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In the post-legalization era, Prince Edward Island (PEI) has emerged as a hub for some of Canada’s most passionate cannabis enthusiasts. This is a notable shift, considering that PEI resisted the re-enactment of alcohol sales during the Prohibition Era until 1949, a full two decades after the rest of the country. However, changing attitudes across North America and the emergence of new generations of Islanders led to a shift in the landscape. Islanders once traveled to other provinces in pursuit of dispensaries or relied on illicit suppliers. The first medicinal marijuana dispensary in PEI opened its doors in 2016, providing a legal avenue for obtaining cannabis for medical purposes. Now, with the evolution of regulations, Islanders no longer need to resort to illegal means to access recreational cannabis.

Despite this progress, certain communities in the province may find themselves underserved by physical dispensaries. In response, many individuals are turning to mail-order marijuana (MOM) services, such as The Herb Centre. Even after legalization, only four storefronts initially offered recreational cannabis. While PEI’s population may not be large, some residents may encounter challenges in accessing desired cannabis products based on their location. The demand for cannabis in the province is evident, with more than 25% of PEI citizens reported to have used cannabis in the last three months, according to Stats Canada. PEI is now home to licensed cultivators like Dosecann, Green Harvest Organics, and Canada’s Island Garden, who have swiftly added a unique Island twist to the legalization landscape.

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In Prince Edward Island, the minimum legal age for purchasing or possessing cannabis is 19. Smoking is generally prohibited in most public places, with some exceptions granted for areas within multi-unit and communal living spaces. The Smoke-free Places Act outlines the restrictions on where individuals can smoke any substance.

Consumption of cannabis is permitted on private property, including trailers, tents, guest and hotel rooms, and houseboats. While renters and condominium occupants can smoke, landlords have the authority to limit cannabis use through lease or property agreements.

Due to the provincial government’s stringent regulations on in-person cannabis purchases, many Islanders are opting for online retailers like The Herb Centre. Our platform allows you to browse a diverse range of recreational and therapeutic products from the comfort of your home, including dried flower and pre-rolls, concentrates, live resin, vapes, edibles, CBD pills, cannabis oils, and more. Upon completing your purchase, the order is discreetly and securely shipped directly to your home.

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For those residing on the mainland, P.E.I. is renowned for its red sand and soil, numerous lighthouses, fertile farmland, and the literary legacy of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s novel. While these cultural elements are celebrated, Islanders recognize that the province has a much more intricate identity.

Consider Greenwich, located in P.E.I. National Park, for example. This area boasts the province’s largest dunes, forming a delicate ecosystem of white sand that is rare in North America and carefully preserved. An expansive trail system and a floating boardwalk provide visitors with the opportunity to explore the 900 acres of dunes at their own pace.

P.E.I. is also known for its exceptional cuisine. From locally sourced ingredients in delightful ice cream to the vibrant patios on Charlottetown’s Victoria Row, there’s an array of options to satiate your cravings. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, here’s what you should be aware of before indulging!

Discover the ease of acquiring cannabis throughout the entire province of Prince Edward Island, encompassing cities such as:

  • Charlottetown
  • Summerside
  • Stratford
  • Cornwall
  • Three Rivers

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