different phenotypes of the same strain can produce buds with varying concentrations of terpene, the distinction in these terpene mixes sheds light on the differences between Sativa and Indica.

How to Choose the Right Cannabis Product

All cannabis strains are potentially beneficial. A strain with richer amounts of CBD may be more helpful during the day when you need to ease pain and anxiety as you are out. On the other hand, a product with more THC and cannabinol at the end of the day will help you wind down and reach deep sleep.

Ultimately, the best way to determine if a strain works for you is to check the packaging and try out a few different products. Please do not rely on the broad Indica and Sativa distinction. As mentioned, there are various effects based on the terpenes expressed.

Another point to consider is that the same cannabis strain could vary markedly in its chemical composition from one region to another. This can be traced to mislabeling or a cultivator attempting to sell different seeds under a well-known brand- but it can also be due to different growing conditions.


Sativa marijuana strains are an aid in accomplishing tasks and being creative. The effect of Sativa is primarily centred around generating higher energy levels, elevating mood, promoting happiness, and social interaction. In contrast, Indica strains are known for their couch lock and hypnagogic effect.

If you need an effective pick-me-up or therapy for your downtime, try a Sativa strain at your next dispensary visit. Purchase marijuana products from a reliable dispensary like the Herb Centre. Please Check The Herb Centre Mail Order Marijuana Service Areas.

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