What is CBD Hash?


A lot of good things have been said about marijuana extracts. Many people can attest to their efficacy in providing therapeutic effects for various medical conditions. There are also hundreds of consumer reviews that highlight the benefits of these products. Perhaps you’ve already tried some before and want to explore other choices. 


Have you heard of CBD Hash? If this is new in your weed vocabulary, you might be surprised that this is now popular among many consumers. The reasons behind its prominence are due to its highly potent THC content. As you shop in local and online stores, you’ll find many varieties of this product. Read on to discover what this weed extract has in store for you! 


Understanding the Origin of CBD Hash

CBD hash comes from cannabis plants and is generally produced from the resin of the female CBD flowers. The source of resin is the trichomes or the tiny microscopic mushroom-looking outgrows or appendages on the hemp. It is characterized by a powder-like substance where the hemp plant produces cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. When the end material is processed into solid bricks, it becomes hash. 


So, CBD hash is made by separating CBD-rich trichomes on the cannabis plant from the surrounding matter. It is usually pressed into solid blocks – check out our hash products to see what it looks like. The typical CBD hash contains high levels of THC, which is a psychoactive compound. But other variants made from the hemp plant only contain less than 0.3 percent THC or none. Top-shelf products can contain up to 40% of the substance in terms of CBD content. 


What are the Effects of CBD Hash? 

Since THC is the main compound in the CBD hash, you can expect the same psychoactive effects that the substance produces when you take other marijuana products. Let’s have a quick recap about this compound for the benefit of all readers. THC is a short term for tetrahydrocannabinol which is the chemical responsible for most of the psychological effects of marijuana products. It acts almost similar to how our natural cannabinoid chemicals function in our system. 


THC interacts with our cannabinoid receptors concentrated in the brain regions associated with memory, thinking, coordination, pleasure, and time perception. As a result, it affects specific cognitive and bodily functioning once the substance works on our system. When you consume THC products like CBD hash, you are more likely to experience euphoria as the substance stimulates brain cells to release dopamine. It can also induce hallucinations, alter thinking patterns, and cause delusions. Hence, moderate or proper dosing is essential, especially among new users. 


How to Consume CBD Hash

Want to give CBD hash a try? You can join the thousands of people in Canada, the US, and other countries where commercial weed is legal in using this product. There are several ways that you can consume your own CBD hash. Choosing one that’s most suited to your considerations is essential. Here, we discuss the most common methods to enjoy the benefits of CBD hash. 


Vaping CBD Hash 

Many CBD hash consumers prefer vaping to smoking due to its lesser health hazards and odorless vapor. You can use a vape pen or desktop vaporizer for this purpose. But you have to learn the proper way of using this method. Avoid fluffing the substance as it can waste some of the vaporized content. It’s also better to use powdery CBD hash than the sticky ones to preserve the vapor and break the concentrate more evenly. To achieve an optimum experience, make sure you use high-quality CBD hash.


Smoking CBD Hash

For some users, smoking cannabis is still better than other delivery methods. If you also prefer this one, keep in mind that CBD hash is more potent than typical hemp flowers. All you need to get started are small parts of the hash that should be loaded into pre-rolls or pre-roll blunts and then directly heated and smoked. You can increase the dose gradually, but don’t light the material and let it burn as you smoke CBD hash because you’re wasting it. Instead, place the heat source under it and take short puffs.


Cooking CBD Hash 

This is the delicious way of consuming CBD hash – mixing it with your favorite food or drinks. But the challenge in this method is accurate dosing. You seriously have to measure the amount of substance you put into the edibles. It might also take hours for the effects to kick in since your body still needs to metabolize the product. It’s the reason why overindulgence happens among many users. So it’s important to start low and go slow until you determine your tolerance level. 


Topical Use of CBD Hash

Does it surprise you that CBD hash can also be applied to your skin? You can make your cannabis salve using the product. You have to add some CBD hash to a carrier oil, and it’s all set. If you want a quicker option, you can go for commercial topicals that contain the substance. These products may immediately relieve some joint, skin, and nerve problems.


What’s the Best Dosage for CBD Hash? 

There are different CBD hash products, and each one has its potency. For the best experience, we suggest you look for something with around 6% to 9% strength. You can check the product labels, although the THC level should not exceed the required 0.3% limit. But it also depends on the brand formulation as there are ingredients that can make the item stronger than others. If your goal is to relax, you don’t need the highest potency product, which is only necessary for those seeking pain relief. You have to gauge the right dosage for your condition as you consume it. 


Potential Health Benefits of CBD Hash

Several studies have been conducted to validate consumer experiences with CBD products – hash is one of them. This product contains THC, that’s widely known for its psychoactive effects. But interestingly, the compound does more than that. There are scientific claims that it can be helpful for specific medical conditions. Some of the potential health benefits that may come from consuming CBD hash include the following: 

  • CBD hash may help in anxiety disorders
  • CBD hash may help reduce inflammation
  • CBD hash may help lower blood pressure
  • CBD hash may help fight cancer
  • CBD hash may help prevent seizure


Possible Risks of CBD Hash

While cannabis products, in general, have become popular for their therapeutic benefits, there are still some risks associated with their improper use. Since it contains THC, the possibility of adverse reactions or side effects cannot be ruled out. The substance may trigger a relapse in schizophrenic symptoms, impair motor skills, and cause memory and fertility problems. 


However, there are promising findings on the medicinal value of cannabis products that give hope to many people. If you are serious about taking CBD hash for recreational or medical use, make sure you stay within safe limits. Consult your doctor first if you are taking prescription drugs or pregnant to avoid complications. 


How to Choose the Right CBD Hash

Since the legalization of marijuana years back, the growth of the weed market has become unprecedented, with billions of dollars in revenue. This pushed many companies and retailers to keep up with the demands of the consumers. There are hundreds of cannabis products in local and online stores. Even the CBD hash alone has several variants. If you’re looking for the right product, here are a few things to keep in mind: 


  • Conduct Thorough Research 

Sure, you’re reading this article to educate yourself about CBD hash. But this is not enough to know more about the different products under the same brand. As an intelligent consumer, you have to go the extra mile in doing your research. You have to study the ingredients and formulations of the items and make a rational decision based on facts. 


  • Check the Third-Party Lab Test Results

The best indicator of a high-quality CBD hash has clean third-party lab test results. It guarantees that the product has no pesticides or any other harmful chemicals that might negatively affect your health. Most companies provide this document on their website or upon customers’ demands. But it takes buying at a reputable provider to ensure that the product is safe and effective. 


  • Read Consumer Reviews 

You have to consider consumers’ feedback about a particular CBD hash because that’s a valid reference from their experience. There are many consumer reviews where you can read such information. But you have to be critical since not all comments are valid. Look for verified reports that you can use as a baseline in finding the best product in the market. 


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