What is Shatter?

What Is Shatter

Cannabis products have been making rounds over the search engines and social media these days as if they were like miracle drugs that people can’t afford to lose. If you’re fond of using a hallucinogenic substance that’s been patronized since earlier times, cannabis extracts should definitely be on your bucket list. 

Since there are hundreds of varieties, choosing the right one for you might be somewhat overwhelming. Perhaps you would love to try shatter, a type of cannabis concentrate that offers extra-potent CBD and THC. That means you can enjoy both therapeutic and euphoric effects in one product. 

Shatter, like most cannabis products, has unique properties and effects. It is also sold under different brand names, making it tricky to spot the premium variety. For first-time users, it is essential to do your research to achieve maximum returns for every purchase. 

This article serves as a guide in familiarizing what shatter is and what it offers for your health and lifestyle. We will review the relevant facts about the concentrate and help you decide on the most appropriate products that suit your needs. Are you ready? Read through and become a clever cannabis user as you should be. 

What is Shatter Exactly? 

It’s a cannabis extract that typically resembles a translucent and solid substance like shattered glass. This physical attribute results from processing techniques involving solvents like butane or other hydrocarbons.

Like other cannabis extracts, shatter contains specific amounts of THC and CBD, which are usually in their highly concentrated form. The product can be consumed through vaping and dabbing, where you get to dose the compounds mentioned above by how long you draw. Your tolerance level is crucial in gauging how much is enough for you. 

Shatter is often differentiated by its hard glass-like consistency. It looks like it can easily shatter with a bit of force, thus its name. This cannabis concentrate has gold or amber color. The appearance of shatter has something to do with the production where the weed molecules may have been less agitated. Surprisingly, some believe it’s more potent and pure than other cannabis extracts, but that’s not always true. 

When you decide to consume shatter over other cannabis extracts, you have to invest in vaping and dabbing tools. Start slow and go slow if you are a newbie because THC and CBD may be hard to dose. You must observe how the substance works on your body so that you can adjust accordingly. 

This glassy extract is widely known for being potent. However, the potency also depends on the source plant. Usually, shatter extracts carry high concentrations of THC ranging from 80% to 90%. 

How Shatter is Produced

There are several production methods that can be used to make shatter weed, all of which involve using solvents like butane and hydrocarbon. The product is aptly called butane hash oil (BHO) if it’s created using butane. 

BHO results from placing cannabis plant matter in a tube where butane is pushed through, thus, extracting desirable elements like CBD and THC. The concentrated oil is collected and may be refined through appropriate techniques such as purging, which removes the excess residual solvents using a vacuum chamber. 

If you’re thinking about whether you can make a DIY shatter, you can. However, it might be too risky since butane fumes are flammable. There are incidents where making BHO in home environments has resulted in explosions. Another consideration is the quality of the extract, given that professional-grade shatter is created using safe closed-loop systems. This specially-designed laboratory setup prevents fumes from entering the ambient environment. 

How to Consume Shatter 

Vaping and dabbing are the most common delivery methods for shatter. You must draw the cannabis vapor from the appropriate tools, which now come in various sizes and brands. You can buy vaporizers and dabbing devices together with the shatter. It’s all about your preference and comfort in using the product. 

You should also consider the onset time and duration of effects, which is not normally an issue. You will likely experience euphoria and relief within a few minutes of taking CBD and THC into your system. 

Avoid overindulging in shatter just because it feels incredible at first. Remember that a pleasant experience with the substance largely depends on the right dosage for your tolerance level. 

Effects of Consuming Shatter

As experts claim, shatter is devoid of any psychoactive effects in its raw form. This cannabis concentrate requires decarboxylation to activate CBD and THC. The process involves heating the cannabis extract at the right temperature to produce the desired effects. 

That’s why vaping and dabbing are the proper methods to consume the product. The appropriate tools use heat to decarboxylate the extract. As you consume shatter that way, the potent cannabinoids are produced and would eventually interact with your endocannabinoid system. 

At that stage, you’ll begin to experience the therapeutic and euphoric effects almost instantaneously. It can make you feel more energetic, motivated, focused, or even relaxed, depending on the type of cannabis strain you consume. But time and again, proper dosing is critical to achieving the best experience with any weed extract. 

As your tolerance builds up, so does the amount of CBD and THC you need. Many users, especially medical marijuana patients, have reported that cannabis, in general, has improved their health and lifestyle in so many ways. You can try our Death Bubba–Shatter for a fantastic experience! 

Proper Dosing for Shatter

Do you want to enjoy an optimum experience with cannabis shatter? The key is staying within your limits based on your tolerance level. Finding the proper dose at the beginning might be challenging, but you’ll figure it out gradually. 

Since you’ll either vape or dab the substance, the key is to control how long you draw vapor from your device. Take a few hits first, then observe how the compounds work in your system. Our Pink Kush – Shatter is a must-try for everyone! 

There will undoubtedly be mental and physical manifestations of how CBD and THC affect you. The desirable effects are easy to achieve when you’re already used to the substance and again when you’re aware of your limits. 

We suggest that you learn from the experience of other users by reading consumer reviews. It helps to have a baseline if you’re a first-time user. Being critical about a brand’s product labels, checking their integrity, and following the instructions might also save you from adverse reactions and enjoy the product to the fullest. 

Potential Health Benefits of Shatter

Above all the promising effects of cannabis, there are potential health benefits that shatter could bring you. The product contains CBD and THC, which have been extensively studied for their medical properties. Clinical trials and anecdotal evidence have indicated that these compounds could help treat or manage various health conditions. 

Shatter now serves as an alternative treatment and supplement for many individuals. If you’re also seeking a practical remedy for whatever health concern that you’re going through, it’s best to contemplate these scientific discoveries and claims first: 

  • Shatter may help relieve stress 
  • Shatter may help reduce anxiety
  • Shatter may help treat depression
  • Shatter may offer relief for chronic pain
  • Shatter may provide sedative effects 
  • Shatter may aid in better sleep
  • Shatter may boost energy, focus, and motivation
  • Shatter may help manage the symptoms of cancer
  • Shatter may be used to treat other chronic health conditions

Note: This article does not serve as a substitute for proper consultation with a medical marijuana specialist. If you have your own healthcare expert, you should seek proper advice before using shatter or any cannabis concentrate for medical purposes. Do not rule out the possibility of side effects and contraindications until the doctor says so. 

Shatter Versus Other Cannabis Concentrates 

All cannabis products are unique in their own ways, but they share similar properties, too. Shatter and other concentrates are no different in that context. They all have varying CBD and THC contents that produce therapeutic and psychoactive effects. In fact, most weed extracts are in a similar range of potency, although shatter is usually the highest. Other products of the same variety are also consumed through dabbing or vaping. So, the variations between these items are purely cosmetic. 

There are several factors behind the cosmetic differences between cannabis concentrates. Some of them may be whipped, shaken, or stirred after the extraction process, which agitates the molecules in the extract and adds air. Once the marijuana oil is disrupted, it forms an irregular shape as the air creates pockets. One classic example is a crumble that has been intentionally agitated during extraction. Thus it looks like a honeycomb. 

How to Shop for Shatter Wisely 

As with other cannabis products, you should also be prudent when buying shatter. This concentrate is sold in various stores under different brands. If you’re not wise enough, you might compromise your experience. Much worse, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy any returns from your purchase. 

Being an expert in the weed industry, we care about your interests. So, we’re giving you the following practical tips when you shop for cannabis shatter: 

  • Look for a reputable cannabis supplier
  • Check the quality of the shatter
  • Compare the prices
  • Read consumer reviews
  • Do your own research
  • Focus on your needs

Here’s a relevant article that might help you shop for cannabis products wisely: Cheap Wholesale Shatter Canada – Buying Guide


What are the benefits of shatter?

There are several benefits to using marijuana shatter for recreational and medical purposes. It’s up to you whether these perks are worth your investment. But judging from the experience of many users, this cannabis concentrate is proven helpful in maintaining health and a good lifestyle. However, it also depends on how you consume the product, whether it fits your metabolism and other factors. 

Does shatter wax get you high? 

Yes. Once the shatter wax is decarboxylated, it converts THCA into THC, a psychoactive compound. This substance may be present in high concentrations, so you should be wary about consuming a higher dosage. If you enjoy its euphoric effects, always observe your limits because a pleasant experience is only guaranteed with the proper use of the concentrate. 

Is shatter the same as DAB?

Technically, yes. All cannabis shatters that you can buy in the market can be dabbed. But interestingly, not all dabs are shatters. As you know, dabbing is a common method for consuming marijuana concentrates. It involves the use of a small water pipe called a dab rig. This device has a flat bowl and a nail designed to handle high temperatures to vaporize the extract. 

Is shatter Indica or Sativa?

Any cannabis strain can be used for making shatters, whether it’s an Indica or a Sativa. Consumers need to be aware of the breed origin (cannabis plants) of the concentrate they’re buying since it determines the effects. Consider this when you make a purchase. If necessary, ask the budtender for guidance. 

How to Buy Marijuana Online and in Service Areas

Buying marijuana online is the easiest and most convenient way of getting weed supplies. Millions of people would prefer the virtual market for practical reasons. But there are some considerations, too. You must make sure you’re shopping at a secure site because you’ll pay for the products you order. 

Once you have determined the right store, the process is quite simple. Much more if you become part of our community. In three easy steps, you can already complete your online purchase. Click the following link for a comprehensive guide: The Herb Centre Guide: How to Buy Marijuana Online

We also serve various service areas across Canada. Learn more by visiting the following link: The Herb Centre Mail Order Marijuana Service Areas. This service is seriously a huge advantage for a valued customer like you.

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