Lamb’s Breath Strain Review


Ever wondered what it’s like to be like Rastafarian legend Bob Marley for a day? No, we’re serious. The guy’s no secret pothead, and his favourite strain — the Lamb’s Breath strain — might be right up your alley.

Lamb’s Breath is an almost wholly-Sativa hybrid that provides users with a long-lasting cerebral high. At more than 16% THC and 1% CBD, it packs an impressive cannabinoid profile one would expect from an icon’s favourite. Those seeking unparalleled energy boost will find these nugs perfect for their morning affairs.

We don’t know how exactly the strain was named, but honestly, who cares? Lambs Bread, Lambs Breath, Lambs…this Jamaica-native strain goes by many tags these days — choose one to your liking.

“Don’t worry about anything. Every little thing is going to be alright,” Marley says. With Lamb’s Bread within reach, it’s easy to place faith in the mantra. So let’s dive right into it.

Lamb’s Bread Strain: An Overview

To the people of Jamaica, the Lamb’s Bread strain needs to be introduced. Rumours have it that it’s one of Bob Marley’s favourite strains. And if there’s anything we know about this Rastafari legend and musical icon, it’s that he loves his weed above many things.

We’re 100% certain Marley’s got good taste. Lamb’s Breath is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that’s surprisingly almost wholly Sativa. With a 5:95 indica-sativa ratio, this strain encourages cerebral and uplifting effects ideal for smoking under the sunshine.

A few puffs in, and users report feeling euphoric, focused, and energized — ready to take on the strides of their days. This strain is beneficial for getting artists out of the rut.

Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself struggling to hold back from getting the grind on. This powerhouse marijuana produces an outstanding 16-21% THC content and CBD content greater than 1%. Expect to get a long-lasting high with fast onset.

Thanks to its unique cannabinoid content, this strain can be used as medical cannabis — particularly for patients suffering from chronic stress, anxiety, pain, and more. What’s great is that its effects do not affect the body at all, so you’re unlikely to feel couch-locked and lethargic when huffing this strain.

In terms of scent, Lambs Bread buds have an almost cheesy aroma accented with sweet cigarette overtones. The smells translate well into flavour, with potheads describing the taste as “spicy” and “danky.”

Genetics and Lineage

Though Lambs Bread has risen in notoriety, there’s still so much we don’t know about its origins. This marijuana strain has been around for quite some time now and is considered Jamaica’s most popular strain.

We know about Lamb’s Bread that its feminized seeds were brought to light by Yardie Seeds. Its actual genetics, however, remains a mystery. Some say that its parent is the pure Jamaican strain. Lamb’s breath seeds, luckily, aren’t difficult to acquire — unlike other similarly elusive nugs.

Flavour and Aroma

This cannabis strain reeks of aged cheese and skunk — a combination often associated with freshly-grown tobacco. To put it simply, the aroma of Lamb’s Bread is best described as cheesy and skunky.

Break open the dense and hardy buds and release a mix of citrus and spicy undertones. Some users even report smelling a little bit of dank and hash in there. 

Smell translates well to flavours with this cannabis hybrid. It’s quite a pungent smoke, though not as offensive as other strains. Unsurprisingly, “cheesy” takes the number one spot for most recognized flavour with Lamb’s Bread.

Though the pungency might put off some smokers, it’s balanced by a sweet and creamy smoke that’s almost uncharacteristic of its kind. Complex notes of pine and spice stick to the tongue and excite the taste bud. A smooth and delicate smoke rewards those who aren’t bothered by the occasional dank that comes along with it.

Bud Appearance

Lamb’s Bread nugs easily impress potheads in their vibrant green and protruding orange hairs for the canna-aesthetic. It makes up for its lack of unique tones and shades with a green that’s hard not to love. 

The nugs are covered with sticky, frosty trichomes that suggest rich production. The buds themselves are pretty large — dependent, of course, on production yield.


Like every Sativa cannabis strain, Lamb’s Bread induces an uplifting and energetic high that’s almost like a wake-up alarm. It’s an ideal marijuana strain for day use — on days when you need just that extra push or motivation to start it right.

The cannabis treads a fine line between tranquil and commanding; euphoric and focused; introspected and extroverted. Whatever the intended goal here is, rest assured that you’re getting a Sativa-experience that’s unparalleled.

When smoked, you’ll feel a heady rush of happiness and serenity that might leave you giggling for hours. It’s an excellent accompaniment for daytime brunches — just livin’, laughin’, and lovin’. Your happy little pill, you might even say.

Or you could turn to this cannabis for the calming clarity it brings. Vague ideas suddenly concretize, and now you’re able to focus on both the mundane and the imaginative. A few puffs are all it takes to tear down any creativity block you might be suffering from.

And life seems all too stressful, or when the grind sometimes takes its toll (as it will do) — huff one out. LB’s sativa high catalyzes deeper mental introspection to help you sort things out without fear of judgment or prejudice. Everything else, like creative self-expression or mental clarity, follows once you get a good grasp of your inner self.

Don’t be fooled, though. The lamb here isn’t the prey; it’s the predator. LB hits hard thanks to its relatively high THC and CBD content, capping at 21% for the former and 1% for the latter.

The strain’s effects tend to be instant — showing up almost without warning whatsoever. There’s no slowing down with this high-octane cannabinoid powerhouse. Enjoy hours and hours of Sativa simulation without feeling bogged down or couch-locked like you would with an indica solution.

Medical Uses of Lamb’s Bread

Lamb’s Breath is an effective medical marijuana option for patients seeking some respite due to its high THC and CBD content. From appetite loss to depression, this Sativa-dominant hybrid offers a myriad of amazing uses that honestly cannot be beaten.

Great for mood disorders

It should be no secret by now that this medical cannabis has uplifting properties that can turn your frown upside down. Patients suffering from depression, chronic stress, and mild anxiety can augment current prescription with Lamb’s Breath for double the mood-improving effect. LB is also great for other mental health issues like bipolar disorder.

Keep in mind that too much of one thing is never good. The same goes for this cannabis strain with its high THC content. Smoke a tad too much, and you might end up only worsening conditions like anxiety and PTSD. Consume wisely!

Boosts mental focus and clarity

With so many distractions in today’s internet age, it can be difficult (or sometimes downright impossible) to get things done at the right time. If you’re prone to a fleeting mind, Lamb’s Bread can help you get back on your two feet.

Generally speaking, Sativa strains significantly boost workday productivity by encouraging mental clarity. Because of this mind-focusing effect, Lamb’s Bread is also one of the go-to weeds for potheads with ADHD.

Boosts appetite

Appetite loss, alongside nausea, is one of cancer treatment’s most common side effects. For immunocompromised individuals, being “skinny” means you’re severely lacking in the nutrients needed to help you combat the disease. Lamb’s Bread can help with this life worry.

This strain helps those fighting the big C win the war by stimulating the appetite and aiding digestion. It’s also a great way to give cancer and HIV/AIDS patients the energy boost they need to make it through whatever treatment they’re undergoing.

Great for chronic pain

Those who suffer from conditions such as arthritis and inflammation know how annoying (or debilitating) chronic pain can be. Though it may not cure the illness itself, LB cannabis offers unparalleled relief that makes the blaze worth it.

Another essential thing to note is that the strain is no substitute for prescription pills. If you plan to use them as or with medication, remember to seek professional medical advice, so you’re not trotting down the unsafe path.

Side Effects of Lamb’s Bread

Just as it takes away your worries, Lamb’s Bread may also be the source of them. The Sativa hybrid’s above-average cannabinoid content – mainly in psychoactive THC – can cause side effects.

Some of the common side effects associated with smoking Lambs Breath include:

  • dry mouth (or cottonmouth)
  • bloodshot, red eyes
  • increased blood pressure
  • heightened anxiety and paranoia
  • headaches, dizziness, nausea

If you’re not used to hard-hitters, you can always build your tolerance. To do so, work your way up the canna-ladder with either less potent strains or smaller doses. Remember to do so incrementally and watch how your body and mind react with each increasing dose.

Lamb’s Bread Growing Information and Tips

Lamb’s Bread makes an excellent choice for past-the-amateur-stage growers looking to expand their repertoire. The plant is moderately challenging to cultivate and grow, so you’ll need some professional experience to back you up on this one.

Sativas, in general, are known for their branching bodies that stretch far and wide and reach THC head highs. Though Lamb’s Bread is almost a purely Sativa strain, its plants are pretty short and compact. As long as you’re meeting nutrient and climate requirements, this marijuana strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

As mentioned earlier, Lamb’s Bread originates from the equatorial island of Jamaica. Growers will want to replicate the hot climate in Jamaica to ensure their yields are worth the effort. LB appreciates significant sun exposure, abundant rainfall, and high temperatures throughout the growing season.

If you live in the colder regions of Canada, chances are your marijuana seeds will not blossom optimally. Luckily, LB can be grown indoors — so long as you can replicate the equatorial nature of its origin country.

Another good thing about growing Lamb’s Bread is that the strain’s pretty resistant against common pests like spider mite. It’s also resistant to powdery mildew, downing it easy for those who don’t want that extra headache. That being said, it never hurts to check on your growing plant once every while to see if lurkers are hanging around those branches.

Growers will find sizable yield ready for harvest by early October — that’s about eight (8) weeks from seedling to flowering. The yield size for this cannabis sits at the above-average marks, slightly more than similar flowers of its kind. Of course, you’ll get better results with better conditions and expert handling.

Where to Buy Lamb’s Breath Cannabis Strains

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Lamb’s Breath Strain Review: Conclusion

A Bob Marley favourite, a Jamaican sensation, and today, a Sativa marijuana strain continues to surprise the world. It’s no surprise that the Lamb’s Breath strain holds an exalted status within the marijuana community. There’s much to gush about.

Those looking for a Sativa strain that’s equally hard-hitting and uplifting will find Lamb’s Bread to be the prime (and perhaps only) choice. However, a heady, instantaneous onset that goes and goes should come as no surprise to those already well-acquainted with this potent one.

We don’t want to spoil all the good stuff to you — but we highly recommend that you blaze one out under the tropical sunshine. Or at home during the winter, for when you’re missing summertime clarity. Either way, Lamb’s Breath makes an excellent medical marijuana option to combat the blues.

Order Lamb’s Breath today at The Herb Centre and experience the kind of high immortalized by the legend Bob Marley himself. And while you’re at it, check out other flowers we offer at The Herb Centre. Who knows — you might be inspired enough to come up with a reggaeton tune yourself?

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