5 Best CBD Distillates in Canada


In this guide, we’ll be talking about Canada’s best distillates today and the potential benefits that you can get from consuming them. After all, in Canada, distillates are quickly becoming among the best-selling cannabis-derived and infused products in the country this year. 


Distillates are a new way to enjoy cannabis. It’s generally filled with more cannabinoids than regular cannabis flowers. Another reason behind the rapidly growing popularity of distillates is it’s devoid of any plant matter, thereby contributing to their stronger potency.


Cannabis distillates usually have a clean, solvent-free taste. They also typically lack odor and flavor. But Canada also has dispensaries that specialize in flavored distillates, giving you a better experience in smoking marijuana. These flavored distillates usually include terpenes that add flavor and odor.


5 Best CBD Distillates You Can Find in Canada today

Do you think you’ve already spotted a gap in Canada’s CBD-based market? Then why not set up your own CBD-based business? Invest CBD distillates, and begin creating your products either for selling or personal use. Canada has always welcomed CBD, and there’s absolutely no reason why your idea shouldn’t be the next best thing. 


Here are some of the best CBD distillates that you can find in the Canadian cannabis market today. All of these CBD distillates come with their own set of pros. Check out this Cheap Wholesale Shatter Canada – Buying Guide for more.



Fresh Bros’ Broad Spectrum distillate is made from Broad Spectrum CBD. It carries over 80% CBD and only contains minor cannabinoids – But they’re still an impressive set of cannabinoids, nonetheless. Apart from CBD, it also includes cannabinol (CBN), cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabichromene (CBC). Since the product doesn’t have any THC whatsoever, this Broad Spectrum distillate is the best for creating top-notch CBD products. Their products are sure to give you the best kind of protection, especially when you’re required to take a drug test. Fresh Bros, the company behind the product, recommends that you use their distillates for making tincture oils and capsules instead of vaping. 


There is also a third-party lab report coming from Botanacor, which confirms the product’s pureness. This Broad Spectrum distillate is free from pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents. And best of all, it’s completely free from THC. It comes in four sizes: 10 grams, 100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams and 1000 grams.


Fresh Bros is a company that wants to ensure that you get the most out of its products. Fresh Bros’ Broad Spectrum Distillate is the best option for clients who want to find a couple of formulations for CBD-infused products. The company is always willing to give its clients the best quality CBD distillate, dynamically profiled on the market. Their Broad Spectrum distillate can also go from around 60 to 90% of total cannabinoids, depending on the customer’s preference.



This product could potentially give you therapeutic effects. This is a Full Spectrum CBD distillate coming from Eagle Moon Hemp. Products created with this distillate all bring an excellent Entourage Effect to the body, combining CBD and 0.3% THC. Its CBD content can go up to 93%. Other cannabinoids found in the product are slight traces of CBN and CBDV (cannavidivarin), according to the third party report from a lab called Phytatech Metrics and Solutions. 


This product is perfect if you want to make your own set of topical creams, tinctures, capsules and edibles. It’s a highly-concentrated distillate product that’s completely versatile and excellent, especially if you intend on opening up your own CBD business. Comes in 1 gram, 5 grams, 10 grams, 50 grams, 100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams and 1000 grams.



This distillate is entirely THC-free. This trend is gradually becoming more popular with CBD enthusiasts, as there were some concerns that THC could be detected if they were required to take a drug test. CBD INC has since developed a perfect Broad Spectrum distillate for CBD consumers. You can also customize the product to your requirements. CBD INC is very flexible compared to other CBD manufacturers and sets itself apart from the competition. Maybe you only want a little bit of CBD in your distillate, but a more significant amount of CBC and CBG – So you can create a distillate product that has a perfect balance of cannabinoids. Or perhaps you want a distillate product that includes nothing but CBD, with only a trace amount of the other cannabinoids. 


CBD INC Group is set to work alongside CBD sellers to create your own CBD product that’s free from any THC. The ingredients used for this product all go through a pervasive method of third-party testing.



This is a CBD-based distillate from COPE. It checks in at around 80 percent to 90 percent of CBD. Even though you can still find consistent, more potent CBD distillates from other manufacturers, this concentrate has a lot more going for it. 


COPE’s CBD uses non-GMO-based hemp and goes for the classic winterization extraction process, which results in a very clean and pure CBD distillate. Their products are free from all heavy metals and pesticides. The manufacturing company then refines these extracts through harnessing molecular distillation techniques. 


And what’s more, COPE doesn’t include any preservatives, dyes or artificial flavors. Thanks to independent laboratories, every batch of COPE’s CBD distillates is constantly tested thoroughly. Sizes are 1-5 kilograms, 6-25 kilograms, 26-50 kilograms and 51 kilograms.



Finally, we have another Full Spectrum CBD distillate coming from CanniLabs. This product includes up to 90% CBD and 95% other cannabinoids. It’s a distillate that offers plenty of potencies and provides an overall hemp effect. It also has around 3% CBC and 1% CBG.


CanniLabs’ distillate includes terpenes, which can significantly contribute to its overall effects, and will give you some pretty great flavors. The hemp plants used for CanniLabs’ products are all grown in the company’s backyard. The distillate is translucent but has a lovely purple sheen. It also comes in an airtight, sealed and light-proof mason jar that’s meant to preserve potency and quality. Each batch of CanniLabs distillate goes through comprehensive, third-party testing. Sizes include 5 grams, 150 grams, 500 grams, 1 kilogram and 10 kilograms.


What is CBD Distillate Good For?

As pharmaceuticals, recreational products, and nutraceuticals continue to flood global markets, now seems to be the best time to learn more about CBD and THC distillates and how they can be used. CBD and THC distillates are oils extracted from hemp or cannabis plants, all of which include compounds. These compounds show potential medicinal and therapeutic benefits, as evidenced by the results of the scientific research studies and clinical trials covered by the reports mentioned earlier in this guide.


And because these consumer-friendly products are now starting to become regulated – Not to mention their legal status in Canada – The demand for both CBD and THC distillates keeps on growing. You’re recommended to check out our concentrates here if you want to quickly find the best CBD distillates in the Canadian cannabis industry today.


How Are CBD Distillates Used?

CBD distillates are used similarly to how THC distillates are taken. They’re used with vaporizers, topical products and edibles.


Topical creams infused with CBD are an excellent opportunity for individuals to absorb a good amount of the distillate through their skin. CBD, no matter what product it comes from or how you consume it, is continuously tested to explore its potential benefits for possibly helping treat specific health problems and various ailments. 


More About CBD

CBD has also shown potential for pain relief, including chronic pain that stems from a past injury or ailment. Satisfactory test results are provided in the reports mentioned earlier in this guide. And the same reports also indicate its potential benefits for helping manage depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions.


According to the same clinical trials and scientific research studies in the reports mentioned earlier, CBD could also be used to potentially manage and possibly treat the symptoms of skin irritations and acne, or even cancer-related symptoms. And because CBD is becoming more mainstream with Canadian audiences, the data seems to be growing more in favor of potential CBD distillate benefits.


CBD Distillate Effects

CBD is a potent, non-psychoactive compound that comes from cannabis plants like hemp and is second only in popularity to another naturally occurring compound in cannabis plants called THC. But unlike THC, CBD won’t give you that infamous high you can get from THC. 


Many Canadians are beginning to notice the potential medical effects of consuming cannabis and CBD. Thanks to modern technology, there are cannabis manufacturers that have thought of the means to extract CBD in its purest form, turning it into distillates.


CBD distillate is the purest form of CBD. So it’s highly likely for its effects to possibly be more potent than other kinds of CBD products in the Canadian cannabis industry today. 


All-time favorites include Full Spectrum CBD oils, along with Full Spectrum CBD distillates. And the primary reason behind this is what’s known as the entourage effect, which no other kind of CBD or THC product can provide.


What is the Entourage Effect of CBD?

CBD is the only compound that can provide this feeling after consumption. This entourage effect happens whenever CBD effects are enhanced after the compounds present in the cannabis product all get mixed. 


Also, despite the low amounts of THC in CBD distillate products, it’s still quite potent. Plus, terpenes and other compounds in these products provide a somewhat earthy taste. However, some consumers prefer to consume CBD through edibles instead because of the distillate’s somewhat bitter aftertaste. 


CBD potentially offers a one-of-a-kind pain treatment benefit. And as claimed by the research scientists and medical experts who performed the studies covered by the reports mentioned earlier in this guide, this is the reason why it could potentially be a plausible treatment alternative for certain forms of neuropathic pain. 


Plus, the scientific studies mentioned in the reports earlier indicate that CBD could potentially increase your body’s serotonin production. This results in possible relief from certain forms of stress and anxiety. And this is the reason why it’s currently being tested to potentially manage and possibly treat panic attacks, anxiety and depression.


Many people continue to use CBD distillates as a possible way to manage insomnia. This report from the official SleepFoundation website states that it can cure sleeping disorders and make you feel relaxed while you’re on these CBD distillate products. 


CBD distillates cause soothing effects, especially if you consume them in larger doses. However, when ingested at a lower dose, the distillate can instead help you feel more alert and focused throughout the day.


All About Pure CBD Distillate

While CBD is being distilled, the entire cannabinoid content found in the hemp plant material can become segregated during the process. And after the CBD gets separated from the plant during the first couple of stages, its manufacturers can, at that point, begin to filter out any impurities through the process mentioned above-called winterization. 


And before these compounds are exposed to heat, CBD first becomes very acidic, which will eventually become activated once the compound has been heated up. Every substance found in this compound has its boiling point, and this is why it’s so easy for manufacturers to distill CBD. The final distillate that comes out of this process is loaded with CBD and contains zero impurities – The way a distillate should be. 


To create CBD distillate, the entire plant matter is used to create Full Spectrum CBD oil. So, it’s already very certain that you’ll end up receiving the best kind of nutrients from the hemp plant that it came from. This includes fatty acids, naturally-occurring terpenes and vitamins.


Full-Spectrum CBD oil lets you receive the best nutrients from the plant without having to strip off its naturally occurring vitamins and nutritional value. This is why some CBD oils contain plenty of potential medicinal benefits, especially when you compare them to other products that have CBD in them.


What to Know Before Using CBD Distillate Vape

Vaping is a good way of consuming CBD. Because there are so many CBD products in the Canadian cannabis market today, you need to learn which CBD oil products are the best for vaping purposes and how you can verify their overall quality.  


CBD oil is not confused with hemp seed oil, even though they technically came from the same source. Contrary to vape juice, CBD tincture oils are usually ingested. There’s also an important distinction that you have to make between CBD oil for inhalation and CBD oil tinctures. A CBD oral tincture is completely oil-based, while CBD vape oils aren’t. Here are some types of CBD commonly used for vaping: 


  • CBD Vape Juice – CBD exclusively made for vaping is also known as CBD vape oil. However, it doesn’t include any natural oil. If a CBD oil includes any other substance aside from PG, VG, CBD extracts, cannabinoids and terpenes, it is entirely unsuitable for inhalation. When you purchase a vape juice product, the packaging has to say something about the vape juice, the vaping, e-liquid, or e-juice found on the labels, and shouldn’t include any natural oil.
  • CBD Cartridges – Just like THC-based oil cartridges, these products are slim yet disposable e-cigarette tanks filled with CBD e-juice, although some of them use CBD distillates. They’re usually made from CO2 or any solvent-based method for extracting CBD. These cartridges will connect to a standard 510-power battery for vapes and give you an easy entry into CBD vaping, which is why it is recommended for new CBD smokers.
  • High CBD Strains – CBD flowers are pretty much the most natural source of CBD yet. These flowers come in lots of high-quality strains in different varieties. All of them are rich in CBD and filled with lots of cannabinoids too. Some of the better kinds of CBD-rich strains can give you anywhere from 150 up to 250 milligrams of CBD with every gram of flower. You can vaporize these flowers using a regular vaporizer or purchase them pre-packaged in a roll form.


Is CBD Distillate Safe?

According to this report from the World Health Organization, even the purest forms of CBD have a good safety profile. They announced through the same report that there isn’t any evidence regarding public health-related issues associated with using CBD distillates.


But because it’s pretty potent compared to other distillates, when purchasing CBD distillate from a reliable source, be sure to follow what’s written on the packaging strictly. Some agencies, such as the Food Standards Agency, have a general CBD guide that informs consumers about the right recommended dosage of CBD products of any sort, which should be no more than 70 milligrams per day unless a doctor prescribes otherwise. 

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