Cannabis-Infused Hard Candy – How to Make Cannabis Lollipops


Are you trying to figure out how to make some delicious weed candy from the comfort of your own home?

For the longest time, you’ve probably lived through the same cycle when it came to all things cannabis. You would either smoke a joint or vape a bowl, maybe sink into a couch-lock high due to you consuming a THC oil-based alcohol tincture, and certainly eat through a few packets of organic sugar sweets in the hours that followed after smoking a joint or sublingually ingesting a cannabis tincture. The highs you would get from smoking a joint or consuming an alcohol-based tincture hit very instantaneously, within only a few minutes of consumption. It would depend upon how much tincture you consume at once with an alcohol tincture, but you get the idea. Alongside the almost instant high you get, you will also be hit with a few different tastes and sensations as you exhale, allowing you to experience joy out of this world.

Cannabis Tincture and Joints

However, all these sensations above and traits are limited to joints or bottles of cannabis tinctures. If you were to go ahead and try out for yourself some weed edibles, you would be going through an entirely different experience, as well as sensations, then what you would expect from a joint or cannabis tincture. That is because weed candy isn’t precisely a cannabis product that replaces traditional consumption methods, such as vapes, joints, and a cannabis tincture. Instead, if you were to consume cannabis edibles, you would feel a far more potent effect. It would be much in the realm of a full sensory experience which is a whole another universe, when you compare it to joints or a bottle of cannabis tincture. The high you would get after consuming cannabis hard candy would last for several hours with varying effects depending upon the infused oil, whether the cannabis oil that was infused was purely THC or if the infused oil had other cannabinoids mixed in there as well.

Some of the most common side effects you can come to expect from consuming cannabis hard candy are some randomly timed uncontrollable laughing fits, a slightly higher degree of appreciation for blankets, and maybe a powerful urge to empty all of the food in your fridge that is if you could get yourself up off the couch, to begin with.

Edibles can come in various forms, such as THC candies, cookies, gummies, and cannabis hard candy. All of them are a very suitable alternative for anyone not looking to smoke to get the beneficial effects of cannabis. They also make for the perfect adult party treats, with some partygoers even being known for stealing entire bowls of edibles on their way out, granted they are not high enough not to find their way out the door. With these edibles being perfectly legal in many places around the world, they are pretty readily available to buy or make at home. However, be sure not to mix up your bowl of candies when Halloween comes around, as no matter how legal the candy is, you will most certainly be charged with a felony.

When you think of cannabis hard candy, you probably think of all the bright-coloured packaging and the extensive range of flavours that make your mouth effortlessly water right within the store or dispensary in which you are browsing the products. However, it’s pretty unfortunate that we have to be at the mercy of these dispensaries vending whenever we want a bite of delicious cannabis hard candy. What if we’re craving a taste, but it’s late at night, The dispensaries are closed, or if the dispensary itself is out of the product we are desperately trying to get our hands-on? What then?

Well, friends, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t need to wholeheartedly rely on your nearest hard candy vendor as it doesn’t take an expert at a factory to make those products. All of the various flavours of hard candy can be replicated at home with the help of one or more cannabis candy recipes and a candy mould if you are making candy. Suppose you are not making candy and instead choose to make cannabis lollipops, or something similar, much in the same way as the candy-making procedure. In that case, weed lollipops will also require similar things like cannabis lollipop recipe and lollipop moulds. However, unlike the candy-making process, weed lollipops also need lollipop sticks to allow the cannabis-infused lollipops to be held, aside from the typical lollipops recipe and Lollipop moulds, which are the only respective ingredients you would need to make any other form of cannabis hard candies.

When you look at a hard candy recipe, at the face of it, you might think that the candy recipe is best left to the professionals in a kitchen as there are all kinds of requirements from canna oil, cannabutter, coconut oil, food colouring such as sunflower lecithin or some citric acid for a lemon flavour, and whatnot, it all seems a little chaotic and pit of reach. However, if you don’t look at the hard candy recipe as an impossible task to complete and begin to take steps to make the hard candy, you’ll find it to be a straightforward process. With the help of this cannabis education article regarding hard candies, you’ll be making world-class hard candy in no time.

How To Make Hard Candy From Your Kitchen

Though, as previously mentioned, it is a straightforward process, it isn’t something people usually think of making at home in this day and age. While an excellent hard candy recipe won’t require a lot of technique to make the hard candy, you would need some special equipment such as a candy thermometer and a fair bit of room to move around within the kitchen. However, following a few simple steps will ensure the entire process of making the cannabis hard candies is streamlined and easy to carry out.

Where To Start

At its core, the production of candy takes the form of sugar, melting that sugar while also removing any liquids that it perhaps had been mixed with. As the sugar proceeds to melt, the sucrose molecules within the sugar, regardless of whether it is granulated sugar, powdered sugar, or any other form of it, begins to break apart and eventually leads to the production of something people with a sweet tooth are all too familiar with, caramel.

Different types of sweets are made by altering the melted powdered sugar if you initially chose or simply adding multiple other ingredients to it. For example, adding sugar to filtered water at its boiling point in a medium saucepan might make you a different form of hard candies when compared to what you would get from adding regular butter for cannabutter, as that would give you a candy more in the realm of caramel candies, or caramel cannabis candies if you went with the latter form of butter. However, if you were to subject molten sugar to a centrifugal force, you would have made yourself some delicious cotton candy.

The most common method of making hard candies is the boiling mentioned above water method. Different temperatures can give you different results, such as medium-high heat giving you a hard candy with a certain degree of hardness. Once you hit your desired temperature, which you can check with a candy thermometer, you can take the resulting mixture and drop it into hard candy moulds. The candy moulds are what give hard candies all their unique shape. While this might sound simple enough, and it is, you do need to know a few tips to avoid some of the amateur mistakes people make when making hard candies.

Add Corn Syrup To The Mix

When you melt sugar, there is a very high chance that the molecules within the melted sugar will end up binding together to make a crystalline structure. While that may sound amazing if you are about to make yourself some hard candies, it is not what you should be looking for. Those crystals, as mentioned above, will quickly convert into a grainy form of sugar crystals that have a very gritty texture to them, nothing at all in resemblance to what your sugar syrup originally started with.

So how do you prevent sucrose molecules from binding on to each other? Well, the answer might not sound anything like what you anticipated. Still, the recipe calls for another form of sugar added to your candy mixture, which is known as corn syrup, specifically around less than one cup of organic light corn syrup for most use cases. While it might not seem helpful initially, the starchy corn syrup, which is glucose-based, has much smaller molecules than even the sucrose molecules found in the granulated form of sugar. This corn syrup helps prevent the original sucrose molecules from being bound together as they initially would have by simply getting in their way as it is a lot smaller. Sugar and corn syrup are two things you didn’t expect to mix, especially when you set out to make cannabis hard candy.

The best part about using corn syrup is that you don’t use too much of it to prevent the sucrose molecules from binding to one another, as previously mentioned, as all you will need is two-thirds of a cup. Light corn syrup is needed in such small amounts when you make cannabis hard candy that some recipes would only have you use around a tablespoon. If you like the taste of it, you can go ahead and throw in a little more corn syrup as it won’t be hurting the candy mixture, and it would also prove to be better since more corn syrup would lead to a lot less of the sucrose molecules binding to one another.

While you can go ahead and use corn syrup, as we have recommended, do note that you can use some other things as well, such as the likes of pure glucose, honey, and inverted sugar. However, corn syrup would be the best course of action for cannabis candies due to its availability and ease of use. Despite it being one of, if not, the best options for making cannabis candy, it would not hurt to try and play around with some of the other options mentioned, or if you are feeling especially rowdy, even mixing and matching some of the different substitutes within the same mixture. However, we can’t tell you, for sure, what that would end up looking like. Also, it might be essential to mention that corn syrup, more often than not, provides the best results when it comes to making cannabis candy.

Don’t Stir the Candy Mixture.

Similar to the problems mentioned above about having the sucrose molecules bind together to form a large crystal, you could potentially look at similar or even identical issues if you are making the mistake of stirring. Suppose you stir your cannabis candy solution once the temperature of the entire mixture starts to rise due to you heating it. In that case, you could have another sucrose molecule binding together problem on your hands, and you should undoubtedly avoid stirring if you would rather not end up with the formation of crystals in your cannabis candy mixture.

For the sucrose molecules to bind together to form crystals, they need a specific thing which is referred to as a ‘seed,’ which is simply put a very tiny, the tiny you would need a powerful microscope to see, piece of crystal, in its own right, that leads to the formation of the rest. You have to take whatever measure you can to prevent the formation of this very tiny crystal by whatever means you have, such as the use of corn syrup or its substitutes or by not making the mistake of stirring your cannabis candy solution, as the very tiny crystals could lead to massive problems for all your hard candy making process.

Preventing the seed from forming is crucial because once the tiny crystal has taken form, it can immensely simply grow by attracting any other molecules which are in a pretty near shape to it, or like-minded if you would prefer, and the attraction between the two eventually leading to the tiny sized crystal to grow more prominent after the like-minded crystal is pulled to the seed like a magnet. Once the seed begins to attract molecules, it might as well be over for your cannabis candy solution, as the more it attracts, the bigger it becomes, meaning more of your beloved candy solution would be binding together to form a much larger crystal. Also, you should note that the bigger the crystal gets, the more its power of attraction increases, meaning at a certain point, the seed wouldn’t even need to attract the few like-minded molecules in the mixture and could instead simply attract all the molecules in the cannabis candy solution, regardless of whether they are like-minded or not.

Now to the point of why it is terrible to stir your cannabis candy mixture and how you could destroy your mix by doing so. When you stir your mixture at a high temperature, you can very well agitate the sucrose molecules in the solution as the stirring would cause a temperature variance throughout the cannabis candy solution. The uneven temperatures throughout the cannabis candy solution could lead to forming the unwanted seed that we have talked about earlier. However, unlike you might have expected, the horrors of stirring your cannabis candy mixture at high temperatures does not end there, as if you have formed the unwanted microscopic seed, then further mixing the solution will only make things worse as all you will be doing is moving all the sucrose molecules, that are considered to be like missed to the seed that formed, closer, if not, directly into the seed and making it bigger, or at the very least attracting more potential sucrose molecules to come and join forces the seed crystal.

However, as you might have noticed, we have used a specific term when discussing the fact that stirring your cannabis candy solution is such a bad idea, and that crucial term was high temperature. You can do some stirring when the answer is simply some water and a bit of sugar before ever being heated. It should also be noted that it would be very redundant and much of a waste of time to do any form of stirring at this stage since the heat from when you begin to boil the solution will carry out the act of blending the water and the sugar into one another, without any form of additional help required in any way from the cook.

Remember, when you begin to heat the cannabis candy solution, make sure that your storing spoon is nowhere near the vicinity of the contents of the cooking pot you are using.

Candy Thermometer Versus Cold Water Tests

Suppose you have ever been in the vicinity of anyone, not necessarily a chef, that has gone about making hard candy of any sort, not just limited to cannabis candy. There is a very high chance that you have heard of the infamous term ‘Cold Water Test.’ If you have ever been in the kitchen with a chef while carrying out the procedure, you would also know how it is carried out. All you have to do to carry out the cold water test is simply take a small chunk of the molten got cannabis candy solution you had just made and proceed to drop that molten got chunk into a container that is filled to the brim with ice-cold water. Next, you would let the candy cool for only a moment and then carefully inspect it by touching it to see what the final product feels like. If you are wondering what this does or why your cook friend dies when they go about making their candy, then the answer to that is quite simple, what the cold water test simulates what the cannabis candy will feel like once everything is all said and done. The final product finally reaches room temperature. It essentially gives you an excellent idea, or a feel rather, of how ready your cannabis candy is without ever having to, even for a single moment, rely upon a thermometer to get a rough idea of how the candy will feel like when it is ready to be served. The cold water test lets you feel what the final product will feel like without imagining it like you would have to with a thermometer.

However, despite all that’s mentioned above regarding how practical and straightforward the cold water test is, some believe that using a thermometer isn’t necessarily a bad idea and not a symbolism of weakness in your abilities as a chef. Many people argue for the use of candy thermometers over using the traditional cold water test, as the practice can be a little unsafe. Using a candy thermometer has a lot of other benefits as well, such as being reliable than the cold water test, apart from just being safer. One could even argue that the candy thermometer is a lot more versatile than the cold water test, especially in the case of making cannabis candy syrups or other similar things that should be pulled out from the heat at significantly lower temperatures than what you would with hard candy.

Regardless of the method you choose to adopt to determine how ready your cannabis candy is, whether you decide to go ahead with the traditional cold water test or the safer and reliable candy thermometer, there are seven basic stages that you should know of when it comes to dealing with sugar solutions. A sugar solution goes through several stages, each at different temperatures, and each with its name, temperature range, and how you could expect it to feel after it is pulled out at that temperature range. Some online resources will prove helpful to you in this regard when you are making your cannabis candy.

Adding Flavors and Pouring it Out

Once you feel your solution is cooked or that the solution is at the temperature you want it to be, you can simply remove it from the heat and begin to add all your unique ingredients to make it a bit more personalized. You can add things such as cannabis concentrate, canna oil, a few drops from an alcohol-based tincture that can be made of THC if you want some psychoactive effects, food colouring, and finally, a bit of flavouring.

You should work very efficiently and swiftly when you are pouring the mixture into your candy moulds, or if you would like, onto some parchment paper baking sheets that are lined onto a tray. It would help if you also exercised significant amounts of caution when putting the mixture into one of the things mentioned above. The sugar mixture would be extremely hot and even lead to severe problems such as third-degree burns. A significant part of exercising that caution also includes watching out for splashes or any splattering as you pour it out.

Also, keep in mind that while we mainly have made hard candies, these procedures can be adapted to many other forms of cannabis candy, such as lollipops.

Wait Till Your Cannabis Candy Cools

Once you have gone about pouring the mixture into a candy mould or some parchment paper and have completed your tasks of adding a bit of personalization to the candy, you are officially done with the process of making candies. All you have to do now is let the mixture cool down in its mould or on top of the tray for a handful of hours before you go back to unmolding it, that is if you are using the candy moulds to make your candy.

However, if you happen to be using a tray, you will most likely end up with a fragile but pretty wide sheet of hard candy. Suppose you do happen to end up with a long and thin sheet of candy. In that case, all you have to do is simply break it up into smaller bite-sized pieces by way of making use of a tea towel to cover the candy up not to allow the candy to fly everywhere in your kitchen when you proceed to gently hit it with something rather heavy such as your hand, a book, r the back end of a knife. However, you should exercise caution if you choose to move forward with that last option. You should also be very careful as the small bites you make can be pretty sharp sometimes, and you should exercise the same caution around it, as you would have used with the knife you used to break it.

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