What Is Best Rolling Paper For Joints


Smoking marijuana is one of the quickest ways to get high. It’s been around since the early periods when people smoked weed as part of their ritual and for medicinal purposes. Today, you can notice the younger generations drawn to this habit, beginning from when marijuana consumption was made legal under certain conditions. This industry has grown exponentially, hitting billions of dollars in market cap. And interestingly, smoking is still one of the popular methods to enjoy the therapeutic and medical benefits of the substance.

Each weed smoker has a different experience, though – some are satisfied, while others seem to be looking for a perfect product. The rolling paper and joints are not the same, and they vary depending on source and quality. You must check these factors to have an ideal smoking experience. Remember that rolling paper can affect the taste and potency of the weed. The same is true for the kind of joints that you roll and smoke.

To achieve optimum marijuana effects and enjoy an incredible experience, you have to choose the best rolling paper for joints. You have to look for a product that matches your taste and preferences. There are now many choices in various cannabis stores, but they have unique features. Here, you will learn to spot the rolling paper for joints that make you feel like smoking cannabis is not enough, and you still want more. 

What are Rolling Papers for Joints? 

Rolling papers are sheets of very thin paper that you can use to encase cannabis when rolling a joint – they are also called joint paper, blanks, or cigarette papers. These sheets are usually made of hemp, wood pulp, rice straw, or flax and can be used to either hand-roll or machine-roll weed materials.

You can buy these products in small and cardboard packs. They have different dimensions, usually between 70 to 110 millimetres long, and may come with flavours to enhance the taste of the terpenes contained in the weed item. Some popular flavours of rolling papers include grape, pineapple, blueberry, and double chocolate. 

Rolling papers are made from non-wood fibres, often from hemp plants, flax, and rice straw. These materials tend to burn slower than others, making them more suitable for smoking. Making rolling papers involves extracting fibres from the source, pressing the fibres, and then processing the material into very thin paper.

As you look for the perfect rolling papers to smoke your cannabis, consider that most of these products are combined with certain chemicals. These usually include titanium oxide, calcium carbonate, chlorine bleach, potassium nitrate, and dyes. Such chemicals can influence rolling papers’ burn rate, colour, and flavour. If you want all-natural papers, they are also becoming more popular these days. 

Types of Rolling Papers for Joints

Whether you roll the joints yourself or buy pre-rolled products, you must understand the different types of rolling papers. Once you’re familiar with each one, you will become wiser in choosing the one that matches your preferences. 

Standard Rolling Paper

You can retain your discretion when you use this type of rolling paper. That is, once you roll the joints, you’ll get a product that looks the same as a hand-rolled tobacco cigarette. Although this is widely made of rice papers, hemp-sourced materials are also becoming more popular. 

Gold Rolling Paper

If you want something classy, you can add some bling to your rolling papers. There are now brands that provide 24-carat gold in their gold papers. Of course, you have to pay more for this preference. Elite users are usually the buyers of this product. 

Flavoured Rolling Paper

Many cannabis smokers love the taste of their rolling papers with unique flavours. Perhaps the same is true for you. You can smoke weed with the smell of strawberry or watermelon if you like. This option enables you to customize your experience. Remember that these products may be less healthy than the standard rolling papers as they usually contain chemicals.

Clear Rolling Paper

Made of transparent materials, this type of rolling paper will let you show off your marijuana bud. It is usually made of biodegradable cellulose, safer and healthier than other rolling papers. You may also consider this choice if you want a straightforward way of smoking weed. 

Best Brands of Rolling Papers for Joints

There are many brands of rolling papers out there. Some are classy and flavourful, while others are ordinary and cheap. Whatever you decide to buy, make sure it suits your way of smoking the weed. For your best advantage, we have the top picks for the best brands of rolling papers for joints. 

#1: Zig Zag Rolling Papers

For weed smokers who want something that’s ultra-affordable and offers a wide range of options, this rolling paper brand is the best choice. It has been around for years and remains one of today’s market leaders. Zig Zag rolling paper is the bestseller among many cannabis users. The product is usually 70mm wide and provides a slow and reliable burn. Using this paper allows you to roll the joints more quickly, and it’s considered an excellent material for rolling weed. 

#2: Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers

Elite brands are on the rise in the cannabis market. One of the expensive and popular rolling papers for joints today is Shine 24K Gold. Just as the name suggests, it has 24K gold blended with hemp materials. Each pack has a certificate of authenticity and burns rather slowly, which is ideal for celebratory smoke. If you have more cash, paying $50 per dozen of this rolling paper is not an issue. That’s why it’s also known as the luxury rolling paper that gives you some feeling of importance. 

#3: Juicy Jay’s Flavored Rolling Papers 

If you have bought mediocre cannabis and don’t like how it tastes, you can use Juicy Jay’s flavoured rolling papers to mask it and still enjoy smoking weed. This product usually has intensely flavorful rolling papers that many cannabis smokers love. It’s something expensive but much better than using low-grade cannabis. You can choose from various flavours, including tequila, strawberry kiwi, and birthday cake. But if you’re using premium-quality marijuana, this brand might be the last option to consider.

#4: Elements Rice Rolling Papers 

One of the most environmentally conscious brands today, Elements offers something rare and unique for cannabis smokers who want to experience a natural approach. This product is made from rice and sugar, so it doesn’t produce ash. It rather caramelizes as the material burns, allowing a delightful smoking experience. But considering the quality of the rice paper, you’ll get this option at a higher cost. Still, this one is the best to consider for everyone who wants a perfect brand. However, when using this rolling paper, expect the material to curl in high humidity, and it doesn’t work that well with a rolling machine. 

#5: RAW Rolling Papers 

Something very common when it comes to rolling papers. RAW has been around for some time and has become the industry favourite. It offers unrefined and natural products that provide a large canvas to work with. Whether you choose hemp or classic papers, this brand is an excellent option to showcase your experience as a marijuana user. You can get plain papers without the crease, and it costs a few bucks and is also easy to roll. However, when using RAW, be careful not to indulge too much saliva because the material does not burn proportionally. 

Factors to Consider when Buying a Rolling Paper

You should necessarily have specific standards as you shop for the best type and brand of rolling papers for joints. These will guide you in choosing the product that’s precisely worth your money and could give you an ideal cannabis smoking experience. Below are the crucial factors to consider in the process: 


Rolling paper materials primarily affect the way you smoke weed and the effects of the substance. It mainly determines the taste, speed of burning, ease of rolling, and how long the material remains lit. Be careful of some rolling papers on the market that contain toxic chemicals, such as calcium carbonate and chlorine. One apparent sign of that is a rolling paper with extreme thickness. To ensure that you’re getting the best and safest products out there, here are the crucial factors that you need to check: 

Hemp Material 

Rolling papers made from hemp are generally easy to roll and environmentally friendly. They are also slow-burning, but not all weed smokers like the strong taste of this product. Still, it complements the cannabis joints you’re smoking, and it’s good to try. 

Clear Material 

Seeing marijuana in a joint is pretty cool. When you use a clear material to roll cannabis materials, you get just that – visible items from the outside. At first glance, it looks like plastic, but in reality, it’s made of plant-based cellulose. However, you may find it challenging to roll a joint with this kind of paper, and the material may affect the flavour. 

Rice Material

This rolling paper is famed for having a slow burn yet great taste. It also does not affect the flavour of cannabis, so you’ll experience pure smoke. However, the product is harder for new smokers since it lacks much grip. Some brands use additives which you need to be clear about when using one. 

Flax Material

Looking for a smooth and relatively easy roll, a product made from flax plant fibre is the right choice. Flax rolling papers don’t affect the flavour of your cannabis. There are now many brands when you’re planning to choose this variety, but make sure it suits your preferences because each item has its features. 


Never assume that rolling papers can fit all your cannabis smoking needs. Various brands depend on your standards, and the size of the product has a significant impact on your overall experience. It’s essential that you familiarize the most common sizes and know what’s best for your needs: 

  • King Size – this is the most significant size of rolling papers in the market. It is approximately 105mm x 60mm in size. Smoking Master King Size Rolling Paper is a good option if you want something big to enjoy the cannabis experience. 
  • King Slim is just as long as the king-size counterparts at up to 110mm. But in terms of width, the product usually comes at 42-46mm. 
  • Double Wide – this rolling paper holds up to twice as much product as a single. The product size varies, but usually up to 78mm x 88mm.
  • Single – the smallest rolling paper you’re likely to find on the market. Its dimensions are approximately 68mm x 34mm. When using this product, you’ll notice around half the diameter of a typical cigarette. 
  • 1 1/4″ – it’s the most popular option and is similar to that of a regular cigarette. The dimensions of this rolling paper are approximately 76mm x 48mm.
  • 1 1/2″ – this rolling paper holds up to 50% more than a single. It usually has a 76-78mm length and a 62mm width.


It’s up to you how you’d like your joint to taste. But for sure, the rolling paper that you choose has something to do about it. Some cannabis users prefer material that tastes as close to nothing as possible. At the same time, others love to play around with different flavours. 

You might not classify yourself to either of those groups for some reason. Perhaps you want something new, something that’s not been figured out yet. Awesome! We’ve some tips to help you achieve an ideal smoking weed experience: 

Natural Rolling Papers

Do you want to go for a natural choice? This product exactly suits that preference. Although some users claim that natural rolling papers are unflavoured, some variations leave a slight taste. But if there’s one thing that distinguishes this product from other choices, it’s their purity.

Natural rolling papers often don’t contain chemicals, additives, dyes, or chalk. They are also unrefined and unbleached, so you won’t be exposed to possible toxins that you might inhale. That’s why many cannabis users consider this as a healthier option.

You’ll find natural rolling papers even more advantageous when you use high-quality cannabis. This will enable you to savour the distinct organic flavour of the weed. The paper is almost tasteless, so you won’t have to worry about altering the taste of the cannabis. 

Flavoured Rolling Papers

Sometimes a taste of pure cannabis can become boring. You may consider adding more flare in your smoking experience if ever you get to that point. There are now many varieties of rolling papers that come with unique flavours. Choices may include strawberry, mango, vanilla, chocolate, cotton candy, and many others.

Most of these products have flavouring in their gum strips. But some brands dip the entire rolling paper into the flavouring to give it a more intense and satisfying taste. Some sources claim flavoured rolling papers pose a threat to health. No matter how this product is depicted, you should research its origins and contents and compare it with other available alternatives. 

Which Rolling Paper is Best for You?

There are many best rolling papers out there, but not all of them are easy to use – remember that. To guide you in the proper selection, we’re providing some tips for different users below:

  • New Users – rolling hemp papers are the best choice for this group due to their sturdiness and overall ease of use. This product also has a mild flavour that doesn’t affect the aroma of the cannabis strain. 
  • Intermediate Users – rice papers are preferable if you are a mid-level user. They are more delicate than other rolling papers, so you need to practice rolling without damaging the material. But if you do it right, this option can produce a smooth smoking experience like no other. 
  • Expert Users – ultra-thin rolling papers are more suitable for expert users. These materials are usually challenging to roll due to how delicate they are. But once you roll them properly, you can enjoy a cleaner hit with each puff. You can try our Zig Zag Ultra Thin Rolling Paper that’s very popular among cannabis smokers today.

How to Roll Joints in a Rolling Paper 

Rolling a joint is not hard, but you have to do it the right way. Otherwise, you’ll not be able to maximize the potency and effects of cannabis. To master this craft, it’s wise to follow the step-by-step guides below. Never skip any if you want to have the best products. 

What you need to get started: 

  • Rolling papers
  • Cannabis strain of your choice
  • Cannabis grinder
  • Crutch (for the joint crutch or filter)
  • Optional: A pen or any similar object to help pack the joint

Step #1: Grind the Cannabis 

Once you have chosen a cannabis strain, the first step is to break it down into shakes. This doesn’t take a sweat if your cannabis is dried well, as it usually breaks down quickly. As you do this, the grinder would keep your hand from getting sticky and thus stick to the joint paper. If you don’t have a grinder, you can grind the herb using your hand, scissors, or any other tools. 

Step #2: Make a Joint Crutch or Filter 

You can create a crutch out of anything, but cardboard or business cards are usually a good option. Many joint papers also come with crutch material with their packaging. Start with a few accordion folds at the end of the material, then roll it to the desired thickness of the joint. Although this might appear unnecessary, the crutch can help keep the shake from falling out of the end or into your mouth as you smoke. It’s also good to attain stability to the joint and allows you to enjoy every bit of weed without burning your fingertips. 

Step #3: Fill Joint with Cannabis

If your shake and crutch are ready, you must fill the joint with cannabis. This means having the right amount of shake into the rolling paper and then shaping the joint with your fingers. You may choose the rolling papers that have your desired flavours. More often, many consumers would prefer hemp papers because they tend to be thin but strong and burn evenly without affecting the flavour of the cannabis. Nevertheless, you are free to explore all available choices. 

Step #4: Pack the Joint 

When your joint is already loaded and shaped, you should roll it. To do that properly, you have to pinch the paper between your fingertips and roll it back and forth between them. This is how you pack the cannabis down into the final cone shape. 

Step #5: Roll the Joint 

At this stage, you have to make sure that you’re rolling the joint properly because it can make or break the final product. You have to tuck the unglued side of the paper into the roll, roll it up, and use the glued edge to tack down one end of the paper with a bit of moisture. It is recommended to start with the crutch side to help guide the paper while rolling around itself. When the paper is already tacked down on one end, you can work your way down the rest of the seam by tucking and sealing the joint to the end.

Step #6: Finish Your Joint 

Are you excited to smoke your cannabis? Make a finishing touch to your joint first. You have to pack the end of the materials to help ensure an even burn. Using a pen is great, but you can use just about anything. If you’re on the go, you can even have the tip of your shoelace, a small stick, or the drawstring on your hoodie. But if you’re not planning to smoke right away, you may consider closing the tip with a twist. 

Here’s the Best Thing! 

There is no standard rule in rolling a joint – you are free to do that however you want. Being innovative and creative may give you unique products. You might probably follow what other users have been doing – transforming joint rolling into art all on its own. They roll the cannabis into a unique mix of functional origami.

Today, one popular method is using a dollar bill to help roll a joint. You can fold a dollar bill in half and put your ground cannabis in it. Roll the joint back and forth, slip the rolling paper behind, roll it up, and give it a lick. You may also try a cross joint, thin, or L joint that usually has extra amounts of cannabis stuck on the end. 

Why Roll Your Joints? 

Pre-rolled joints are becoming more popular and in-demand among cannabis consumers. This is an easy and convenient option. But if you want a cheap alternative, you can roll your joints by following the steps given above. The only equipment you need is rolling papers, a lighter, a grinder, and your favourite marijuana strain.

You can save some bucks by purchasing loose flowers instead of buying pre-rolled products. It also gives you a unique experience as you make the joint yourself. Many users enjoy the ritual of grinding the cannabis and rolling it into a perfect joint. If you haven’t done this before, you’ll experience a different satisfaction when you’re already doing it hands-on. 

Effects of Rolling Papers: An Overview 

Using rolling papers and smoking weed offer some advantages over other methods of ingestion. Most of the perks lie in the easy to control lower dosing of THC, compact design, and portability. That’s why choosing the right rolling papers is very important, as some products may have harmful additives. But no matter what kind of smoke you inhale, it may still irritate your lungs over time and can cause an increase in coughing, mucus buildup, and other respiratory conditions. 

Fortunately, there is no direct link between cannabis consumers who use rolling papers as a method of ingestion and medical conditions like cancer. The adverse side effects will clear up on their own after some time of cleansing, where smoking is avoided. But the downside of this tool is that it’s no good in the rain, and it doesn’t filter out the smoke in the same way that a vaporizer of water bong would.

While chronic lung conditions are not directly linked with the use of rolling papers, there is yet no specific evidence as to how smoking weed can impact the user’s overall health over an extended period. This grey area should reason cannabis consumers that rolling papers are an excellent choice in a pinch or as an occasional secondary method of ingestion. Still, it’s a personal preference that requires prudence among weed smokers. 

How THC is Distributed Using Rolling Papers 

Cannabis substance is inhaled from smoke when you use rolling papers. This method of ingestion is known to deliver the potent CBD and THC directly into the bloodstream through a complex system of blood vessels, receptors, and other openings in the lungs. The moment you breathe in a large cloud of weed smoke, the substances it contains penetrate your system, and you can instantly feel the effects.

The euphoric and medicinal effects of cannabis can take a few minutes to set in, and you don’t need to hold the smoke. Once the results kick in, you can expect it to last for anywhere from 2-6 hours, depending on the amount and potency of the cannabis. There’s a direct link to the bloodstream that causes a sudden surge of cannabinoids, rather than a slow absorption which forces the body to process the compounds more quickly.

Pros and Cons of Rolling Your Joints

Most people smoke weed out of passion, and it’s a habit that evokes deep introspection. There are various ways of smoking cannabis, and using a rolling paper for joins is just one. As a healthy practice, you should understand how this method of ingestion affects you. Knowing the pros and cons of rolling joints can guide you through handling the potential effects. 

Pros of Smoking Joints: 

  • Discreet – joints are almost the same as home-rolled cigarettes that can be hidden from the sight of other people around. In an emergency, this product can be readily disposed of without any hassle. 
  • Taste – most joint papers can detract the natural flavour of cannabis more than a bong or vaporizer but less than that of a blunt. Some rolling papers also come with unique flavours that you can choose from. 
  • Longevity – joints are usually long-lasting, making them cost-effective. You can enjoy the effects of cannabis as you smoke for an extended period, but make sure you take only what you can manage. 
  • Getting social – during social gatherings, cannabis joints can be passed around to encourage a fantastic experience. This allows you to engage in good conversations and make new friends.
  • Flexibility – if you’re looking for a flexible way to smoke weed, joints are a great option. Unlike blunts that cannot be made without rolling paper, joints may be created using household materials if the rolling papers are not available. Just be careful that the raw materials don’t contain any harmful chemicals.
  • Lesser lighting – you can light the joint just once, and this can be done by the single spark of the lighter in usual circumstances. It offers ease of use which is an advantage if you’re always on the go. 

Cons of Smoking Joints: 

  • Odour – if you don’t like the smell of weed in your fingers, you might think that using joints is not a good option. But if you want to avoid this undesirable odour, you can always cover your fingers. 
  • Some sources say that smoking weed using joints has serious health consequences, like lung problems. The truth is, there is yet no medical evidence proving the direct link between the two. But you have to observe how it affects your health in the long run. 
  • Smoking paper – you won’t only smoke weed, but also the paper. This is another disadvantage if you consider that a bad thing. But when you choose a quality rolling paper, you don’t necessarily have to worry about smoking the paper. It would just feel natural. 
  • Learning the trade – there are pre-rolled joints that you can buy in the market. You can also make your joints using rolling papers. Either way, you have to learn the trade and master the craft to achieve an optimum cannabis smoking experience. 


Can you purchase rolling papers under the age of 18?

In Canada, the legal age to purchase rolling papers is 18. Meaning, you cannot buy this product under that specific age limit. Vendors are required to ask for age verification, and any person caught selling to a minor can be charged accordingly. That is because these materials are used in combination with products intended for adults, so the same rules governing tobacco products are applied.

Which rolling papers are considered the healthiest?

Weed smokers often ask this question to ensure that they’re using the healthiest rolling paper available in the market. Many of these folks assume that the chemical-free and processing-free product suits such a category. For experts, the more beneficial option today is RAW rolling papers known to be vegan-friendly and made of 100% hemp fibres. 

Where to Buy Quality Rolling Papers? 

You can buy rolling papers for joints in many online cannabis stores today. This is the quickest option to get the products right away. But make sure that you’re shopping at the right store because you deserve quality items. One of the best companies in the Herb Centre that is now the #1 trusted source for mail-order marijuana.

Our company offers the lowest prices for our valued customers, to give you the best shopping experience. We want to provide the highest quality medical-grade weed products possible. Shop at our online store now and take advantage of our quality yet affordable flowers, concentrates, edibles, vapes, rolling papers, and more.

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