What Is Best Rolling Paper For Joints


Smoking marijuana is one of the quickest ways to get high. It’s been around since the early periods when people smoked weed as part of their ritual and for medicinal purposes. Today, you can notice the younger generations drawn to this habit, beginning from when marijuana consumption was made legal under certain conditions. This industry has grown exponentially, hitting billions of dollars in market cap. And interestingly, smoking is still one of the popular methods to enjoy the therapeutic and medical benefits of the substance.

Vape Pen Review – What You Need To Know And Where To Buy It


The cannabis market has grown exponentially over the last few years. In Canada alone, millions of people are consuming the substance daily. These folks share the same experience regarding the medical and recreational benefits of weed. It gives them relief from stress, anxiety, pain, and depression, among others. With THC in the product, consumers can also feel euphoria and see the world in a different light.

Cannabis-Infused Hard Candy – How to Make Cannabis Lollipops


For the longest time, you’ve probably lived through the same cycle when it came to all things cannabis. You would either smoke a joint or vape a bowl, maybe sink into a couch-lock high due to you consuming a THC oil-based alcohol tincture, and certainly eat through a few packets of organic sugar sweets in the hours that followed after smoking a joint or sublingually ingesting a cannabis tincture.

Answers to 12 Commonly Asked Questions About Marijuana

Answers To 12 Commonly Asked Questions About Marijuana

It can be intimidating to consume cannabis for the first time, but you do not need to worry. There are many ways for you to safely use marijuana and still get the most out of it. However, you might have a few questions about this plant before using it. Keep reading to learn the answers […]

Effects of Marijuana Use: How Weed Affects Your Mind and Body

Effects Of Marijuana Use

Effects of Marijuana Use Cannabis is the dried and shredded portions of the marijuana plant, such as the seeds, flowers, stems, and leaves. It is known as hash, weed, pot, and other names. Many people vape or smoke it, but you can also add it to food, oils, or tea.  The different methods of using […]

What Are Cannabis Terpenes, and What Do They Do?

What Cannibis Terpenes Do

The cannabis plant has an intoxicating and dominant scent and demands attention when you encounter it. The molecules that give cannabis its aroma do more than just make it smell good, however. The aroma molecules in the terpenes can work together with the other components in the plant, including THC, which can make you feel […]

Popular Indica Strains and Their Effects

Popular Indica Strains And Their Effects

It is easier than ever to get your favourite cannabis strains online, and there are many for you to choose from. Sativa strains are good because they can stimulate you, and hybrid strains allow you to have a versatile high. However, there is something to be said for the often soothing and relaxing effects of […]