Live Resin Versus Shatter

Live Resin Versus Shatter

Do you also have the habit of comparing cannabis products? Whether in form, quality, pricing, or other features, you’re doing it right. As a consumer, you should always be prudent about any item you buy since it’s a costly investment. It has short- and long-term implications on your health since cannabis extracts contain chemical compounds. 

You’ve probably heard of THC and CBD, which are now quite popular, especially for people seeking therapeutic relief and recreational satisfaction. Once you understand how they work in your system, making a purchase wouldn’t be that hard at all.

If you’re trying to decide between live resin and shatter, there are essential facts that you must understand first. Although these cannabis concentrates are unique, you must pick the one that suits your needs best. Of course, you can shift from one product to another if the circumstances warrant. But in cases where this isn’t a luxury, making a decision is a critical job. Unless you take the matter seriously, you might end up among a few individuals who failed to get the most out of their cannabis experience. This article tackles the clear-cut differences between live resin and shatter for your guidance.

Live Resin vs. Shatter: An Overview

It can be like night and day when you compare live resin to shatter. But things might be difficult to understand if you’re just new to the cannabis industry. Gladly, informative articles like this would make learning relatively easy for everyone. Bear in mind that achieving any consistency is possible with resin, but not in the shatter form of hemp concentrate. The latter is often sought for its glass-like and fragile form, which also serves specific purposes. Here’s a rundown of the qualities of these two popular concentrates:

Live Resin

This cannabis concentrate is incredibly pungent, unlike shatter. It’s a byproduct of having been flash-frozen, a typical method of creating live resin. Hence, it retains most of the terpenes from the cannabis plant, which is way more efficient than its counterpart. 

The same phenomenon enables the entourage effect, allowing a more enjoyable consumption of cannabis. And yes, logically, resin can be a bit more potent than shatter in this context, although the latter may have higher THC content.

When it comes to therapeutic benefits, resin is ideal for people seeking relaxation and pain relief. Its soothing qualities can also boost your mood and help you feel your best. Read this article: Why You Should Try Cannabis Resin, to know more about this concentrate.


Unlike resin, shatter has an extremely low terpene profile. Hence, this concentrate must be purified and filtered through a chemical process to achieve its pristine structure. As a result, some terpenes and flavonoids get destroyed. But some other similar products may still have ideal qualities despite this inevitable outcome. 

For shatter, the process causes the concentrate to have a translucent appearance and acquire a distinct taste. When it comes to therapeutic benefits, this product is ideal for people seeking to have a blissful high and an uplifted mood.

How Is Live Resin Made?

Live resin is generally produced using fresh frozen cannabis or frozen plants immediately after being harvested. The materials are kept frozen throughout the extraction process without going through drying, curing, and trimming phases. This is to ensure that the plant retains the terpenes and flavonoids, which are essential to the quality of the concentrate.

Trichomes are preserved by freezing the marijuana flowers, thereby keeping the original flavor and fragrance. Frozen plants are then put through a solvent extraction process using propane, butane, or another solvent. Particularly, there are three steps for creating live resin, as enumerated below: 

  1. Freezing the cannabis plant
  2. Extracting the oil
  3. Processing the extract into live resin

During the extraction process, plants are kept at below-freezing temperatures. Afterward, live resin is usually heated in a vacuum oven. The final product can be packaged as is or added to carts for vape pens.

How is Shatter Made?

Producing shatter works similarly to other concentrates, except during the post-extraction process. Commercial and individual producers would normally follow these steps: 

  1. Choosing a cannabis material
  2. Packing the materials into the column with a tank inside the closed-loop system, which is intended to hold the nugs or trim throughout
  3. Chilling the solvent
  4. Gradually passing the solvent over the cannabis material to release the trichomes
  5. Removing the solvent from the solution through heat vaporization
  6. Chilling the solvent tank to recapture and condense the solvent vapors. 

Shatter can be made from almost any plant material, from flower to trim. During the production, the desired cannabinoids are separated from the raw plant through a process that involves heat and compression. Any unwanted elements are removed using a solvent-induced vacuum purge. 

Most extractors use a variety of solvents and methods to produce this cannabis concentrate, but butane hash oil (BHO) is usually utilized for the job. This is in contrast with carbon dioxide (CO2), which is also used for other marijuana concentrates, as the chemical can remove moisture from the plant. Still, it may cause shatter to lose its essential texture.

Which Is Better Between the Two?

Both cannabis concentrates have their own specific use. It’s up to you which one is most suitable for your needs. Technically speaking, live resin is a more potent concentrate than shatter, which means it’s a perfect choice for a strong effect. This results from terpenes and cannabinoids combined in one product, which can aid in pain management or better sleep. It’s also called the entourage effect, giving the substance power to produce a full-bodied impact. Nevertheless, there are also practical advantages to using shatter when you look into its properties.

How to Consume Cannabis Concentrates

Want to enjoy live resin or shatter soon? Sure, you can. But first, you should familiarize how these concentrates are appropriately consumed. Dabbing and vaping are the two most common delivery methods for these cannabis products. You need specific tools to get started, but they’re all easy to operate. 

For example, you can invest in an affordable dab rig or vape pen to begin your consumption. It’s important, though, that you choose the right tools that you’re comfortable with to achieve an optimum experience. All other things are self-explanatory, except proper dosing, which is also key to safe and effective ingestion of THC or CBD.

Proper Dosing for Cannabis Concentrates

When you buy live resin or shatter in a local or online dispensary, you can check the labels for instructions. Most, if not all, manufacturers would have dosing guidelines stated on their products. Without this information, you should doubt the integrity of the company. We suggest that you scrutinize the reputation of the brand in the industry. Once you’ve chosen the best item for your needs – with appropriate labels thereon – you have to stick to that unless there’ll be any contraindications. 

It’s a typical experience for many consumers to experiment with the cannabis dosage until they find their sweet spot. This can also happen to you if you’re just starting to experience THC or CBD. But don’t worry, though, because it doesn’t take long to determine your tolerance level. You can observe how these cannabinoids affect your system, and you’re in control throughout the process. If you’re aware of your limits, you can enjoy the maximum effects and benefits that the concentrates could possibly bring. 

Potential Health Benefits of Cannabis Concentrates

Live resin and shatter are both cannabis concentrates – they contain varying levels of CBD and THC depending on their breed or source. These psychoactive and therapeutic compounds may be used for various medical concerns. It’s the primary reason many consume these products regularly, although the recreational value is enough for some to enjoy the day. If you’re curious about how these products can benefit your health and lifestyle, here are the scientific discoveries that we have gathered so far:

  • THC and CBD may be used to combat stress, anxiety, and depression
  • THC and CBD may be used to manage chronic pain and inflammation
  • THC and CBD may be used to relieve symptoms of cancer
  • THC and CBD may be used to boost energy, appetite, and motivation
  • THC and CBD may be used to promote better sleep and sexual experience


Although these health claims are backed by scientific findings and anecdotal evidence, this article does not serve as a substitute for proper diagnosis and prescription. You have to consult your doctor for the appropriate administration of any cannabis concentrate intended for medical use.

How to Buy Marijuana Online and in Service Areas

Over 100 cannabis dispensaries are operating online; some have physical stores, too. This gives consumers much convenience when they shop for cannabis supplies, such as concentrates. If you also want to take advantage of this luxury, that’s great. Our online shop, The Herb Centre, is available 24/7 to serve you. With three easy steps, you can already get started with your shopping. 

You just have to register, add items to your cart, and confirm your orders. Click The Herb Centre Guide: How to Buy Marijuana Online for a comprehensive guide. We also have a list of service areas where you can enjoy the perks of reliable delivery, which you can access through this content: The Herb Centre Mail Order Marijuana Service Areas. Seriously, this can reduce the cost of your transaction while enjoying the perks of convenient and hassle-free online shopping.

Practical Tips When Buying Concentrates

So, do you want to get the best cannabis concentrates as much as possible? Of course, you can, but with enough facts in mind. Don’t be confused with the hundreds of varieties in the dispensary; don’t just randomly pick anything that suits your budget. That’s not what smart shopping is all about. 

You have to exercise proper judgment at all costs. After all, you’ll be spending your hard-earned cash on these supplements. Whether you’re using live resin or shatter for medical or recreational purposes, here are a few practical tips that might help you choose wisely: 

  • Set goals and expectations for buying concentrates
  • Find a reputable cannabis dispensary for your advantage
  • Compare cannabis products based on quality, price, etc.
  • Consider the type of cannabis strain you’re buying
  • Read consumer reviews to know the experience ahead
  • Take advantage of product promos and discounts
  • Ask the budtender or physician for proper guidance
  • Always read the product labels and follow instructions
  • Shift from one concentrate to another if necessary


Is a live resin HIGH better?

Live resin can be more potent than shatter – so yes, the high from this cannabis concentrate may be better. But essentially, THC and CBD work differently for everyone. No matter how potent the product is, it will not give you an ideal experience if you’re uncomfortable with it. Still, between live resin and shatter, the former is often highly rated by experts and consumers.

Is live resin stronger than dabs?

Technically, yes. Live resin is more potent than dabs like shatter, although the latter may have higher THC content. This characteristic can be attributed to the presence of terpenes in the concentrate that produce an entourage effect. It enables a stronger effect of the psychoactive compound.

What is the difference between live resin and regular?

Live resin is extracted from freshly frozen whole cannabis plant matter, while the regular or cured resin is produced from trimmed and dried cannabis. There is also a significant difference between their effects since the extraction process has implications on the THC and CBD content and the terpene profile.

Does live resin make a difference?

Yes, the live resin can make a difference to your health and satisfaction. This product contains a certain amount of CBD and THC, which are therapeutic and psychoactive in nature. But how you use this concentrate will also largely determine your experience with it. Proper dosing is essential to ensure safe and effective administration.

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