Astro Pink Strain Review and Where to Buy It in Canada


Astro Pink Kush is a relatively new strain that’s been gaining popularity in recent years. This potent Indica-only phenotype will take your next huff to extreme and astronomical heights, an offshoot of the infamous Pink Kush.

Not one for the faint-hearted, Astro Pink takes the hard-hitting intensity of its parent and elevates it with accents of diesel and pine. Funnily enough, this Indica powerhouse even tastes creamy and sweet.

But is the Astro Pink better than its wicked ancestor? And is it worth blazing over the similar lot that’s related to the timeless OG Kush?

In this review, we’ll go over everything about the Astro Pink — and why we think it’s one of the best strains for the true connoisseur.

About the Astro Pink strain

Astro Pink Kush is a pure Indica phenotype variant of the BC-born Indica dominant hybrid Pink Kush. It’s known for being hard, real hard. What you’re getting with Astro Pink is like other pure Indica experiences — except that this one’s a freight truck slamming against your senses.

It’s no wonder Astro Pink is considered to be the most potent pink kush strain out there. THC levels range between 20% and 26.5%, making it a no-go for amateur potheads with minimal experience.

We think Astro Pink was designed with actual OG smokers in mind. One who seeks not a mild experience but an intense body high expected of purely Indica strains.

Flavour-wise, the Astro Pink picks up where its parent left off. It’s got a unique and dank terpene taste and aroma that’ll surely surprise those expecting the delicateness of the Pink Kush.

Part of Astro Pink’s appeal is a small batch of craft cannabis that’s often hand-selected and adequately flushed. So when you purchase one, you’re also getting something that’s undoubtedly undergone strict quality control protocols.

History and Lineage

Craft grown by Back Side Buds, Astro Pink provides a unique weed experience with its high THC concentrations and Pink Kush heritage. This strain is never short of surprises. Its many great qualities come from being an OG Kush descendant.

Traditional Pink Kush

A little coy and a tad playful, Pink Kush is a deceptively sweet Indica dominant hybrid (90%/10%) with a powerful body high. It is a relative of the famed OG Kush.

The strain itself is named after its exceptional pink hairs. When perfectly flushed, these fabulous plumes extend from the yellow-green buds. Reported flavours include vanilla and sweet berries that are heavily accented by fruity and floral notes.

The THC level varies, but it usually stays around 20-22%. Many people report that this strain takes them to a surprisingly euphoric and giddy headspace. The high starts as a head high that quickly puts you in a complete body buzz. This is great if you need to relax and unwind.

Bud appearance

Right off the bat, Astro Pink Kush looks quite like the original Pink Kush. Perfectly cured buds are flecked with an abundance of pink hairs that distinguish them from other strains. These hairs are surrounded by moss-mint green buds, which in turn hide underneath a dense layer of snow-white crystal trichomes.

A word of caution. The strain does suffer from bud inconsistencies. Manage your expectations wisely in case you’re expecting those pretty pink parades all the time.

Aroma and Taste

Here’s where it gets interesting. Astro Pink picks up where Pink Kush left off and elevates the timid nature of its fruity parent.

Masculine and feminine profiles combine in this great bud. True to its pink nature, it teases with traces of creamy vanilla and sweet berries. If you’re attentive enough, you’ll also pick up a little lavender with a sharper, sweet pine aftertaste.

But joining in bashfully – like a bro hug from nowhere – is a pure diesel-rich dankness. Aroma and taste parallel one another: robust, diesel-like, and virile. It’s a fantastic twist of terpenes that keeps stoners coming back for more.

Potheads report that this one’s got a stickiness and gassiness similar to another Pink Kush strain, the ‘Greasy’ Ghost Bubba. There are subtle and noticeable undertones of flowers, herbs, and even candy. This only goes to show how masterfully this strain combines two divergent palates.


Astro for astral! That’s a quick and easy way to describe the potency of Astro Pink. 

Other Indica strains have a THC content of 5-15%, but for Pink Kush variations such as AP, It can rake up to 20%. That’s more or less the amount you’d get from hashish oil!

No wonder Astro Pink sells way better than other Pink Kush variants. Canadians prefer more potent buds, those that are upfront and unapologetic. Astro Pink is just that.

THC and CBD are both present in Astro Pink. The CBD levels are between 0.04% to 1.1%, while the THC levels are between 20% – 26.5%.

This bud has a nice and even balance of THC and CBD and is excellent for patients looking to treat insomnia, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, headaches, and more.


Astro Pink Kush has been a cult favourite and known heavyweight to start with. A few huffs and puffs are all it takes to feel the waves of positivity that are equally euphoric and cerebral. Others have also reported experiencing heightened creativity and increased mental clarity.

The Astro Pink smoke leaves one with a heavy body high and a deep sense of relaxation. It’s perfect for those weekends where you just want to get high, get couch-locked, and get a good night’s sleep.

It’s hard to deny the high quality of this strain. A little goes a long way with this strain, as even a tiny hit will hit you pretty hard — expect a light-as-a-feather sensation juxtaposed by heavy eyelids for hours and hours.

Note: this one’s not for first-timers and amateur stoners! The effects of Astro Pink are potent and can last for up to three hours. The very same freight-truck intensity, however, is what keeps stoners coming back for a lifetime.

Just when the surprises seem over, the Pink’s also notorious for inducing a severe case of the munchies. This is great when you want to counter appetite loss but awful news when shaving off those extra pounds. You better stock up the pantry before taking on this uncompromising craft cannabis.

Benefits of the Astro Pink Kush strain

Fanatics stand by the fact that Astro Pink is one of the best strains that you’ll probably try in your entire life. And honestly, it’s not difficult to picture why.

It’s got powerful and delicious smoke, and there’s no arguing there. But what’s even better is that it treats several conditions thanks to high THC content.

Great for pain relief

In addition to providing intense physical relaxation and euphoria, the Astro Pink can alleviate chronic pain. Those with medical conditions that constantly bother with pains and aches can ironically find comfort in this hard-hitter.

Medical patients gravitate towards this strain to counteract migraines, stubborn headaches, nausea, and appetite loss. Just a few huffs will help keep those grievances at bay.

Provides a good night’s sleep

This bud has Indica solid effects and works optimally against combating insomnia and restlessness. The high from the Astro Pink Kush tends to last a few hours before mellowing out, leaving you feeling calm and couch-locked.

Its high THC percentage is perfect for those tiring days where you just want to let go of all your worries and immerse yourself in a world that’s fuelled by the powers of THC.

Gets your anxiety and depression in check

The Astro Pink has both heady cerebral buzzes and deeply calming body melts – depending on how much you have consumed. This medication is a great way to treat symptoms of anxious anxiety, depression, and chronic stress.

The Astro Pink is a great way to destress and realign your senses at the end of the day. Stressors will simply melt away with this strain’s tremendous power towards inducing happy feelings and euphoria!

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Final Thoughts

Astro Pink Kush is a hybrid cannabis strain that has gained popularity in recent years. Despite being an offshoot of the Pink Kush, its distinct taste and greater potency make it a contender for one of the best kush descendants.

This complex terpene profile makes it difficult to predict how you’ll take it in. Sweet and floral go hand-in-hand with dank and diesel-like. You either love it or hate it!

But the truth of the matter is, this strain’s potency can be pretty surprising! For those looking for the experience of a lifetime, the Astro Pink might just be your new best friend? Comment below if you agree!

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