How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System

Cannabis consumption is already part of daily life for many people who enjoy its euphoric and therapeutic effects. The herb has been around for centuries, but the legality for commercial use has only been accepted recently. At this time, the market for this product is constantly growing, hitting billions of dollars each year. Users primarily seek the amazing effects of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, which are beyond the power of traditional drugs and supplements. But as you consider joining the craze, one vital thing to understand is how long weed stays in your system. 

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Like other substances you take, cannabinoids remain detectable in your body for a certain period. They interact with the endocannabinoid system, thereby producing the desired effects. But multiple factors at play affect how long THC stays in the system before it disappears. Some studies suggest that the compound could even appear on a marijuana drug test weeks or months after your last consumption, which also alarms consumers. Generally, commercial and medical marijuana products are deemed safe, but how you use them can make or break your experience. As your guide, we discuss here the lifespan of cannabis in the human system.

What’s in Cannabis?

Some people know that cannabis can produce high and offer some therapeutic relief but do not necessarily understand why. As a smart consumer, you need to be aware that this plant contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD), and other cannabinoids. These compounds are extracted from the herb to create different varieties of marijuana products that are now sold on the market. Oils, tinctures, vapes, edibles, flowers, and more are available for everyone who’s looking to enjoy the effects and health benefits of cannabis. 

But the story doesn’t stop the moment you experience euphoria and relief from stress, anxiety, depression, and other medical conditions. You should also consider how long the compounds will stay in your system and the possible implications. If it stays there for a few days, will it show up on your drug test? The short answer is ” it is possible.” Scientific findings show that Delta 8 THC and 9 THC can potentially generate a positive result in a drug test, depending on several factors.

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System?

Here’s the gist: cannabinoids may be detected in your bodily fluids for 1-30 days after last use. If you use the substance daily, THC may be present in your hair follicle for several months. The detection of this compound depends on the dosage and the frequency of consumption. Longer detection time is often associated with higher doses and more frequent cannabis intake. Other factors include THC concentration, metabolism, and hydration of users. 

Research shows that weed might be detected in your system for up to 90 days after consumption. The duration depends on the factors enumerated below:

  • Frequency of Use: The more frequent the cannabis consumption, the longer the cannabinoids might stay in your system.
  • Potency and Delivery Method: Highly potent THC might stay in your system longer than the weaker variants. The same holds true when cannabis is orally ingested compared with other delivery methods. 
  • Genetics: Some individuals have a higher metabolism, which reduces the detection time of the substance in the system. On the contrary, it stays longer for those with lower metabolism levels. 
  • Gender: Cannabinoids might stay longer in female bodies than males because they have higher body fat levels, resulting in a slower metabolism. 
  • Body Mass Index: If you have more body fat, it’s likely that THC might stay longer in your system. Those with lower BMIs have less capacity to retain the substance for longer. 

Detection Time of Cannabis via Drug Testing

If you want to know whether THC is still present in your system, you can submit yourself to drug testing. There are various samples that may be used for this purpose. Each one has a specific detection time. Once you’re aware of the possible results, you can surely be guided on what to do. Here’s what the scientific findings show: 

  • Blood Sample: Cannabis may stay in your system for around 1-2 days among average users. Habitual consumers might take up to 25 days to retain THC metabolites and have positive results through blood tests.
  • Hair Sample: Hair tests may detect THC in the hair follicles for up to 90 days after the last use. The sample may render a false positive in a hair test when your hair accidentally comes in contact with secondhand marijuana smoke.
  • Saliva Sample: It might take 24 to 72 hours before cannabis disappears via saliva tests. Drivers usually undertake these tests. 
  • Urine Sample: Urine tests may detect marijuana for a few days to several weeks after your last use. 

Note: The detection time varies not only according to samples taken from the user. The frequency of substance use is also a significant factor influencing how long cannabis may be detected in your system. 

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How Long Does It Take to Metabolize Cannabis?

When you ingest or smoke cannabis, THC is absorbed by the bloodstream and then temporarily stored in organs and fatty tissues. The substance eventually reaches the liver, where it’s broken down. Over 100 metabolites are present there, but there are significant ones that process specific cannabinoids. If a drug test is carried out, the goal is to look for such metabolites which remain in your body longer than THC. This compound is usually excreted in urine and stool, and the duration depends on the frequency of cannabis use. Frequent consumption is associated with a higher baseline concentration of THC metabolites, which means more prolonged metabolism of cannabis. 

Can You Metabolize Cannabis Faster?

Since the frequency of use is a major factor in how long cannabis stays in your system, you can decide how often you consume THC, which could influence drug test results. But metabolism is a natural bodily process, so you cannot do much to speed up the amount of time to metabolize THC and make it disappear in your system sooner. Once the substance enters your body, there’s a specific time when it is broken down. Nevertheless, there are some ways to help hasten the process, such as exercising, staying hydrated, and eating healthy foods. 

Effects and Potential Health Benefits

There are different cannabis strains, each with unique THC and CBD contents. If you pick a higher THC variety, you’ll get euphoric since it’s a psychoactive compound, while pure CBD products offer therapeutic effects. So, have you chosen your favorite yet? Whatever that is, the delivery method has something to do with how long it takes to experience the effects. For example, smoking offers instant effects, while eating edibles delivers effects that are a bit delayed yet last longer. To set your expectations straight, here are the typical effects and potential benefits of cannabis products: 

  • Altered senses and perception
  • Changes in mood and energy levels
  • Relief from stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Improves sleep patterns
  • Affects memory and thinking patterns

Interestingly, cannabis consumption isn’t all about a pleasant experience. The risk of side effects or drug abuse cannot be ruled out, especially since some users tend to overindulge in this product. You might experience dry mouth, red eyes, and paranoia when you exceed your tolerance level. It’s also possible for THC to appear on your drug test. Consult your marijuana doctor if necessary. 

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Disclaimer: This article does not serve as a substitute for actual scientific findings or any advisory from the state’s Food and Drug agencies. It is also not meant to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Consumer discretion is advised. 

Why Is Proper Dosing Very Important?

You should know what’s enough for you. That pertains to proper dosing of any cannabis product since it affects your whole experience. The baseline is your tolerance level must be determined at the outset. You need to take a smaller dosage and gradually increase it until you find your sweet spot. As you regularly consume cannabis, your tolerance builds up, so increasing the dosage might be necessary to experience the desired effects. You may also reset your tolerance level by taking a break. But no matter what, proper dosing is key to having the best experience without the risk of adverse reactions. 

What’s the Best Way to Consume Cannabis?

If you want to enjoy the maximum benefits of cannabis without compromising other things, the workaround is to consume the product in moderation. But it also depends on your needs. Some people love to use marijuana daily as it helps them cope with stress, anxiety, and other medical conditions. Others prefer to consume marijuana occasionally or only when the need arises. You surely have your own reason for using THC. So if drug tests don’t matter at all, you can take marijuana anytime you want. It always depends on consumer discretion. How frequently you consume cannabis remains your choice. Remember that what’s good for you doesn’t have to be for others. Try our High Voltage Extracts Live Resin for an incredible experience!

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The Bottom Line!

How long weed stays in your system is essential to cannabis consumption. Once you’re aware of it, you can influence your drug test results depending on a chosen sample. In summary, here are the significant factors that you should take into account as you determine how long marijuana registers on a drug screening:

  • Amount of THC in a cannabis product
  • Choice of consumption, such as smoking or oral ingestion
  • Dosage and frequency of use
  • Metabolism rate and excretion routes 
  • Sensitivity and specificity of the test
  • Gender, body mass index, genetics, hydration level, and overall health

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How long does weed stay in your system through urine tests?

THC and other cannabinoids from the hemp plant can be detected in your urine sample up to several weeks after the last use. But the duration is also dependent upon other factors, such as the potency of cannabis, metabolism, and frequency of use. 

How long does THC from one smoke session stay in your system?

If you’re using a cannabis product to smoke for only one session, the cannabinoid contents absorbed in your body may not last long. Usually, it would only take 1-3 days for the substance to be detected using an appropriate sample. 

How long does weed stay in your system after a couple of puffs?

Cannabis can stay in your system for a few days after you consume a couple of puffs. But again, how your body metabolizes the substance will affect how long it can be detected using specific samples. 

How long does it take to pass a urine test?

It largely depends on how frequently you consume a cannabis product. Perhaps a few days or weeks are needed to pass a urine test. That’s the typical duration of weed being present in a urine sample. But your metabolism also has something to do with the results. 

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