Cheap Wholesale Shatter Canada – Buying Guide


If you’re searching for the best wholesale shatter prices in Canada this year, then look no further. Our comprehensive guide can lead you to credible top-quality shatter suppliers in Canada at the most reasonable prices today. And after you go through the stuff we prepared just for you, you’ll be able to buy shatter online in Canada in bulk without costing an arm and a leg. So let’s start!


What is Shatter?

First, it’s always recommended to quickly run through the basics, especially before looking for shatter bulk Canada packs. Why? Well, for one, you need to know your product before you build a business selling them. Otherwise, how do you expect customers to trust you if they can’t even get quick, intelligent answers to their most straightforward questions? Besides, getting to know the ins and outs of running a local shatter business, from production to distribution and consumption, requires significant knowledge of the different shatter variety packs in Canada today.


So let’s start with the what — Shatter is what’s popularly known as a concentrate. Today, other Canadian groups also call this particular type of cannabis product a distillate. It’s extracted from marijuana and hemp. And it goes through a certain process, which we’ll talk about in more detail later in this guide. An excellent example of a top-quality shatter product in Canada at reasonable prices this 2022 is Sunset Sherbert, one of our top picks today.


Marijuana vs Hemp — What’s the Difference?

If you’re new to the world of cannabis, then you should be able to distinguish the most salient differences between marijuana and hemp. After all, you’re advised to start your shatter business by targeting a specific group of customers. So let’s say you know that your ideal customer base consists of 20 to 60-year old Canadians who want to use shatter for their particular recreational, medical and therapeutic needs. But do you know which type of shatter they want and can give them the benefits they’re looking for?


Okay, so marijuana and hemp are breeds of the cannabis family of plants. And to provide the most detailed description possible about the distinction between these two breeds, this classification is mainly based on the THC content present in each breed. If its THC is 0.3% or below, then it’s hemp. Otherwise, it’s marijuana.


What is THC?

THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol. No, this isn’t something synthetic that’s cooked in a laboratory. Instead, this is an organic, naturally occurring compound in cannabis plants. As mentioned, there are many others, such as CBD (cannabidiol) and terpenes, to name a few.


Centuries of anecdotal records, backed up by modern scientific research studies, indicate that THC causes psychoactive effects when consumed through smoking, vaping or ingesting. That’s because many of the organic compounds in these breeds of cannabis plants interact with the human CNS (central nervous system). And when THC does this, psychoactive effects ranging from intense concentration and bouts of creative inspiration to mild hallucinations and psychedelic episodes are continuing to be reported in historical and modern-day anecdotes, as well as in the results of clinical tests constantly performed up to this day across lots of laboratories in and around Canada.


What is CBD?

As briefly mentioned earlier, CBD stands for cannabidiol. This is another naturally occurring organic compound in marijuana and hemp.


The primary difference that many Canadians are aware of today between CBD and THC is that the former doesn’t cause any psychoactive effect when interacting with the human CNS. And this is also the main reason why many products in the country’s cannabis industry this year are infused with higher levels of CBD along with just trace amounts of THC, such as CBD oils, lotions, edibles and the like. Plus, these products are usually infused with concentrates extracted from hemp rather than marijuana.


What Are Terpenes?

Fairly recently, lots of Canada’s medical experts and scientific researchers, as well as many cannabis-loving groups in the country today, are starting to pay more attention to terpenes. And we advise you should, too, before searching for suppliers with the best wholesale shatter prices in Canada this 2022.


Terpenes are also found in marijuana and hemp. These are also organic, naturally occurring compounds in these cannabis plants. But to clarify, terpenes aren’t only found in cannabis. Instead, many if not most plants and even animals have this compound.


Now think about the aroma of cannabis plants, be it hemp or marijuana, or any group under each of these breeds, such as cannabis Sativa and cannabis Indica. Now terpenes are responsible for that aroma. And, lots of the groups mentioned above are trying to learn more about the direct and lateral effects of terpenes for relaxing the body and mind, similar to the other organic products used in aromatherapy.


So since a few years ago, research groups in various scientific laboratories and many medical professionals all around Canada started extracting the components of the sheen that you can see covering the leaves of marijuana and hemp. This is where concentrated amounts of terpenes are found. And this is also why many producers of shatter variety packs in Canada include the leaves of their crops and their buds for processing.


What is Sativa?

As a friendly reminder, we’re still in the portion of our guide to buy shatter by bulk in Canada, where we’re learning the core fundamentals of shatter. And, we’re going to talk now about Sativa.


Like what we described earlier, Sativa is a group under the marijuana and hemp breeds of cannabis plants. So if you’ve come across products saying things like “infused with CBD and THC from Sativa strains” while looking to buy $10 shatter in Canada, then you should, of course, know what they are before you try to sell it.


Sativa strains are particular marijuana and hemp plants under the cannabis Sativa group. These are known to cause a stronger mind high than a body high. Many Canadian cannabis enthusiasts, medical professionals and research scientists across the country say the particular effects of this mind high include relief from stress and fatigue, creative inspiration, focused motivation and intense concentration. Others say they experience very mild hallucinations and other psychedelic effects time and again when they take Sativa strains, especially if the product has high levels of THC.


What is Indica?

Even if you’ve already found, say, $20 shatter in Canada, the likelihood of your business focusing on serving a niche group of shatter consumers in the country significantly goes down if you don’t know the distinct differences between Sativa and Indica. So to help you avoid this problem, here’s our quick, straightforward description of what Indica is and how it affects you:


Indica is another group of hemp and marijuana plants. Strains from this group are known to cause stronger body high, and much milder mind high than Sativa strains when used. The same Canadians mentioned earlier say this body high primarily consists of relief from stress, fatigue, physical pains and discomfort.


Others say they use Indica strains and infused products like edibles to help treat their insomnia. Meanwhile, some use these Indica strains for managing appetite loss due to their physiological conditions.


Cheap Wholesale Shatter Prices in Canada for Top Quality Products This 2022

And now we go to the meat and potatoes of this guide. Let’s quickly go through a list of Canada’s top 5 cheapest wholesale shatter prices as of this writing. Our thorough research plus the months we spent interviewing lots of Canadian start-ups in the country’s cannabis industry helped us produce this list:


  • 390 CAD per ounce of Nug-Run shatter, plus available discount coupon as of this writing
  • 400 CAD per ounce, with the option to combine any of the currently available mid-tier quality strains
  • 450 CAD per ounce of shatter, made from any of 20 top-shelf quality strains
  • 450 to 525 CAD per ounce of premium branded quality strains, plus the option to mix and match
  • 560 CAD per ounce of premium AAA shatter


These are the best prices of shatter by bulk in Canada this year. Many start-ups in the country’s cannabis industry that operate eCommerce stores say they’re continuing to generate promising bottom-line results from using these wholesale offers for their shatter variety packs.


What is Nug-Run Shatter?

So now, let’s talk about the different types of the cheapest wholesale shatter products listed earlier. First is nug-run shatter. This refers to a particular type of concentrate extracted just from the buds of a marijuana or hemp plant.


For your reference, “nug” is what many cannabis lovers around the country today call the flower or buds of these plants. And this is also where the largest concentrations of naturally occurring compounds like CBD and THC are found. So chances are, many of these nug-run products have high levels of THC.


Strain & Shatter Quality Types — What’s the Real Deal Here?

Meanwhile, you’re advised to get to know certain labels currently used today for distinguishing strain quality. Do this before deciding on this wholesale shatter prices buying guide. You’ll be able to make a more informed decision for the mutual benefit of your ideal customers and your business.


So there’s low, mid-tier, top shelf, premium branded and premium AAA. We’re betting you’d likely encounter more as you continue to shop around Canada’s cannabis markets today.


We recommend you take a step back and think about this first. Is it possible for all cannabis stores and eCommerce shops to classify shatter products and strains accurately based on overall quality? They’d have to be seasoned veteran cannabis consumers with expert scientific knowledge and perceptive social insight, wouldn’t they?


Considering those things, we’ll give you a brief description of the most common labels for shatter and strains mentioned earlier. There are low-tier quality shatter products, which many dispensaries claim are extracted from leafier than usual hemp and marijuana strains. On the other hand, mid-tier shatter refers to concentrates derived from hybrid plants with lower than usual Sativa percentages, i.e. Even good quality Indica-dominant strains they say need a little bit higher concentrations of Sativa than what’s commonly found in these mid-tier products.


On the other hand, top-shelf shatter refers to products infused with distillates extracted from hybrid, Indica and Sativa-dominant marijuana and hemp plants that have been grown under strict, organic industry-standard processes, equipment tools and labour. This is also the case with premium branded and AAA shatter products, with the main difference being they carry the grower’s brand as a seal of quality. For example, Ghost Train Haze is among Canada’s best top-quality shatter products today, which got the most significant number of votes from the cannabis lovers who helped us develop this guide.


What to Look Out for When Searching for the Best Wholesale Shatter Variety Packs in Canada This 2022

So first thing to remember, quality isn’t always defined by price. For example, there are many instances why $10 shatter in Canada could be more beneficial for a specific group of consumers than the more expensive varieties. But there are, of course, situations where products like $20 shatter in Canada can provide more value to another group of consumers. The point is, don’t fixate too much on the relationship between price and overall quality. Keep in mind that your customers are in the best and only position to judge whether or not your shatter products give them the value they want for the price they expect to pay.


After making sure to prioritize what your ideal customers want and the money they’re willing to pay for these benefits, the second thing to keep in mind is the credibility of your shortlisted suppliers and producers. This relates to their capacity to provide you with wholesale shatter products infused with the quality you want at the price you’re willing to invest.


To do this, check if they’ve been issued valid certifications and licenses by Canada’s local, federal and national government units responsible for this stuff. These include certificates for compliance with industry standards for growing, cultivating, processing, packing, storing and distributing their cannabis products across your target areas in the country.


Third, don’t forget that shatter by bulk in Canada is still made of concentrates or distillates. And these are still extracted from marijuana and hemp breeds of various strains. With this, you’re likely to get valuable details when you look closer at recent reviews and ratings left by other Canadian consumers, not just for your shortlisted wholesale shatter products but also the other stuff the same stores are selling.


For example, if some of your shortlisted shatter products in a certain store are made out of concentrates derived from particular strains, then you can also check out ratings and reviews left by others for products made from the same strains.


Fourth, you’re advised to test out other cannabis products in the same stores and eCommerce platforms. Of course, focus on those made out of the same strains as the shatter products in their inventory that you’re interested in. And prioritize strains and shatter products with top ratings and reviews.


An excellent way to test the quality of a strain is to carefully inspect products made out of the strains you want for your wholesale shatter packs. And you can do this by going with their weed products that come as packs of fresh buds. If the store has a physical storefront, you’re advised to go there and inspect these products. Otherwise, check out pictures before you buy some for evaluation purposes.


That’s because second to using it, you’re recommended to consider appearance and aroma when trying to determine the quality of a strain. In most cases, buds with bright green and purple colours are a high-quality harvest. Meanwhile, those that smell sour, pungent and fresh are also of high quality.


Earthy aromas are fine, just as long as they don’t smell anything like they were kept in a damp cupboard. According to many expert Canadian growers, those that smell more like fertilizers than fresh buds should also be avoided.


Meanwhile, they also said harvests that appear yellow, brown and red are products that you’re advised to steer clear from. Even if the strains were grown outdoors, they should still look fresh with vibrant green and purple colours to a certain extent, despite any tanning caused by being exposed to sunlight for long periods.


Doing this will allow you to spend a few bucks to test out the strains your shortlisted stores and eCommerce shops use for the shatter products in their inventory that you want. For example, you can first go with their $10 shatter or $20 shatter deals in Canada today instead of spending, say, $400 or so to buy their shatter variety packs in Canada at their wholesale shatter prices 2022.


Fifth, take careful note of the effects you feel after using the products you bought for your tests. That’s because you’ll need to assess these products not based on your personal preferences, but most importantly, for what your ideal customers want. For example, if most of your ideal customers prefer stronger body high than mind high, then shatter products that would likely be right for them are those made out of concentrates derived from top quality Indica-dominant strains with trace amounts of THC and high levels of CBD.


As you might have expected before you started going through this guide to the best wholesale shatter prices in Canada this year, we’ll be delving deeper into business development and marketing. This is to help you increase the likelihood of your start-up business achieving the results that you want early on, all while avoiding many if not most of the common pitfalls involved in running a commercial venture across Canada’s cannabis industry today. So let’s start!


How to Choose the Best Shatter Wholesale Offers in Canada This Year

Keep in mind getting the cheapest wholesale shatter prices in Canada doesn’t necessarily mean you’re also getting the best deals out there today for your business. After all, there are many more factors that need careful thought to ensure that a business hits its intended targets. So let’s go through this quick list of tactical steps that can help you optimize your business even before you start stocking up your shelves with the most suitable shatter products at the correct prices for your ideal customers.


Step 1. Develop a Current Supply and Demand Market Profile for Your Products


You need to perform market research. This includes data collection and analytics. And you must do this before you go and buy shatter online in Canada by bulk for your business.


Why? Well, of course, you need to identify the current supply and demand situation for the products that you intend to sell in your target local markets. Is there more supply than demand, or the other way around?


If there’s significantly more supply than demand, that usually means both wholesale and retail prices go down. The reason is lots of suppliers are competing against each other and want to sell their wholesale products quickly. In turn, retailers get access to better wholesale deals, leading to cheaper prices for their products when they sell them to Canadian consumers across their target areas.


Meanwhile, when demand is a lot higher than existing supply, retail and wholesale shatter prices in Canada are likely more expensive than usual. That’s because there’s a good chance that a lot more resources are needed to gather any required raw component, equipment and specialized labour for producing the product. And in most cases, there are also harder to overcome challenges, such as acquiring necessary licenses and permits.


And by having a reasonably accurate supply and demand market profile for the products you want your business to sell, you’ll be able to improve your product development and marketing campaigns. This can significantly affect the other layers of your business operations, i.e. From business development, product ideation, cost estimation and pricing, down to the packaging, marketing, storage and distribution or delivery and after-sales campaigns.


Step 2. Create an Ideal Customer Profile for Your Business


Even if you’re able to access shatter by bulk in Canada at the cheapest prices in the market today, a business that doesn’t know what its target customers want is unlikely to achieve its target bottom-line results. A reason for this is, of course, you aren’t probably going to sell too much if the majority of your target customers don’t find any value in your product, especially as it isn’t designed to give them the benefits that they want.


More so, you have even worse chances of attaining your targets if you’re developing your brand and product creation plans along with your marketing messages for the wrong customers. Remember, a mismatch in what you’re selling, who you’re selling it to and how you’re selling to them can have disastrous effects on the sustainability of your business and the projected returns of your investments.


Step 3. Customize Your Product Development, Marketing Messages, distribution Systems and After-Sales Tactics for Your Ideal Customers


And, we’re now at the central section of this cheap wholesale shatter prices buying guide for the Canadian market. That’s because this is where you need to correctly use the data in your supply-demand and ideal customer profiles to improve your product development strategies.


Remember, your supply-demand profile, in tandem with your ideal customer data, can help you identify the best producers in the country today that can offer you the right deals at the best prices for your target end customer. This processing pipeline makes up the core of a robust product development plan.


Data can also considerably help you craft your marketing messages and promotional tactics to best suit your business and target customers. Generally speaking, the right marketing messages positioned in the right places where your ideal customers spend time to look for or talk about relevant stuff are proven strategies to entice many of them to take a closer look at your brand and products.


So you get a much better chance to compel many of your ideal customers to buy your shatter products from your eCommerce store or physical storefront. That’s because, through your data, you’ll be able to develop the right shatter products with the most suitable prices for them and to also clearly communicate the right marketing messages to quickly explain the benefits they can expect from using your products.


On the other hand, your distribution or delivery systems and after-sales tactics all play significant roles in the sustainability of your shatter business. Remember, making it quicker, easier, cheaper and more straightforward for your business to put your products in the hands of your customers won’t just help you sell more. Instead, you’ll get effective word-of-mouth advertising results. That’d be from your existing customers frequently talking to their peers about their experience dealing with your business for the shatter products they want. Remember, as minds think alike, and also spend time talking about stuff that’s relevant to them. And, most of them do this quite regularly in the same online and offline places.


Besides, providing good after-sales support allows you to inform your existing customers about a variety of promos, deals and new products at any point in the future. So this, in turn, can generate significant repeat sales margins for your shatter business.


Cost-Effective Techniques for Your Shatter Business in Canada This Year

And after doing all that stuff in the previous section of this wholesale shatter prices in Canada buying guide for 2022, your next big step is to determine the most cost-effective ways of promoting your shatter products across your ideal niche customer markets. Now here are the most recommended techniques of the start-up leaders we interviewed for the past several months regarding this topic:


  1. Use the data that you gathered from the previous section of this guide. This is to identify the places all around the Web where your ideal customers congregate and talk about relevant stuff to your brand, business and shatter products. These include websites, blogs, search engines like Google and Bing, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and other similar mobile apps. But doing this won’t just help you determine where you need to position your brand and marketing messages through enticing content and compelling ads. Instead, you’ll be able to improve and update the information in your target customer profile along with your shatter supply-demand profile. That’s because you’ll also get to know the things that they’re talking about at the very moment you do this.
  2. Please take careful note of how they talk and comment about each other’s posts and shared content across those Web platforms, social media communities and mobile apps. That’s because you’ll be able to get more helpful insights and perspectives on how to strategically formulate your marketing messages, promotional content and ads when you do this.
  3. Consider signing up at credible affiliate management platforms. Only focus on those that accept merchants (businesses) and affiliates (partner publishers and advertisers) in Canada’s cannabis industry. More so, take a closer look at those with local licenses, certifications and permits issued by the Canadian government to operate an affiliate management service for the country’s cannabis businesses publishers and advertisers. This is a cost-effective way to promote your shatter products across the networks and communities of your soon-to-be partner publishers and advertisers.


We hope all the stuff you learned from this wholesale shatter prices in Canada buying guide for 2022 can significantly improve your chances for success with your shatter business. But more importantly, we hope the tips and strategies we shared can enable you to buy shatter online in Canada by bulk that would be perfect for your customers.

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